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In this paper, the limit load of buried pipe, that is used in Nanjing city nature gas using engineering, was studied by finite element analysis under various groundsill character, pedestal angle and ground pressure, and the risk assessment for this piping was performed. The limit load of buried pipe was measured by experiments. The research contents and results were as follows:(1) With FEA method, the effects of various groundsill character, pedestal angle and ground pressure on the limit load of buried pipe were studied.


Carrying out the limit element analysis on logging units can understand and grasp the deformation state ...


The result of the limit element analysis validates the analysis of the mechanics about the double punch.


Introducing to a set of partitioning technique, the limit element stiffness matrix is broken up into some parts having clear and definite meanings.


By the limit element analysis of the double punch sample, the stress, strain, and deformation were studied. The result is consistent with the tests.


Exemplification shows that the method is effective for the analysis and calculation of the free frequency of cooling towers. It not only avoids the tedious process of limit element calculation, but also can supplement the experiment method.


Then,calculates the slope\'s stabilization by the limit equilibrium method and the limit element method,evaluates some factors that influence the slope\'s safety factor .


For some rock slopes, which have not distinct failure surface, but have complicated structure or load on the top and so on, a stability analysis of this type slopes by finite element method is presented, the failure surface is defined by certain rule or strain zone from the computed model, and then the safety factor of the rock slope is abtained by finite element method and limit equilibrium methodAt last, using ANSYS , a famous commercial finite element analysis software, a example of high-steep slope which is bearing the load of the LongGe Mansion is presented, the stability of this slope is studied, as a paradign the the stability evalution of complicated high-steep slope under the action of load of building , the chapter gives some meritable reference in stability assessment of rock slopes using numerical simulation by three-dimension elastic-plastic finite element.


A quick-release arrangement for a hand-held device (30) comprising a belt clip (10) and an engagement element (20), wherein the belt clip is adapted to fit on a user's belt or waistband, the engagement element is attachable to a hand-held device, and the belt clip has a retaining portion (17,18) shaped to slidably accept the engagement element to a limit point and to form an interference fit with the engagement element at said limit point.


The objective of this study was to analyze the square cup stretching process by using the dynamic explicit finite element analytical program, which was based on the Updated Lagrangian Formulation and elasto-plastic theory. Simulation results included the deformation and crack propagation history, the variation of the work piece thickness, the Forming Limit Diagram, and the relationship between punch load and punch stroke. A set of tools was designed for the square-cup stretching experiment to verify the reliability of the program.

中文摘要本文采用显性动态有限元素法,结合材料弹塑性理论,发展出一套三维增量型之有限元素分析程式,进行金属板材方杯拉伸成形制程及破裂之分析,并探讨方杯拉伸成形历程及裂纹成长历程、工件厚度变化、成形极限图(Forming Limit Diagram, FLD),及冲头负荷与冲程关系,并设计一组方形冲模来进行方杯拉伸成形实验,以验证程式的可信度。

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By allowing selective loss of data the buffer size is reduced.


This design is of universal significance of the reality.