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level ... to the ground相关的网络例句

查询词典 level ... to the ground

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Every has the wax level to need to return the new stone material, should use the highly effective ground cleanser first except the cere.


On mountainous sites, grade Ⅰ or Ⅱ stands including land below the crown of the secondary broadleaf forest and the Chinese-fir plantation or east-facing, shady dry land could be considered for the plantation. The transmittance of crown in the areas should be 55%~60%. One-year-old high quality seedlings above 25 cm tall and 0.25 cm in diameter near the ground-level should be used. For high-yield, field cultivation, shading facility should be considered and seedlings of taller than 15 cm and greater than 0.15 cm in diameter near the ground should be applied. The appropriate density and sunlight transmittance ought to be 30 cm×30 cm and 50%, respectively.

结果表明,利用山地种植,选择透光率为55%~60%的Ⅰ、Ⅱ类立地的残次阔叶林和杉木林冠下,或地形隐蔽、东向的山垅旱地,选用苗高25 cm以上、地径0.25 cm以上的1年生优质苗木造林;利用农田进行庇荫设施高产栽培,应选用苗高在15 cm以上、地径0.15 cm以上规格的苗木栽植,适宜栽植密度为30 cm×30 cm,遮阳透光率在50%左右。

Within the WBEPM theory,the transition probabilities and oscillator strengths of some heavier and light atoms and ions are investigated.We also used the conceptions of spectrum-level-like series and iso-spectrum-level series to study the energy levels of some atoms.Based on the previous work,we used double generalized Laguerre polynomial to calculate the value for the ground-state energy of He atom.


The excited-state intramolecular proton transfer tautomerism reaction of 6-methyl-4-hydroxy pyri-midine monomers and dimmers was investigated by the ab initio method with the self-consistent reaction field with Tomas's polarized continuum mode and CIS theories at HF level on the basis of 6-311+G* and 6-31G basis set. By studying the potential energy surface, it was found that the monomer's ground-state proton transfer process together with the excited-state proton transfer process is a molecular system of four energy level, but dimmers were not, which can be used to explain the fact that UV-visible absorption and fluorescence spectra of monomer and dimers all corresponded to quinoid.

采用 ab initio HF理论的组态相关CIS方法和连续溶剂模型PCM,分别在6-311+G*和6-31G水平上研究了6-甲基-4-羟基嘧啶单体及二聚体激发态质子转移的异构化反应;对其反应势能面的研究发现,单体基态和激发态的异构化反应一起可以形成四能级的分子电子体系,而二聚体的却不能,由此解释了单体和二聚体的紫外吸收光谱和荧光发射光谱均对应于酮式构型的原因。

This county holds to with "" double a mu " dear " average per capita a mu of basic farm, door even mu of irrigable land amount to mark to assume overall responsibility as scheduled overall situation of work of construction of irrigation and water conservancy, unremitting ground catchs terraced field of level of bank of stone of good start construction to attach most importance to the basic farm of the dot to build.


The shear wall core is torsionally restrained by the ground-floor slab at level 1 and by its connection to the main building through concrete slab diaphragms located at level 11 and above.


Upon reaching the ground-level concourse, they either spill down into the lower-level seats or climb slender stairways through the matrix of beams to the upper concourses.


These two are near the door to Arkham West, close to a ground-level guard room.


Specific aim ground elaborated bedding face to accumulate the construction technology of structure of big gradient inclined roofing, content includes to undertake to scaffold concentrated to reinforcing steel bar problem adopts much way to coordinate deepening designing; solve; to use obligate level to irrigate the; of match plate system that builds groove, section to seal a model to consider to implement the technical measure that improves concrete construction performance and constituent measure.


If you are switching professions mid-career, be prepared to take a pay cut, to start out at the ground level, or to work for a boss who's 10 years younger.


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Meanwhile, Vick is speaking out for the first time today after being charged.


In general 250 kg per mu, high-yielding up to 300 kg.


He was paroled last week.