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level ... to the ground相关的网络例句

查询词典 level ... to the ground

与 level ... to the ground 相关的网络例句 [注:此内容来源于网络,仅供参考]

The result shows that the technical style of our athletes used is that stride length is shorter and stride frequency is larger,the buckjump time of our players is located at the floor level of the foul limit,the knee angel is unwind from touchdown on upright phase,in the sprint phase,the kneel angel is blurry from touchdown to upright phase,the uprightness displacement of body center and vertex are higher than the international athletes, this since stretching to leave a ground of opportune moment to be partial to early and making an effort action insufficiency with leg driving of the ankle joint relevantly, also with the leg put of front stretch is not enough active at the touchdown ground moment.


One couple wanted to live on a kind of piano nobile and thus get a more secluded living area from the ground floor, the other wanted to cook and eat on the ground floor almost "in" the garden, the first couple wanted a big sleeping room next to the top, the other wanted to combine their TV salon with the sleeping level, etceteras.


The ground of prepares ground of 1.1 cuttage nursery choice cuttage nursery before 1 cuttage should choose earthy and relief evenness, loose, source of water enough, illumination the loam of good, small acidity sandiness that does not have damage caused by a windstorm and freeze injury, control of height above sea level is under 700m, traffic compares convenient place. Cent of bedding of soil preparation of bedding of 1.2 soil preparation undertakes 2 times, first time is comprehensive soil preparation, soil preparation deepness amounts to 30cm above, combine bedding the 2nd times, 15cm of soil preparation deepness, etc of cleared block, fireweed is sundry, make land as far as possible fine.


This article tries to interprete the vertical distribution characters of air temperature at low level and near ground surface level.


When the test site when it is located on the EUT (for example : from a distance to the reference plane. In view of ground support equipment from the ground-level insulation thickness, and the cable installation) also apply to it.


The test area of Formosat-2 image is Tainan,image level is Level 1A,image size is 12000pixel×16800pixel,square measure is 175.6km2.the research would use different areas and different number of ground control points with different distribution to test,and change the constant h when every test to get the best constant h.

测试的地区为台南市的福卫二号影像,影像的等级为Level 1A,影像大小为12000像元×16800像元,面积涵盖范围约175.6平方公里。并且会以分区测试以及不同分布和数量的地控点进行测试,再改变每一次计算时的微小常数h,以得到最佳的h值。

According Seed and JRA methods, when Taipei Basin has an earthquake stronger than the 5th degree (the surface acceleration Amax = 0.21g), and groundwater level is equal to or higher than - 5m, soil liquidation may occur from ground surface down to the depth of - 20m in areas of Songlung Road, Fuyuan Street, Nei- Hu High School, Ta - Yeh Road, Mingshuei Park, Mingshen East Road, and Shehchian Street. Similarly, when groundwater level rises to equal or higher than - 3.5m, soil liquidation may occur in depth between - 1m~- 8m in areas of Chungshan Girls' High School, Hwaling Street, Chende Elementary School.

中文摘要依 Seed 法与 JRA 法之分析研判显示,当台北盆地地区发生5级以上强震时(地表最大加速度a max=0.21g):松隆路、抚远街、内湖高工、大业路、明水公园、民生东路以及实践街地区,在地下水位高於地表下5公尺至地表面时,从地表深度至地下20m 范围内均会有土壤液化现象;同样地,中山女中、华龄街、成德国小,当地下水位上升於地表下-3.5m 以上至地表面时,从地表下-1m 至-8m 处亦会有土让液化现象。

The flower has calorie of power, sepal egg shape wraps around needle form, petaline corydalis is lubricious, have canaliculus state, straight or go up a bit curved; Florescence 4 ~ May, purple floret, xie Rengqing of after autumn bine is green be like first, the companion other the flower has acicular small fruit, till at the beginning of the winter, ground upside divides ability wither, because this is wonderful ground by the plant, but sheet is planted the predestined relationship issues a Zhi Yulin or on the meadow of exposed to the sun, also but with other herb, wait like bison grass, dandelion mix kind, form level ground of beautiful compose flowers and plants.


Scope ground may be connected to other DC level in the circuit other than ground provided the circuit under test is floating.


Measures were taken to prevent coffin from groundwater and white ants. People selected burial ground, used hui (a mix of slate grey, sand and clay) to proof groundwater, buried coffin on the ground level and covered it with grave mound to reduce damage from natural environment.


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Meanwhile, Vick is speaking out for the first time today after being charged.


In general 250 kg per mu, high-yielding up to 300 kg.


He was paroled last week.