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One of the few routes to Lemberg is via Warsaw, where your diarist nearly misses his connection because of a huge queue at an inadequate transit point.


As long as a war,it will be a huge diaster


2Nd, thorough analysis: The Earth may say is an extremely marvelous thermonuclear reactor, when the earth interior pressure achieved certain critical, in the Earth material may decay the nuclear matter is called as the thermonuclear material, can have the thermonuclear reaction, thus has the huge energy, then the melted partial materials, form the rock magma are the liquid state materials, this response stratification plane is possibly many stratification planes, first possibly is located between the earth's crust and the mantle, upward next two transfers, displays for the light density material diastrophism as well as density upper mantle material phenomena and so on solidification; Under second possibly is located between the mantle and the core, the pressure is more formidable, causes not not easily to have the thermonuclear reaction thermonuclear material to have the response, forms the relative quite stable liquefied material level, simultaneously is upward next two transfers, forms the counter-flow phenomenon which the high density under mantle as well as the high density core material contact liquefies and is far away cools; These material periodicity regular movements and so on convection as well as Earth polar axis rotation are possibly the basic source powers which the terrestrial magnetic field produces.


The company has manufactured some products with the function of attemperation and diathermancy, which improving the therapeutic effect, so making you use more comfortable, and this is a huge advancement in the conception of Medium-Frequency Electrotherapy.


Despite such Dickensian manifestations at home, however, China is now a huge success in many respects, lauded — and feared — here and elsewhere abroad as both the workshop and potential leader of the capitalist world.


With a third of the global urban population living in Dickensian slums, at least half under the age of twenty, Mike Davis explores the threat of disease, of forced settlement on hazardous terrains, and of state violence, on huge populations.

全球城市人口的三分之一生活在贫民窟里,其中一半以上是20岁以下的人。Mike Davis指出了疾病的威胁,居住条件的威胁,暴力的威胁,还有太多的人口等。

General Musharraf does not rule by the will of the people, but dictatorially within a hobbled democratic system. He ostensibly restored democracy in 2002, but meanwhile claimed huge powers for his office.


And I know that it's going to hurt Red Bull, and that's definitely not my intention, because Dietrich Mateschitz and Red Bull have been a huge support to me.


There's a huge diff between boys and girls sometimes.


The financial risk has concentrated not merely in some company one country and area along with world economics unceasing development. With the risk diffusibility, a non- systematic risk can into a huge systematic risk.


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Chrysanthemum of 10 thousand birthday is lax to edaphic requirement, with the arenaceous qualitative loam with fecund, good drainage had better.


He unstepped the mast and furled the sail and tied it.


Therefore, positively advances the interest rate marketability reform is one of current our country finance reform important tasks.