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Huge government spending; huge country estates; huge popular demand for higher education; a huge wave; the Los Angeles aqueduct winds like an immense snake along the base of the mountains; immense numbers of birds; at vast expense; the vast reaches of outer space; the vast accumulation of knowledge...which we call civilization- W.R.


This was a great surprise, and this is a huge, huge boost for our work.


The game's areas are huge and clearly draw inspiration from the previous Warcraft games, like the huge night elf city, which is bounded by a single set of purple-tinted stone columns that cut through a dense forest.


I definitely hear your concern about the internet going out, which would be a huge, huge bummer!


Digital Mobile TV targeted customer groups, the first of the MTR, busload of passengers; Second, there is a taxi 1 Advertising huge potential : digital mobile television from conventional television's "blind spots" uncovered a huge audience, Advertising is the potential implication of lies.


A huge crowd of whooping cariocas greeted the news, relayed to a huge TV screen on Copacabana beach, with unabashed delight.


off shore rmb may be a "separating wall" or "firewall" that can separate foreign reserves of china from its huge domestic savings, so it is avoided that foreign reserves of china are exchanged by huge domestic savings. china may get huge benefits of about two hundreds billions of dollars per year by issuing ofsrmb, which called benefits from "mintage".


The recordist is huge, huge, huge on the level of morale for the space that's created because it is such an intimate space, especially if I'm working by myself and the person on the other side of the glass is my only contact.


I eventually know that there is a really huge Chinese population in Warwick currently. Maybe 1000?

原来我们学校有那么那么多的中国学生,a huge Chinese population,也许有1000人?

I began to walk on the way with my huge backpack wheezily, and I was hard to go ahead in crowded trains with my huge backpack, so in buses with the huge backpack, passengers discriminated against me, I needed to pay the fine when I took a plane for the overweight backpack, so I could not run fast when I was chased by dogs, so I had too much stumbles, too much encumbrances, and was not free, so I started to miss the easy and comfortable trips with a small bag and plastic bag to Huang Shan and Hua Shan when I was a student


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From the point of the bargainor's state, majority stands to did not build intranet, or get online before long enterprise, the phase of first step is in in the activity is run on the net, a few webpages make a system automatically or self-help sale system considers what need and appear of these enterprises namely normally.


It was my own people who were blocking me.


The people of Connecticut ... remonstrated against the bill.