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In one of 'Myth' paintings, the huge stones almost occupy fully the whole surface; in contrast, the figures let down, after intense struggle, as if collapsedly, chikenlike, tiny, impotent, unreconciled and depressed, just like giving up battling with the stones. In this series of heroist mode, particularly as against with the picture surfaces in which the giantlike bodies and energy are expressed, the figures in it even look a sense of funniness – wherein we are certain that irony has been engaged in his paintings, and it can be understood as a self-irony that it is not a floppy laziness, while he indeed does not need to tighten his muscles, not to keep a zealous and single gesture for fighting, as if it seems difficult for everything to continue, and in the paintings when the heroes unpack the stones, the artist seems unpack the dream of heroes, letting alone the huge stones burning and overspreading, surrounding us, pressing us and scorching us, even running over the whole picture. It suffocates us with all these heaviness, hardness, and acuity, as registers our weak life like a paper-cut.


Along with time fast vicissitude, the former information is not easy the seal society which circulates, gradually transforms the open society which the information explodes. All information could get by information science and technology. For example, the television, broadcast or Internet and so on.But so huge information quantity has surpassed the limit which the people brains can process.Therefore, how to avoid "GIGO", needs to depend on the information science and technology to solve. Data Mining is a very good method. The goal is extracts particular and useful information or knowledge of users from huge data. And data mining may divide into very variously, this paper is does take "Sequential Pattern" as the research subject.


It is above-reality because it covers a huge timespan, though not huge enough to exceed a geological era, for example, the current Fourth Glacial Period we're in. And it is far-fetched because it covers every aspect of human life and every corner of the earth (even the no man's land in the Antarctic ice cap).


We're not huge, and I don't want to be huge," he says."


Huge Oriental Plaza in Wangfujing imposingly gold,"typical" has a symbolic meaning and the spirit of modern commercial dislocation; more West Station is huge, it was a modern aesthetic effect and runs counter to the traffic of real.


Firstly, the transient stability of the modes by which some kinds of huge power suppliers are connected with AC power grid is analyzed and compared in detail; then a detailed transient stability simulation of a certain large-scale demonstration system is performed; finally some helpful conclusions are obtained: in the general situation, the bundling power transmission mode is favorable to increase the stability of sending system; if it is helpful to evidently increase the inertia of the equivalent leading group, the mode that connects the huge power supplier with sending system will be helpful to enhance the stability of sending system, however it is necessary to perform simulation and analysis while these principles are applied to FACT systems.


A lot here about monasteries and abbeys, and the papacy, which was a huge, huge powerhouse then.


I'm not getting any further than the third round.For me to make quarterfinal, it's a huge, huge deal lately.


China has a huge dining market keep both Be wearing huge business opportunities and ruthlessness competition.


Sea otter Bo Bo jumps said to lie to come down on a huge algal cushion, beetle-crusher blames this ability to discover to there are a lot of huge algal cushions on the side of his.


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Release of ferric iron catalyzed the conversion of super oxide and hydrogen peroxide to the more toxic hydroxyl radical which has been shown to be an important mediator of ischemic brain edema.


All right, your last name is?

那, 你的名字是?

At present, the wine prices in the districts Materials are basically barley, sorghum buy a bullions two about several other a gold ingot in 3-6 months on the purchase.