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The "product line---demand---consumers" pyramid" model combining with Maslow"s Need Hierarchy Theory explains the dynamic relationship among the luxury brand"s core products, the main targeted consumers and their main demand. Firstly, competition, sales pressure, market development and other reasons make the core products and product lines growing, namely downward to the bottom of the pyramid; Secondly, with the product line downward to the bottom of the pyramid, the number of luxury consumers has been expanded; Thirdly, because of the exclusive consuming demand, consumers" requirements of conspicuousness and self-fulfillment for the luxury goods are upward to the top of the pyramid.


In this paper, taking the downward continuation of potential field as an inverse problem of upward continuation, we obtain a convolution type linear integral equation for downward continuation. Making use of the orthogonal symmetry characteristic of Fourier transform matrix, and combining the principles of singular value decomposition of matrix and generalized inverse, we proposed a stable generalized inverse method for downward continuation of potential field, called wavenumber domain generalized inverse algorithm, which doesn't need the computation for inverse matrix. It resolves the instability of potential field downward continuation of large depth.


If it's on a downward trend, bet it will continue downward.


In the microchannel (3), a gap part (31) in which the section of the channel is reduced is provided in a central part upward and downward, rightward and leftward, or upward and downward and rightward and leftward the section thereof, and microbeads are checked.


In this paper, an iterative approach to potential field continuation from curved surface to plane is proposed. The continuation of potential field data from a curved surface to a plane can be viewed as an inverse problem of upward continuation of plane potential field data, getting a linear integral equation. Through viewing the potential field data on the curved surface as the data on the average elevation plane of the curved surface, then using the wavenumber domain generalized inverse algorithm to downward continue the data from the average elevation plane to a given plane, and a topography correction based on the change of curved surface relative to its average elevation is implemented to the downward continued data on the given plane, finally the downward continued data plane is upward continued to the curved surface.


Therefore has carried on the next experiment: For the proof slip of paper dry scope migration is but because of receives the earth's attraction the influence to concentrate toward the slip of paper lower part, we have carried on the next experiment, we cut the slip of paper the long strip, then changes the level laying aside, because whether there is can't such slip of paper both sides underneath the space cause the hydro energy downward to concentrate create the experimental result the difference, after the experiment discovered, after has removed this difference, the slip of paper both sides dry need the time is nearly same, but according to above experiment, we arrived following conclusion, the slip of paper dry scope is downward moved from on downward migration because of the slip of paper in moisture content by the attraction attraction, causes under the slip of paperAbove the hydraulic modulus also must be many, above the natural slip of paper falls very quickly on the few water on the evaporation, but under many moisture content need more time can evaporate, causes the slip of paper dry scope most above downward to increase slowly from the slip of paper.

急!!!物理翻译中翻英请帮帮忙於是进行了下一个实验:为了证明纸片〈paper sheet〉乾燥范围的移动〈boundary of drying〉是因为受到地心引力的影响而往纸片下部集中,我们又进行了下一个实验,我们把纸片剪成长条状,然后改为水平放置,这样纸片两端就不会因下方有无空间使水能往下集中而造成实验结果的差异,实验后发现,去除了这个差异后,纸片两端乾燥所需的时间几乎相同,根据以上的实验,我们的到了以下的结论,纸片乾燥范围从上往下移动是因为纸片中的水分被引力吸引而往下移动,使得纸片下面的水比上面还要多,自然纸片上面就少量的水很快就蒸发掉,而下面较多的水分需要更多的时间才能蒸发完,使得纸片乾燥的范围从纸片最上面慢慢往下增加。

Snobbishness, as we will use the word, implies both an upward and a downward movement — a scramble upward to emulate or outdo those whose position excels one's own, and a look downward on those less happily endowed than one's self.


Might as well right now the motion that makes wrist of make a long arm coming back more, raise the right hand in head west the front, on palmar face, thumb downward, little finger upgrade, make the artifice is tightened toward right underspin; In the meantime, left hand is gone to extend by left hip, finger is flagging, thumb upgrade, little finger downward, make the artifice is tightened toward right underspin; Next at the same time the right hand again as far as possible upgrade is extended, left hand is extended downward as far as possible, at the same time with Nose Slowly inspiratory, make acerbity hemp feels all round two tactics wrist, be adjusted.


The sharp decline in the benchmark interest rate on the company's universal insurance is good news, the company's current billing rate remained at the highest level in companies than the 5-year time deposits was also higher than a percentage point, with more room for a downward adjustment . Universal settlement in 2009 will be a downward adjustment of interest rates is a long-term trend, but the company is likely to play in the industry,"vice squad" role in clearing interest rates to keep the relative advantages of this premium growth next year is an important driving factor.


Summarizing the results above, we further obtained: Hα blue asymmetry observed usually in the early stage of flares may be caused by chromospheric condensation in transition region; the Hα red asymmetry appeared later may be resulted from the downward movement of upper chromosphere; and still later CaIIK asymmetry may be explained to have 10-20 km/s downward velocity in middle or lower part of chromosphere, This explanation is self-consistent among the observations of Hα and CaIIK line during the flare.


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Be courteous and professional to everyone you meet, from the security guard to the receptionist.


However, when you have brunette teens, you will find out that teens are teens.


Given the presence of coral reefs and sandbanks just about everywhere, most boats travel with their own skipper who in reality is a precious tourist guide.