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与 downward 相关的网络例句 [注:此内容来源于网络,仅供参考]

Producers have become increasingly aware that this year?s price declines are more than just a downward ?blip?, and are now looking to take advantage of the still historically high lead price and return to contango.


Integral iteration method is a kind of stable downward continuation method for potential fields.


But as the core of the method based on an instabile downward continuation operator,the method is of inefficacy in application.


This paper makes an analysis of the Doppler speed charts of clear weather and the echoes of large-area precipitation. It also singles out the Doppler speed charts of typical wind fields. In addition, this paper analyzes Doppler radars detecting process of the strong convection current weather system. It also conducts a thorough analysis of Doppler echo features of some hazardous weather, such as cell storm and downward storms. Based on this research and analysis, the paper reaches some important conclusions concerning the detecting methods using Doppler radar and the analysis of the information gathered by Doppler radar.


But the man , shifting the club from right to left , cooly caught him by the under jaw , at the same time wrenching downward and backward .


However, says Mr Copland, the combined effect of the recession lowering GDP and the rash of new lawsuits, ranging from those against investment banks involved in the financial meltdown to the oil-spill cases, means that when the data are collated for this year and 2009 "the downward trend will almost certainly have been reversed."


In this way a downward force arises which keeps the chain moving in counterclockwise direction.


I suddenly felt as if the bed were rotated 90 degrees in a counterclockwise direction and catapulted downward toward the front of the hospital and into the sea.


It basically operates the main point as follows: The left hand holds the ticket, the palm is downward, the thumb is pinned in the middle of the left end of the front of the bank note, the forefinger and middle finger are on the back of the bank note, pinch the bank note together with thumb; Left hand the third finger naturally curly, pinch, get up bank note little finger stretch to bank note front push down bank note below the Left deviation; The middle finger of left hand is exerted oneself slightly, the bank note of tight card together with the third finger, little finger; The left hand forefinger is stretched, the thumb is moved upwards, pin the side of the bank note, keep the bank note into the tile shape; Left hand wipe from tabletop bank note, bank note turn, thumb strength wiped from tabletop to borrow prop up bank note covering of a fan and oblique to oneself of WeiKai Cheng; Three fingers of right hand dip in water, rotate and move the lower right corner of the bank note downwards sharp with the thumb, the forefinger cooperates with the thumb to rotate and move on the back of the bank note; Play in one's arms, count while ordering with right hand the third finger bank note got up to rotate; Pay attention to the posture at the some paper money, the health is straight and upright, the eyes It must keep eyeball and bank note from,put dual tactics elbow at tabletop.


This terrific push against the piston forces it downward, and a power impulse is transmitted through the connecting rod to the crankpin on the crankshaft.


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Swam: I don't know...what I would...


If they want to succeed, they need the cooperation of all those at risk, and these must be met on their own terms - believers and non-believers, the "chaste" and the "unchaste".


Police have beaten people with batons and dragged them through the streets while detaining them.