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The cusp catastrophe theory was described. The cusp catastrophe model of seismic signal was established, and it was converted into the standard form of cusp catastrophe.


A catastrophe potential function, which has the same form of swallowtail catastrophe, was obtained by dimensionalnormalization and diffeomorphism.


This study develops a whole new aspect of contingent-claim model for hedging the catastrophe risk. We describe the framework of the new hedging strategy - catastrophe swap - as detail as possible and compute the exchange amount of CAT swap contract by Monte Carlo Simulation. Last but not least, this article reveals the most powerful back-up, net cash flow and utility comparison between different strategies, to prove the practicability and favorableness of our catastrophe swap model.


This paper analyzes some aspects of economics about catastrophe risk transfer and its insurability,and finds that information asymmetry is the key factor affecting catastrophe insurance.


By the analysis of dive and horizontal plane nonlinear model, the catastrophe model on de dive plane is deduced, and catastrophe stability is analysized. In the horizontal plane, simplified equation is gained by center manifold theory, then draws the conclusion that the stability of limit circle arises from critical point is relate to small difference of move point and critical point.


The Thenardier catastrophe involved the catastrophe of Magnon.


Firstly, based on the force acting on a single-particle, establish a discriminant formula of the sand threshold, and prove that the sand threshold belongs to the cusp catastrophe. Then establish the basic equation of the cusp catastrophe using coordinate transformation and catastrophe theory. Finally, while particle Reynold number and equivalend diameter are the state variables and Shields parameter is the control variables, we can obtain the model of cusp catastrophe of sand threshold, putting those variables into the basic equations of the cusp catastrophe. The model is derived from the mathematics, which has a certain mathematical theory foundation.


But we have much expectation and hope from human intellect; and we hope, if a catastrophe comes, the human intellect will be able to overcome such a catastrophe and arrange for shifting the population to some other planet having suitable environmental conditions and a better ecological order.


"This catastrophe is also a catastrophe for Air France people and all the Air France community is now at work to share with the families of the victims what they have to suffer and to bring to them everything we can financially, emotively, to help and to be with them in this terrible occurrence," he said.


The China Insurance Regulatory Commission will encourage insurance companies to gradually develop catastrophe insurance business via such measures as incentive policies, excess loss reinsurance and catastrophe insurance funds, so as to establish catastrophe risk guarantee mechanisms with pooled risk.


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