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The effect of Profenofos on GPx activities and on the co ntents of GSH and CAR in Phaeodactylum tricornutum and Platymonas helgolan dica were studied. The results indicate that the GPx activities of two species of microalgae declined, and the contents of glutathione and carotinoid of algal c ells decreased under high concentration of Profenofos.

摘 要 实验以三角褐指藻和青岛大扁藻为材料,进行了丙溴磷农药对海洋微藻的抗氧化防御系统成份— GPx 活性和GSH、CAR含量的影响研究,结果表明,在丙溴磷胁迫下,微藻的GPx活性呈现下降趋势,GSH和CAR含量也表现为下降趋势,并且胁迫的时间越长、胁迫的强度越大它们下降的幅度也越大。

CDV is an abbreviation of Car Derived Van with the characteristic of comfort because of the car platform, safety equals to PV because of the front-engine front-drive of engine, the changeable seats design which made the inner spaced efficiently utilized and the lower floor that easy for goods loading.

CDV是Car Derived Van的英文缩写,国际通行的解释是"从轿车平台延伸出来的厢式车"。其特点是,采用轿车平台,确保驾乘舒适;发动机前置前驱,安全系数与乘用车同等水平;座椅设计变化多样,兼顾车内空间有效利用;较低的底板设计便于货物装卸。

It introduces the agile kernel of ElaME, and gives the mechanism of CAR component run-time platform.


This paper first describes the framework of smartphone platform based on CAR component technique, in which CAR component run-time platform runs in the OS kernel.


This paper first describes the framework of smartphone platform based on CAR component technique, in which CAR component run-time platfonn runs in the OS kernel.


The experiment results show that the equipped cars average speed is higher than those unequipped cars, and when the Car-to-Car is added, the whole average travel speed of vehicles has risen markedly, the average travel time is significantly reduced.


Linear regression analysis demonstrated that GI, whichrepresented phytotoxic behavior to the plants, could be poorly predicted by the sum of mobilemetal fractions (exchangeable +carbonate +reducible iron and manganese+ organic matter bound,EXCH+CAR+FeMnOX+OMB), i.e., Cu (EXCH+CAR+FeMnOX+OMB) in SS, Pb (EXCH+CAR+FeMnOX+OMB) in SM.


Car Companion - Car Companion is a tool to track the maintenance that needs to be performed on the users car.

Car Companion这个工具用于跟踪用户的汽车所需要的维护。

While we can talk about John's car or Mary's car,or John and Mary's car if it belongs to the two of them,we are in difficulty if one of the possessives is a pronoun:John and her car.A friend of mine recently slipped into saying This is Mary and I's car.We can ask a person how many children he has without going into the specifics of whether they are boys or girls;but we can not ask him how many brothers and sisters he has without getting precisely these irrelevant subanswers and then totalling them.

虽然我们可以谈论约翰的车或玛丽的汽车,或约翰和玛丽的汽车,如果它属于他们两人,我们正处在困难的,如果其中的possessives 是一个代词:约翰和她的car.a朋友矿井最近陷入的话说,这是玛丽和我的car.we可以要求一个人有多少儿童,他没有进入具体的无论是男孩或女孩,但我们不能要求他有多少兄弟姐妹们,他没有得到正是这些不相干的subanswers ,然后共他们。

And three of them req share car and people mover, and then two of them req share usual limo. After I finished these two,I found out that Pax was taking two different flights on DEPARTURE, and chanllege her about that, then she rushly check this and say a simply sorry for me and asked me to make it again.

她拿着12个REF,整整是12个REF,要求帮客人做LIMO,而且,其中三个SHARE CAR,两个SHARE CAR,但一个去程是B地址,回程是C地址,另一个去程是A地址,回程跟那个人SHARE CAR;另外的那些,就去B和C两个不同的地址,交错换着做LIMO。

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Fruiting pedicel deflexed. Calyx 5-parted to base or nearly so; lobes enlarged in fruit, vertical to reflexed.


In recent years,it is popular to shop with budget plan.


The results show that the retrovirus mediated cytokinegene transfer is successful.