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The other attributes of the Bold 9700 are like the BlackBerry Curve 8900 and Tour: They all have cameras with flashes that are capable of capturing 3.2-megapixel photographs, bright 480x360-pixel displays, built-in GPS and slots for microSD memory cards so as to expand their memory.

Bold 9700的其他一些特性跟Curve 8900和Tour一样,它们都有内置闪光灯的照相功能,可拍320万像素的照片,拥有明亮的480×360像素显示屏、内置GPS,还有microSD扩展记忆卡插槽。

This is one area where the Javelin really seems to be lacking in comparison to the Bold.


This large battery supplies the Bold 9700 with enough juice to last up to 19 days in standby mode.

这块硕大的电池可以让Bold 9700待机最多19天,而黑莓Tour和Curve 8900最高待机时长都是14天。

Like the original Bold, the Bold 9700 has a leatherette back. But that's where the similarities end.

和老款Bold一样,Bold 9700也有人造革背面,但二者的相同点仅止于此。

Nevertheless the Bold is a departure in design terms for Rim. It is curvier than previous models and the back is covered in a black leatherette material – Rim plans to sell replaceable backplates in different colours.


Results:"Zusanli"(ST 36) acupuncture at acupoint " the gneration of needling sesations " in the experimental group,fMRI-BOLD show belong to the brain limbic system temporal lobe,hippocampus, cingulate gyrus,hypothalamus,insula lobe in the brain there is a corresponding functional areas have different levels of excited stove back at both the central cluster can be seen in small foci excited;in the control group,fMRI-BOLD shows that the brain can be scattered at small punctate foci excited,bilateral post-central point within the sheet can be seen in small foci excited.


METHODS: 12 native Chinese bilinguists with confirmed right-handedness were divided into two groups, namely English-specialized and non-English-specialized, equally shared by each group. By means of hearing, these subjects were required to finish semantic judgement tasks of English and Chinese words separately. Block designing was performed in this experiment. Every subject should fulfill two run tasks, one was for Chinese and the other for English. Based on BOLD efficacy, fMRI was available to collect functional images with EPI.


Normal BOLD activation in VOTC is thus insufficient to subserve intact face recognition, and disrupted information propagation between VOTC and the extended face processing network may explain the functional impairment in congenital prosopagnosia.


Results The cortical sensory areas were all activied in five glioma patients involving postcentral gyms areas by BOLD fMRI with biliteral hand opposite movement.


Materials and Methods: Six patients with left frontal lobe tumors (4 gliomas, 1 germinoma, 1 intra-axial cavernoma) close to Brocca and Wernicke language areas were studied. BOLD and DTI were performed on a 3.0T magnet GE Signa Excite~(? HD_X, BOLD using the word association paradigm developed in Part I and DTT technique developed in PartII. Language activation maps and fiber tracts were superimposed upon high resolution T1 weighted anatomic images of the brain for displaying the relationship between tumor, language functional areas and white matter tracts.

材料和方法:使用GE 3.0 T Singa Excite~ HD_x超导磁共振成像系统,对6例左侧语言相关脑区肿瘤(Ⅲ-Ⅳ级胶质瘤1例,Ⅱ级胶质瘤3例,生殖细胞瘤1例,海绵状血管瘤1例)行BOLD-fMRI及扩散张量成像扫描,BOLD应用语义相关判断作为任务刺激,所有数据进行离线后处理,应用AFNI软件处理BOLD图像,观察语言功能皮层的激活;DTT采用日本东京大学的Volume-one1.56和diffusion TENSOR Visualizer 1.5进行纤维束成像处理。

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Yes, my dear," he went on,"men I have met who were loving, noble, and lofty-minded. But women that were not cattle for sale—countesses and cooks, they're all alike—I have not come across yet.


It was then that I turned my attentions to Ken...


I hope you'll let it slide just this once.