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This six-legged robot got its name from Yukito Kishiro's comix "Battel Angle - Alita".

这个六条腿的机器人从Yukito Kishiro的漫画"Battel Angle - Alita"得到它的名字。

If the Norberg angle is smaller than 105, we will start to see the signs of joint laxity.

如果Norberg angle 小於 105,会开始看到关节松弛的徵兆。

In this thesis, we apply the equations of motion of steady Mach reflections and the oblique shock theory to derive polynomial expressions of the forms of f(r,Mo,P1) of downstream sonic and strong/weak separating conditions of reflected shocks of perfect-gas steady Mach reflections. We then obtain polynomial expressions of the forms of f(r,M0) for the limiting Mach angle condition of the above two expressions.

本论文首先应用稳态马赫反射流场运动方程式及斜震波关系式,推导出理想气体稳态马赫反射流场之反射震波下游之音速条件与反射震波之强弱分界条件之曲线解公式,并应用该曲线解公式来推导反射震波俱音速性质於Mach angle条件及反射震波俱强弱分界性质於Mach angle条件之公式。

On the morphologic CT scan, the angle and length of the transarticular screw trajectory, the distance between the tip of the screw and the vertebral artery and the sagittal safety angle were measured.

通过CT重建,测量经关节固定螺钉的角度、长度、螺钉尖与椎动脉的距离,并确定经关节螺钉矢状面的安全进钉角度(sagittal safety angle,SSA)。

The Go moved backward with 1.35mm and upward with 1.90mm in group I, the gonial angle increased for 3.69°, and angle between palatal plane and mandibular plane was increased for 5.00°; In group II, the Go moved backward with 1.85mm and upward with 3.32mm , the gonial angle increased for 4.06°, and angle between palatal plane and mandibular plane was increased for 5.22°. Both in group I and II, there was a tread for clockwise rotation of mandibular corpus. The length of pterygomasseteric sling was mild increased due to the backward movement of Go.

在Go点的变动方面,在Me点向前位移的族群里,术后Go点平均向后1.35mm,向上1.90mm, gonial angle 平均增大3.69度,腭平面与下颚平面的夹角则是增加5.00度;在Me点向后位移的族群里,术后Go点平均向后1.85mm,向上3.32mm, gonial angle 平均增大4.06度,腭平面与下颚平面的夹角则是增加5.22度,不论是向前或是向后的族群,结果皆显示翼咀嚼肌悬吊带有轻微被拉长的迹象。

The anteroposterior projectionof the foot, utilized to examine the foot disease in the past was referred as to the freely-stressed method. However, most of the patients on suspicion of Hallux Valgus get pains while standing with weight-bearing. Additionally, the patients' real conditions can not be diagnosed without standing. it is helpful for us to apply both the foot weight-bearing and the foot non weight-bearing so as to probe the individual difference between the HVA and the IMA 1(superscript * intermetatarsal angle and further to provide the informative resources concerning the assessment of performing surgery operation. The study include 40 patients who we having Hallux Valgus of different degree, The findings have revealed the significant difference among 40 patients after the method-weight-bearing AP of the foot projection given.

过去一般常用诊断足部疾病的足部摄影(anteroposterior projection of the foot; AP projection of the foot)是指未施加压於病人足部的拍摄方法,然而多大脚趾外翻的病患常於站负重时感觉疼痛舒服,而未负重摄影却无法呈现出病人站时的真实态,因此我们用足部前后位负重摄影(weight-bearing AP projection of the foot)与足部未负重摄影(non weight-bearing AP projection of the foot)的影像比较其大脚趾外翻角(Hallux valgus angle, HVA)及第一跖骨间的角1(上标 st intermetatarsal angle, IMA的差,进而提供外科手术的估评。

AngleⅢmalocclusion with TMD Compared with AngleⅢmalocclusion and thenormal group. In AngleⅢmalocclusion with TMD. there have greatly significant variations,transversely. During mandible open and close, the protrusion and reptrution in anydirections and medio movement in no-work sides,the range of condyle pathways of AngleⅢmalocclusion with TMD are bigger than the AngleⅢmalocclusion but shorterthan that of the normal group.


objectivethe aim of this study was to evaluate the curative effects of the modified fixed reverse twin-block appliance combine edgewise on treatment of adult angle ⅲ anterior crossbite.methodsthe appliance was used on 15 adult subjects with angle ⅲ malocclusion and then compared clinical character and x-ray cephalometry before and after treatment.resultsafter 4 months treatment the appearance and profile were improve evidently, mandible retrusion was to lead molar and canine were angle i,overjet and overbite were normal.

目的:应用改良固定反式双阻板矫治器(twin-block appliance,tba)联合方丝弓技术矫治成人angleⅲ前牙反牙合,为成人前牙反牙合提供新的治疗方法。方法:矫治成人患者15例,进行临床表现及相关硬组织测量。结果:固定反式tba戴用4个月后下颌明显后退。所有患者在未拔牙的情况下前牙反牙合均得到有效治疗,磨牙及尖牙均达到i类关系。但上颌仅为牙及牙槽的代偿性变化。

We set the angle text label to "ANGLE".


PURPOSE To investigate the characteristics of the blood supply of optic disk in glaucomatous eyes by indocyanine green angiography and whether indocyanine green angiographic anormalies of optic disk are different among chronic primary angle-closure glaucoma, primary open angle glaucoma and normal tension glaucoma.

目的 观察青光眼与正常眼以及原发性开角型青光眼(primary open angle glaucoma,POAG)、正常眼压性青光眼(normal tension glaucoma,NTG)与慢性原发性闭角型青光眼(chronic primary angle-closure glaucoma,CACG)视盘的吲哚青绿眼底血管造影表现的异同。

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If the vote comply with the wishes of a very strong Sambo, other ideas would have no chance to affect us.


Yet there is no disguising the strong regional bias to the employment picture.


Each of them has to overcome particular difficulties on their way to success.