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Its recent acquisition of Pilgrim's Pride, a big chicken processor in America and Mexico, and a pending merger with Bertin, another Brazilian firm, will soon give it bigger sales than Tyson Foods, the American firm that currently claims the top spot.

JBS最近收购美国及墨西哥的大型禽肉加工商Pilgrim's Pride公司,同巴西Bertin公司的并购交易也迫在眉睫,两桩交易将使JBS销售额超过现居世界第一的美国泰森食品公司。

Warrior: Thief Pipi, kid hat, miracle, director, is to be, Gagne pride **, Dream * son, Pepsi unique,侠骨tenderness (riding a pig Heilonggang release), pride * Liquor Weng *,仗剑take the End of the World, Chudo =--= iron, fighting spirit, ghost Chitose Long, and Latin America, the wind * Baron, rapid hell pride drag more drag, pride and enthusiasm *坏坏, Hyun Dance || unique, Qiushui love, pride - Feng less romantic * pull the wind, in troubled times | superstars,*, the rapid hell潜龙勿用, pride Fenglei V, the last De in June, the Antarctic ice, heart sword dance, take you to see the sea, AG this what the whole pinch, autumn night, pride and enthusiasm * Fengyun, Soul Calibur V pride, Dragon proud nine Cheung, happy and fun, pride and enthusiasm *坏坏, AG Xiaoyao dance evil, pride * Feng less lonely for failure, in troubled times Yama, the god of honor, sword in this love, chamaejasme flowers, Dili hate.


Cast, the number of hawks or falcons cast off at one time, usually a pair; cete, a company of badgers; covert, a flock of coots; covey, a family of grouse, partridges, or other game birds; drift, a drove or herd, especially of hogs; exaltation, a flight of larks; fall, a family of woodcock in flight; gam, a school of whales, or a social congregation of whalers, especially at sea; kennel, a number of hounds or dogs housed in one place or under the same ownership; kindle, a brood or litter, especially of kittens; litter, the total number of offspring produced at a single birth by a multiparous mammal; muster, a flock of peacocks; nide, a brood of pheasants; pod, a small herd of seals or whales; pride, a company of lions; rout, a company of people or animals in movement, especially knights or wolves; school, a congregation of fish, or aquatic mammals such as dolphins or porpoises; shrewdness, a company of apes; skein, a flight of wildfowl, especially geese; skulk, a congregation of vermin, especially foxes, or of thieves; sloth, a company of bears; sord, a flight of mallards; sounder, a herd of wild boar; stable, a number of horses housed in one place or under the same ownership; swarm, a colony of insects, such as ants, bees, or wasps, especially when migrating to a new nest or hive; troop, a number of animals, birds, or people, especially when on the move; warren, the inhabitants, such as rabbits, of a warren; watch, a flock of nightingales; and wisp, a flock of birds, especially of snipe.

cast 指一次所放飞的鹰或隼的数目,通常为一对: cete,一群; covert 一群大鹋; covey,一群松鸡、石鸡或其它作猎物的鸟; drift,一群或一堆,尤指家猪; exaltation,一群云雀; fall,一群飞行中的丘鹬; gam,一群鲸或一伙捕鲸人,尤指在海上的; kennel,一群住在一起或属同一个人所有的猎狗或狗; kindle,一窝或一巢,尤指小猫: litter,一产多胎的哺乳动物一次所生的幼仔的总数; muster,一群孔雀; nide,一窝野鸡; pod,一小群海豹或鲸; pride,一群狮子; rout,一群在行进中的人或动物,尤指骑士或狼; school,一群鱼或水生哺乳动物如海豚或小鲸; shrewdness,一群猿; skein,一群猎鸟,尤指鹅; skulk,一群害兽或坏人,尤指狐狸或小偷; sloth,一群熊; sord,一群野鸭; sounder,一群野公猪; stable,住在同一处或属同一个人所有的一群马; swarm,一群昆虫,如蚂蚁、蜜蜂或黄蜂,尤指当它们迁往一个新的巢或蜂房时; troop,一群动物、鸟或人,尤指在行进中时; warren 养兔场的一群动物,如兔子; watch 一群夜莺; wisp 一群鸟,尤指鹬鸟参见同义词 crowd

Pride of place is the most important position in a group of things.

划线部分是句子的主语,句子意思: Pride of place 即一组事物中最重要的地位。

Chi MM: red bean, beauty, Rosa de Tears, pride * off butterflies dance * Ella, after another pride **, a small woman, dream ~仙儿, elegant language of the wire, ice tea, sadness ~ darling, tenderness * long,* little bit of pride, pride * baby, Xiao-Ming, Murong Xiangxiang, Nannan Xiaoxiang, SweetGirl, kissed ME darling, Providence, dancing Costume, take me to see the sea, on the Angels, AG twilight sleep,赵灵儿, the wizard of the heart, jasmine, tenderness *糖糖, hearts *飞儿, elegant language of silk,* love the small language *, beauty | the world, sparkling heart, Xiong toot,宫主the走丢,眼波children ~ Mae, pure Apple.


The movement that led to the creation of the UFC, and Pride was rooted in two interconnected subcultures.


Ray Atkinson, a spokesman for Pilgrim's Pride, says the company sells both enhanced and unenhanced chicken because consumers ask for it.

鸡肉生产商Pilgrim's Pride的发言人雷·阿特金森表示,该公司既销售增强型鸡肉,也销售未经加工的鸡肉,这是为了满足消费者的需求。

But in the pride, it's the lionesses who are the killing machines.

但在狮群中,雌狮才是猎杀机械。 pride;自豪,引以为豪;另解为:群

Curtis Pride hit into a double play to end the inning, but the Bombers were in a hole to stay.

Curtis Pride以最后双杀结束这局,但洋基已形同被困入地牢。

Additionally, John and his partner, Scott Gill, gave gay fans everywhere anextra little thrill when they appeared together at last year's London Pride.

另外, John和他的partner, Scott Gill,在去年London Pride上的出现让了世界各地的gayfans们格外的激动了一番。

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I'm 164 cm tall.

我164 厘米高。

Now this I say, that every one of you saith, I am of Paul; and I of Apollos; and I of Cephas; and I of Christ.

012 我的意思就是你们各人说:我是属保罗的;我是属亚波罗的;我是属矶法的;我是属基督的。

All zombies have is a bunch of George Romero movies.