歌词 "Young Niggaz" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

Young Niggaz


歌词相关歌手:BUDDEN, JOE

English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Joe Budden ad libs] [乔巴登广告库]


[DJ On Point - talking over Joe Budden] [DJ点上 - 倾诉乔巴登]

This shit right here in called Young Niggaz 这一切,就在这里被称为年轻的兄弟们

Shout out to my nigga Ron Browz on the beat 喊出我的兄弟罗恩Browz在街上巡逻

Whole Monie Ave, I see you 整个莫尼大道,我看你




[Verse 1 - Joe Budden] [诗歌1 - 乔巴登]

Yo, my struggle's a little different 呦,我的斗争是一个有点不同

Y'all niggaz was selling, I was sniffin 兄弟们你们都在卖,我sniffin

Psyche, rewind it, I'm just kiddin (OH!) 赛琪,倒带,我只是开玩笑(哦!)

I was hangin with old cats, tryna put my bid in 我犹豫不决旧猫, tryna把我的出价

Same safe you was stackin in, I was tryna get in 同样的,你的安全是stackin的,我tryna得到的

Y'all was fuckin with pigeons (naw) 你们都他妈的是鸽子(瑙)

I was on Malcolm X, lookin for a jar for my cig to get dipped in (OH!) 我是马尔科姆X ,看着一个罐子给我支到获得蘸(哦!)

Was still spittin, before the video vixens 还在吐口水,视频泼妇前

Around the time Ewing had got dunked on by Pippen 身边的时候,尤文已经得到了扣篮由皮蓬

Niggaz was still pitchin 兄弟们还在pitchin

I was stealin money from my moms anytime she left her purse in the kitchen (that was fucked up) 我stealin钱从我的妈妈,她随时离开她的钱包在厨房里(这是搞砸了)

Guzzlin a fifth and Guzzlin五分之一

I was high as a fuck, OD'n on Visine, so my eyes wouldn't glisten (OH!) 我是高一个他妈的, ODn上维西纳,所以我的眼睛不会反光(哦!)

Moms still bitchin 妈妈还在发或停发

She thought I knew better, but I didn't 她以为我知道更好,但我没有

She tried to talk to 'em, wouldn't listen (listen, wouldn't listen) 她试图说服他们,就是不听(听,不听)

It's almost like somethin inside of me kept itchin 这几乎就像事端里面我一直itchin

I thought the streets loved me, naw who was I kiddin? (kiddin) 我以为街道爱我,瑙谁我是不是开玩笑? (开玩笑)

God lookin like the devil (oh) 神看着像魔鬼(OH)

Sendin me to the pawn shop anytime I found shit that looked like metal 寄来我去当铺任何时候,我发现狗屎,看上去像是金属

I dropped outta school, naw not to be cool 我放弃了失控的学校,瑙不冷静

I was sittin there bored, thought all y'all was fools 我坐在那里百无聊赖,觉得所有的你们都上当了

Fuck I wanna read up on "Romeo & Juliet" 他妈的我想把读了“罗密欧与朱丽叶”

Way back, I ain't even have my first toolie yet 回来的路上,我是不是连我的第一toolie还

Angie ain't even make that knife go through me yet (talk to 'em) 安吉甚至没有让那把刀穿过我还没有(跟时间)

Matter fact, I ain't even smoke my first bollie yet 事实上,我不抽烟,甚至我的第一bollie还

Tried to have it wrapped, but things wasn't a doobie yet 尝试将它包裹,但事情不是doobie还

What was comin for me, but naw it ain't subdue me yet 什么是科曼对我来说,却瑙它不是征服我呢


[Chorus - Joe Budden] [合唱团 - 乔巴登]

Young niggaz, know I used to be a young nigga 年轻的兄弟们,知道我曾经是一个年轻的黑人

I used to pop off to prove I ain't the one nigga 我曾经流行过,证明我是不是一个黑人

B and E's, stick ups and dirty guns niggaz B和E的,粘起脏枪的兄弟们

This before I finally had my little young nigga 这之前,我终于有了我的小年轻的黑人


Young niggaz, God keep me from these young niggaz 年轻的兄弟们,上帝让我从这些年轻的兄弟们

Not the smart ones Lord, just the dumb niggaz 不聪明的主,只是哑巴兄弟们

Might have me thinkin I'm still one of them niggaz 有可能我在想我还是他们的兄弟们中的一个

Shit changed from when I used to be a young nigga 妈的,当我曾经是一个年轻的黑人改变


(You know why his name is On Point, cause he On Point pussy) (你知道为什么他的名字叫点上,因为他点上的猫)


[Verse 2 - Joe Budden] [诗歌2 - 乔巴登]

Yo, aiyyo 哟, aiyyo

My first time locked up, I was a child 我第一次关起来,我还是个孩子

Met up with mad niggaz I ain't seen in a while (yeah) 遇到了疯狂的兄弟们我是没有见过的,而(是)

And it wasn't bad bein locked in with them (but) 它是不坏拜因锁定在与他们(但)

But couldn't fathom lockin in at 10 但在10无法捉摸洛中

Like fuck readin a book, sat on my bunk, mad time to get my thoughts straight 像他妈的看书一本书,坐在我的床上,疯狂的时间让我的思绪直

One month, one shower, still without a court date 一个月,淋浴,仍然没有出庭日期

Just bags of nicotine, rollin paper 刚刚袋的尼古丁,罗林纸

Did pull ups, push ups, how the fuck'd I get here? 做引体向上,俯卧撑,怎么fuckd我得到吗?

War stories, you hear a lot of shit here 战争的故事,你听到了很多狗屎在这里

Great place to visit, but naw don't wanna live here (live here ...) 伟大的地方参观,但瑙不想住在这里(住在这里...... )

Naw gotta get my mind in a new place 诺得让我的心在一个新的地方

Grimey ass niggaz stealin my socks and toothpaste Grimey屁股的兄弟们stealin我的袜子和牙膏

Can't ever remember feelin such neglect 不能永远记得这种感觉忽视

But snakes get snaked (dog), what the fuck'd I expect? (expect) 但蛇蜿蜒得到(狗)时, fuckd我期待什么? (预计)

I thought if anything I had earned niggaz respect 我想如果有什么我的兄弟们赢得了尊重

But niggaz hung up soon as they heard "Collect" 但兄弟们挂了他们一听说“收集”

Had my mag with the tits out 有我的美格与山雀出

O.G.s' said to me the streets don't love you, they'll be there when you get out OG了对我说上街不爱你,他们会在那里,当你走出

Bunch of the same people, stealin the same space 相同的人一堆, stealin同一空间

A few of 'em'll die, a few will take your place 几个“ emll死了,有几个会取代你的位置

I prayed to God that I never catch another case 我祈祷上帝,我从来不乘另一种情况

Cause CO's just treat us like we rats in a maze 因为二氧化碳只是对待我们就像我们在鼠迷宫

You wonder why Joey always hype and smilin (why?) 你想知道为什么乔伊一直炒作和我们微笑(为什么? )

I was this close to Rikers Island 我是如此接近赖克斯岛

Was bein on Rikers, wilin (wilin) 被拜因在赖克斯, wilin ( wilin )

I've been through way worse shit than havin a few gripes about my album (c'mon) 我经历过这样糟糕的狗屁不是就吃了几个抱怨我的专辑(来吧)


[Chorus - w/ ad libs] [合唱团 - 瓦特/广告库]


[DJ On Point - talking over Chorus] [DJ点上 - 倾诉合唱]

Shout out to mixtapekings.com 喊出mixtapekings.com

Can't forget my nigga Moozoo, Victory Square 不能忘记我的兄弟们Moozoo ,胜利广场


[Outro - Joe Budden - talking (echo)] [尾奏 - 乔巴登 - 谈(回音)

For real 真正的

God keep me from these little young niggaz man 上帝让我从这些小青年男子的兄弟们

Cause I'll fuck around and get a bid 因为我和你他妈的左右,并获得投标

Make me somethin stupid and shit 让我事端愚蠢和狗屎

Made me resort to bein .. 让我再打贝因..

Bein the old me and shit 贝因以前的我和狗屎

I worked hard to get money 我努力去卖钱

I ain't tryna go back í从来没故意回去

I ain't tryna go back to the hood, keep my eyes lit up í从来没故意回去引擎盖,让我的眼睛亮了起来

Keep me from these niggaz, for real 让我从这些兄弟们,真正的

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