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[beez buzzing] [ beez嗡嗡]


[Warcloud:] [ Warcloud : ]

West Coast, West Coast 西海岸,西海岸

Killa Beez Killa的Beez

Antlers, hammers and hacksaw, the wizard 鹿角,锤子和钢锯,向导

Poetry of a man with no name, America 一个人没有名字,美诗

Cement mixed walled and born in ice cream 混合水泥围墙和出生于冰淇淋

Holocaust the Minnie, greet with bloody handshake 大屠杀的米妮,打招呼握手血腥

Wu Empire and colleagues, luxurious 吴帝国和他的同事,豪华

You torn like tape off football helmets, chip 你喜欢撕断胶带橄榄球头盔,芯片

Four cups of crushed bricks, half cup of roses 四杯碎砖块,半杯玫瑰

Smoke a green and yellow candycane 抽了绿色和黄色candycane

Zombies still move through the college with orange teeth 植物大战僵尸还是移动橙色牙学院

Pistols still pointed at the floor, spinal crumbs 手枪还指着地板上,脊柱屑

Blood hits snow and hard, scooped up in hand fulls 血打雪硬,挖出了手充盈

Bathe in the river, the waterfall runs red 在河里洗澡,瀑布冲跑

Sasquatch, Yeti, battallion with one head 大脚野人,雪人, battallion一个头

In a lonely place, dollars, razors and marbles 在一个寂寞的地方,美元,剃须刀和大理石

We break open forearms, Earth the last hour 我们破开前臂,地球的最后一小时

Out in the tea house playing a hand of spades 在茶馆打黑桃手

Fist full of grenades, blow out the watch light 拳满手榴弹,炸毁了手表的光

Convicts rally at moon set, the last 罪犯团结在以月亮组,最后

Flow stay smoggy, old carnival wind chime 流留烟雾弥漫,老嘉年华风铃

Sideshow freaks, belly dancers and gypsies 杂耍怪胎,肚皮舞和吉卜赛人

One of the wood cutters, village Architect 一木刀具,村建筑师

Eighty-eight sandwiches, Thurmos in a lunch box 八八三明治, Thurmos在一个饭盒

In a harsh realm, during the end of butterflies 在恶劣的境界,蝴蝶结束时

Flutter diamond moths, both with dusty wings 钻石扑蛾,都与尘土飞扬的翅膀

Bodies lay soaked in a desert, throats gouged out 躺在尸体浸泡在沙漠,喉咙挖出

Tongues spit out of their heads, I had a purpose 舌头吐出他们的头,我是有目的的

Will you still love me tomorrow? Architect 你仍然爱我的明天?建筑师

Will you still love me tomorrow? Holocaust 你仍然爱我的明天?大屠杀


[Timbo King:] [北京天宝王: ]

Royal Famous, blame us 皇家名品,责怪我们


My first whip be a Chrysler 我的第一个鞭是克莱斯勒

So when you see me you say, "Chrys' is comin" 所以,当你看到我你说, “ Chrys 被科曼”

Ice numbin ya neck, throw one of those 冰numbin领雅,抛出其中的一个

Strong notes, Indian pose, flat footed 强大的笔记,印度的姿势,措手不及

Yo my back hearts, feel like them crumbled wings 哟我的背心,觉得他们崩溃的翅膀

Bless by the Heaven kings, my crown piece seven rings 在天堂的国王,我的王冠一块七环祝福

Money to earn, money to burn 钱给赚的,钱烧

Give some, lend some, take it, fuck it 给一些,借了一些,把它,这他妈的

Be stingy off a stash if you have to 吝啬了藏匿,如果你要

Nigga, what? Flip a pack of if you have to 兄弟们,是什么?翻转,如果你有一个包

Passion, pawn the shit, ya highest bidder 激情,典当狗屎,雅价高者得

Buy from the streets, cop at wholesale price 从街头买的,警察在批发价格

Motel models, go tell five-oh 莫泰模型,去告诉五哦

Five-oh follow the black El Dorado 五哦跟随黑埃尔多拉多


[Crisis:] [危机: ]

Who got that real shit niggaz blast to, bitches shake they ass to? 谁得到了真正的狗屎的兄弟们要爆炸,母狗动摇他们的屁股?

Hit you up with the hood when we pass through 打你了引擎盖,当我们穿过

Black Knights, Royal Fam got that hot shit (yo) 黑骑士,皇家秘境拿到那个炎热的狗屎(哟)

Topless in the cockpit of my drop six 赤裸上身在我降6驾驶舱

.. in the cockpit of the drop six ..在下拉6的座舱


[Meko the Pharaoh:] [梅科老王: ]

Yeah, yo 是啊,哟

Give me beats like this I start burnin 给我拍这样的,我开始燃尽

Wack MC's, ya still learnin 怪人三菱商事的,雅尚设计学习

Just like punk cops that rotate on ya block 就像朋克警察的雅旋转阻止

Millions of people was gonna hear the North Stars shot 成千上万的人们在听到要去北星射

While the worlds rock mental, I hold presidential 虽然世界摇滚精神,我认为总统

Bare essentials, Wu-Tang credentials 最基本的,武当的凭据

Makin niggaz catch wind chills when my N.S. wind build 马金的兄弟们抓风畏寒,当我N.S.风构建

Niggaz better get real 兄弟们更好的获得真正的

Even though I stay pissy drunk, run with Kurupt 即使我留pissy醉了,跑了Kurupt

In a red mini van fed tinted, smokin on that spinach 在一个红色的小面包车喂有色,戒掉对菠菜

All funny niggaz get planted 所有有趣的兄弟们得到种植

I got that Long Beach shit like J. Bennett 我得到的长滩狗屎一样贝内特

The rest of y'all niggaz sound like women 你们的兄弟们的其余部分听起来像女人

Scared of my sword when it's given 吓的我的剑它给当

Y'all niggaz better stop pretendin 你们都的兄弟们最好停止pretendin

Cuz the words like I'll speak, we'll keep 'em printed 的Cuz的话就像我会说,我们会陪他们印制

Kill or be killed is what I'm representin 杀或被杀就是我representin

.. representin .. representin


[Cilvaringz:] [ Cilvaringz : ]

Yo, yo, check it, yo 哟,哟,检查它哟

As 7 clouds form the storm, 由于7云形成的风暴,

I baffle Gabriel the archangel with death, death to í挡板百利天使长死亡,死亡

his first born, Earth mourns Wu Killa Beez on the swarm 他的第一个出生的,地球哀悼吴Killa的Beez的群

From the battleship throw darts that be acrid 从被刺鼻的战舰扔飞镖

We ninjas, we backflip with tactics of antrax 我们忍者,我们后空翻与antrax战术

Arise like the novice from earth under canvas 出现就像从地底下帆布新手

Of the Clan, fist to fist, kamikaze shock this 氏族,拳头拳头,神风冲击这

Like Nazi documents Apache Helicopters strike down 就像纳粹文件阿帕奇直升机打掉

near the bunker of the Glocksmiths 附近的Glocksmiths的沙坑

Shop the Dirty Weaponry, Tecs from the 70's 从70年代车间肮脏兵刃,肾小管上皮

Gone With the Wind, I slung mines within 随风而逝,我挂着矿井内

My men tackle dikes with the 7 deadly dicks 我的人解决堤防与7致命迪克斯

Neglect my covenant, my government enslaves you to my 忽视我的约,我的政府奴役你我

Hall o Double Justice and bloodstains your judgement 霍尔Ø双正义和血迹你的判断

so prepare to be slain by the truth 所以准备用真理被杀

It's Blood for Blood When All Hell Breaks Loose son 这是血债血偿当地狱破散的儿子


Wu-Tang Killa Beez from Shaolin Europe 武当Killa的Beez来自欧洲少林

Black Knights, Royal Fam 黑骑士,皇家秘境

It's Cilvaringz, on 这是Cilvaringz ,上

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