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What About Us



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Chorus 2x] [合唱2倍]

(What about us?) What about my niggaz still out on the street? (怎么样我们吗? )那我的兄弟们仍然在街上?

(What about us?) What about my partners doin' time? (怎么样我们吗? )那我的合作伙伴上来的时候?

(What about us?) What about this arresting from the police? (关于我们的什么? )这个怎么样从警方逮捕?

(What about us?) What about my young thugs cry? (怎么样我们吗? )那我年轻的暴徒哭?


[Layzie] [ Layzie ]

Its for my, incarcerated niggaz 它为我,嵌顿的兄弟们

That stuck in the pin they coming home 该卡在他们回家的销

Gotta stay strong cause you aint alone 总得留强,因为你孤独是不是

Remember you always got love from home 记住,你永远有爱之家

They steal this pain and may not know it 他们窃取这种疼痛和可能不知道

I'm a boy and I gotta show it 我是一个男孩,我得表现出来

I hear them cries from the babies 我听到他们的婴儿哭声

I wish they had a chance don't wanna blow it 我希望他们有机会不想搞砸了

But unemployed for all the little girls and boys 但是,失业所有的小女孩和男孩

You got'sa, love your mom and daddy 您gotsa ,爱你的妈妈和爸爸

And make them wonder why you give them ploys 并让他们知道为什么你给他们的伎俩

Oh boy, its getting deep but more expensive then ever cheap 哦,孩子,它越来越深,但更昂贵越看越便宜

But what about that little nigga running the streets 但对于那个小黑鬼满街跑

Making a living through his beats 通过他的节拍谋生

What about these whack ass politicians 那么这些失衡的屁股政客

They don't care if we live or die 他们不关心我们的死活

What about that elderly barely breathing, gotta survive on SSI 那怎么办老人几乎没有呼吸了,总得对SSI的生存

They say America, it's the land of the free and home of the brave 他们说美国,它是免费的勇者的土地和家庭

Its mass hysteria, so bring your knees and hope we can fight 它的群众性的歇斯底里,所以把你的膝盖,希望我们可以打

And if bury us, at least we can live as we believe 如果埋葬我们,我们至少可以住,因为我们相信

Dog aint ever gonna break our pride 狗AINT不断要打破我们的骄傲

Aint nothing you can do to keep us weak 是不是没有什么可以做,以保持我们弱

And all of my soldiers come together 和我所有的士兵走到了一起

Get on your feet and get ready to bust 让你的脚,准备胸围

What about this war against terrorism (fuck that) 那么反恐战争(他妈的)

And what about this war against us 和什么有关反对我们这场战争


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Wish] [愿望]

What about them thugs that's dead and gone 有什么关于他们的打手那是死了

What about them thugs that aint even grown 那么他们的打手,甚至AINT成长

What about them thugs that out here lost 那么他们是暴徒在这里失去了

And aint ever gonna find their way home 和以往AINT会找到回家的路

Suspicion got you furious, so grab your shit and listen up 猜疑把你气坏了,因此,抓住你的屎,并听取了

Its violence and violence, it's the only way their gonna respect us 它的暴力和暴力,这是他们会尊重我们的唯一途径

If its this system, in the ghetto back far to one place one time 如果它的这个系统,在贫民窟回远在一个地方一次

Know we gone, how they sleep at night if they know they be lying 知道我们走了,他们在晚上睡觉如何,如果他们知道他们在说谎

This shit we deal wit', we young black and fit less 这一切,我们处理的智慧 ,我们年轻的黑人,适合少

Living in the ghetto to ghetto and ghetto 生活在贫民窟到贫民区和少数民族居住区

to ghetto cause ghetto is all we know 到贫民窟贫民窟的原因是,我们都知道

They beat us down for dumb shit, they lock us up for dumb shit 他们击败了我们下来哑狗屎,他们锁定了我们的愚蠢的狗屎

Find out that I'm innocent and still gotta fight for money they owe me 发现,我是无辜的,并仍得拼钱,他们欠我的

And they wonder why we riot in the damn streets 他们想知道我们为什么骚乱该死的街道

They can't hold us down we getting all that money 他们不能容纳我们失望,我们让所有的钱

And watch what I tell ya, everybody wants some 看着我告诉你,每个人都希望有

how they get it they don't care 他们是如何得到它,他们不关心

Try to kick it when you spittin' real smooth 试着踢它的时候,你吐口水实光滑

But they listening in my business trying to fuck up my move 但是,他们在听了我的企业想他妈的我的举动


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Bizzy] [ Bizzy ]

Dead niggaz I've been to war 死了的兄弟们我去过的战争

Been tall with shit I seen it all 已经有高大的狗屎我看到了这一切

Like soap operas from ghetto stars 就像从贫民窟明星肥皂剧

I can tell when rappers getting bored, really 我可以告诉大家,当说唱歌手感到厌烦,真的

Sometimes she a bitch sometimes my lady 有时她是婊子,有时我的女人

And times when niggaz die she help like I was a baby 和时间时死去的兄弟们帮她就像我还是个婴儿

The simplest things in life were always the best 生活中最简单的事情永远是最好的

Breathing you ass back inhaling when chronic in your chest 呼吸你屁股后面吸气时在你的胸部慢性

Hey somebody call my momma and help me one more time 嘿,有人打电话给我妈妈,帮我一次

Before I die my momma she carry me no comma 在我死之前我的妈妈,她带着我没有逗号

Niggaz bitches and drama 母狗的兄弟们和戏剧

I recollect walking and stoppin' 我记得边走边阻止这一切

Cops not even checking on me, juvenile delinquent 警察甚至没有检查我,不良少年

And baby y'all be respecting me 宝贝,你们是我的尊重

The B.O. it taking me in 该B.O.它带着我在

Whether we saving fuck the last thing we did 无论我们节省他妈的,我们做的最后一件事

And let the cops see all the shit that I did 让警察看到的一切,我做了狗屎

Like spittin' on them foxies skied up 像他们吐口水 foxies滑雪了

In the palm of my dick 在我的鸡巴的手掌

This is the life that I love 这是我所爱的生活

This is the life that I live 这是我过的生活

And it's a life full of lust nigga 这是一个对生活充满欲望的黑鬼


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Krayzie] [ Krayzie ]

My partner called me after court 庭后,我的伙伴叫我

They said they got 25 to life just for slingin' some dope 他们说,他们得到了25生命只是slingin “有些涂料

They making some cheese just to feed their folks 他们做一些奶酪只是为了养活自己的人

And they like somebody won't go home 他们喜欢有人不回家

Its sad cause its sadder for us to get caught up by the po-po fo sho' 它伤心的原因更悲哀让我们陷入了PO -PO FO翔

And what about our boys and young girls 至于我们的少男少女

In their wicked young world 在他们的恶行年轻的世界

Coming to school wit' heaters bustin' their teachers 来到学校的智慧“的加热器认真过自己的老师

Whatever happened to family and humanity we posses 无论发生在家庭和人性,我们posses

What about our babies, that struggling in this mess, don't strees 那么我们的孩子,那挣扎在这个烂摊子,不要期应激

Crooked coppers scaring the niggaz off in the hood 歪铜币在引擎盖吓唬过的兄弟们

What about them niggaz that get blown off this block if they good 兄弟们怎么样他们得到吹走这个区块,如果他们好

See most of the niggaz still on the street 看到大多数的兄弟们仍然在大街上

Still struggling and hustlin' trying to get something eat 还在挣扎和hustlin 试图拿东西吃

Some of them resting in piece and some will never get free 他们中的一些搁在一块,有的将永远不会得到自由

Bone Thug gotta show love, keep it real and really real 骨暴徒得秀爱,保持真实和真正的实

And let 'em know about us 并让他们知道关于我们


[Chorus 2x] [合唱2倍]


What about us? [Repeat till end] 我们怎么办? [重复,直到结束]

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