歌词 "The Yes And The Y'all" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

The Yes And The Y'all



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Aesop Rock - acapella] [伊索岩 - 阿卡贝拉]

Jiggy-jabberjaw vitamin idol and primal rages Jiggy运行, jabberjaw维生素偶像和原始肆虐

When bible page verse tidal waves has begun (Water one) 当圣经经文页浪潮已经开始(一水)

I wrote the book that shook America to splinters 我写这本书,震撼美国到稀里哗啦

In a winter wasteland 在一个冬天的荒原

Icicle-bound barren township 冰柱结合贫瘠乡镇

Call barren moon childs and proud gimps to clinch this chemical war pig 呼叫贫瘠月亮的小孩和自豪GIMPS再胜这种化学战猪

Delinquent sinkin like a paper tugboat 拖欠沉没像纸拖轮

Well beneath your holiday 好了下你的假期

Beached on a red tide infested shore corroding eastern seaboard beauty 搁浅在赤潮出没的海岸侵蚀东海岸之美

I'm a jigsaw slab, but all the pig saw was dirt bag 我是一个拼图板,但所有的猪看到的是泥土袋

It's like a bleeding comet bombing on your sequels 这就像在你的续集出血彗星轰炸

To the riverside park tunnel people claim last lifeform standing 到河滨公园隧道人声称过去生命形式站立

Carbon based pardons ain't enough 基于碳的赦免是不够的

My stilts truly personify the serbonite flea circus 我的高跷真正人格化的serbonite跳蚤马戏团

We urchins merkin on daily 我们海胆梅尔金在日

I catapult brain opera past basic í弹射脑歌剧基本过去

Tear my own face off in the finale, stick around it's ill 撕我自己的脸掉了结局,坚持围绕它的病

Diabolic Prodigal Son spill grimmace 恶魔浪子溢出grimmace

If you had one more eye, you'd be a Cyclops 如果你有一个以上的眼睛,你会成为一个独眼巨人

Which explains missing the premise 这也解释了失踪的前提

Bliss mimic, baptise, chastise, laugh die 极乐模仿,洗礼,责打,笑死

Kiss the finish, piss the villagers the fuck off 吻结束,小便的村民他妈的关闭

Pete Piper picked peppers, and Run rocked rhymes 皮特派采摘辣椒,和润震撼童谣

Aes Rock might've smoked one too many dimes in his time AES岩可能已经到了的时候抽太多了角钱

Now where you gonna be when the sun falls, brother 现在,当太阳落下,兄弟,你会是

Probably gathering your sheep with all these other mothafuckers 可能收集你的羊与所有这些其他mothafuckers

Struck twice in the same place by a moody Zues fishliner 由穆迪Zues fishliner在同一个地方打两次

Smackin the third clear out the park Smackin第三清除公园

Going gone (To infinity and beyond!) 外出时走(到无穷及超越! )

I rocked for a flock of Chewbacca look-alikes in magic makers í摇动的楚巴卡外观相似的魔法制造商羊群

Hermit crabs and New York city sewer aligators 寄居蟹和纽约下水道aligators

Keep your homily dream out your homily 保持你的讲道梦想你的讲道

I deal with tangible goods 我处理有形商品

And avoid manufacturing food for landfills 并避免了垃圾填埋场的食品制造

I've seen friends bow to needles 我见过的朋友低头针

I've seen needles bow to records 我见过针低头记录

I've seen boughs break 我见过的树枝断裂

I've seen God bow and make the clouds shake 我见过的神弓,使云摇

I've seen the proud break 我见过的骄傲突破

I've seen alot for a blind soldier 我已经看到了很多的盲人士兵

Who tattooed the city scape up skin to blend in 谁刺的城市景观肌肤,融入

Rats travel by night invite the waterbugs 大鼠乘坐晚上邀请waterbugs

I'm here to pull the three-prong 我在这里拉三管齐下

When it's prime directive wormhole of self-sacrifice 当它的自我牺牲黄金指令虫洞

Had a hatchet slice for camps 有斧头片营地

For that God-awful Frankenstein 对于神可怕的怪人

Starving your style to someday be a story in my [?] 饿死你的风格有一天在我的故事[?]

Life's hard, life's easy 生活的艰苦,生活的方便

Life's everyting in between 生活中的everyting之间

Life's Peachy like James and the Giant 生活中的桃色像詹姆斯和巨

And I keep spittin as long as these kittens buy it 我一直吐口水,只要这些小猫买

And I keep casting my line as long as these officials bite it 我让我的浇注线,只要这些官员咬它

And I like it (Don't try it like that) 我喜欢它(不要尝试这样的)

[Movie sample] [电影样品]

"Yes the bough is low “是的树枝低

That's the way it goes though.... 这是不言而喻的,虽然这样....

Maybe I should just give up or stop trying 也许我应该干脆放弃或停止努力

But life is so uncertain, so short 但生活是如此不确定,如此短暂

I've got to keep on searching 我得继续搜索

And wherever it takes me, I've got to go" 无论在哪里,需要我,我得走了“

[Aesop Rock] [伊索岩]

Ban away temper tantrum, decrept anthem 班程发脾气, decrept国歌

Set a low go, I arrived late 设置一个低的去,我来晚了

I'm here to scrape a car clean to the funk machine 我在这里凑一辆车的清洁,放克机

Imposes on the underling amalgam cluster and identifies the mother 规定下属齐集群上,并确定母亲

(You got heart) (你有心脏)

I hate to tell you but it skips more than it palpitates 我不想告诉你,但会跳过比它急速地跳动

Like these here drunken little archers missed one of they calculate 像这些人,醉酒的小弓手错过了一个他们计算

The falcon hates the mockingbird 猎鹰讨厌模仿鸟

The farmer hates the drought 农夫恨干旱

I hate em all, I kick the bottom brick out shouting "Yes y'all" 我恨他们所有,我踢底部的砖出来大喊“是你们”

And blow the village out perspective (Aesop!) 和吹塑村里出的角度(伊索! )

Do you take this makeshift-Candy Land-cold classic-bastard style 你是不是把这个临时搭建的,糖果乐园冷古典风格的混蛋

To be your lawfully wedded head trip 为了您的合法结婚头行程

Doing base throughout sickness, health, electrical storm 在整个疾病,健康,电风暴做基础

Fire, pain, rain, hail, wind, ice, sleet, snow? (Hell no!) 消防,疼痛,雨,冰雹,风,冰,雨夹雪,雪? (该死! )

I'm balanced, personified phantom to the bone 我是平衡的,人格化的幽灵与骨

Walkin like a Jabberwocky 走着像Jabberwocky

Scalpin a pair of one-way tickets to shadowboxing Scalpin一对单程票太极拳

Christmas with a shallow stocking 圣诞节浅袜

Like this (I'm just trying to milk the mileage) 像这样的(我只是想对牛奶的里程数)

You drop science like Don Herbert with liquor in him 你把科学像唐·赫伯特用白酒在他

Soundin off like senior citizens sitting at bingo parlor bickering Soundin过像老人坐在宾果游戏厅的争吵

Yeah it's kinda funny, isn't it 是啊是有点滑稽,是不是

How I can build while you just sit there and bitch about your syllabus 我怎样才能建立,而你只是坐在那里挨骂的你教学大纲

[Chorus 4x] [合唱4倍]

Dwarfed by the lights, bewildered by the fanbase 由灯相形见绌,由球迷成分迷惑

Bound by an idea, skeptical of the handshakes 由一个想法,持怀疑态度的握手的束缚

Skeptical of the handshakes [repeat to fade] 持怀疑态度的握手[重复褪色]

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