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The Anthem



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Chorus 1:] [合唱1 : ]

My Style is the craziest 我的风格是最疯狂

Hilltop 显达

That style is the craziest 这种风格是最疯狂

Suffa you know your rhymes amaze me just Suffa你知道你的童谣给我带来惊喜只是

Get on the mic 获取的麦克风

Let's show em' who'se craziest 让我们来展示他们的人whose疯狂


[Verse 1: Suffa] [诗歌1 : Suffa ]

This be the Suffa MC enhancing the track 这算是Suffa管委会加强轨道

I treat the mic like a show girl, romancing her lap 我把喜欢表演的女孩麦克风,浪漫她的腿上

So when it's time for tips don't forget my rhyming tricks 所以,当它的时间的提示,不要忘记我的押韵技巧

So live it's on the starlist cause I got the vinyl licks 所以住它的starlist因为我得到了乙烯舔

Ya spine'll rip open and I'll make your mind eclips 雅spinell撕开,我会让你的头脑ECLIPS

Independant, giving major labels minor fits 独立的,给各大唱片公司适合未成年人

I'mma rip, polyflip and give MC's them seizures 我就要撕裂, polyflip并给三菱商事的他们发作

Your rapping like the Dala in Indonesia, I see ya 你的说唱像达拉在印尼,我看到亚

And it's your fate I see, it's like a two dollar hooker with HIV 而且这是你的命运我看,它就像一个两块钱的妓女感染艾滋病毒

You wanna step and be friendly? I'll rip your style apart 你想一步,是友好的?我会撕裂你的风格外

You'll end up like Kenny from Southpark 你最终会像肯尼从南方公园

So just try to fade me, just try to fade me just, try to fade me kid 所以只是尽量淡化我,只是尽力刚刚褪去了我,试图淡化了我的孩子

We're the craziest, I've seen uppers and I was like "shit he sucked" 我们是最疯狂的,我见过的鞋面,我很喜欢:“狗屎,他吸”

Bring the stress to ya chest like a hooker getting titty fucked 把应力雅胸部像个妓女得到奶性交

This kid errupts from the hills, I guess he got skills so 这从山上的孩子errupts ,我猜他得到的技能,

MC's are getting treated like a dyke with a dildo 三菱商事的越来越像对待一个假阳具堤坝

It feels so, good you'll moan like Tabatha Cash 这感觉,好你喜欢的呻吟现金Tabatha

As Nick scratch this vinal like the record had a rash 尼克刮开这个vinal像记录了皮疹

Like cash I'm errupting, styles have you suffering 如现金,我errupting ,风格有你的痛苦

The air that you suck has your lungs rupturing 你吸的空气有你的肺破裂

Suffa bring invincability, ya cant hurt me jerk Suffa带来invincability ,雅不能伤害我的混蛋

Just pass a cold one cause it seems thirsty work 只需通过一个寒冷的原因之一似乎口渴工作

It's like 这就像


[Chorus 2:] [合唱2 : ]

My Style is the craziest 我的风格是最疯狂

Hilltop 显达

That style is the craziest 这种风格是最疯狂

Pressure you know your rhymes amaze me just 压力你知道你的童谣给我带来惊喜只是

Get on the mic 获取的麦克风

Let's show em' who'se craziest 让我们来展示他们的人whose疯狂


[Verse 2: Pressure] [诗歌2 :压力]

Now this be the capital pressure, from Hilltop these MC's flex 现在,这是资金压力,从这些显达三菱商事的柔性

Deeper then the bonet proof next to the MC says 更深层次的则博内特证明旁的MC说:

The Hoods release text 吸油烟机发布的文字

I bet that you'll release threats for the next to sweat 我敢打赌,你会释放威胁的汗水下一个

Now please let ya mind follow me like a preist to his panthem 现在,请让雅心跟着我就像一个preist他panthem

The anthem if they left standing then I hand them 如果他们罚站话,我交给他们的国歌

The tool of my trade reflects the trade of my tool 我的贸易工具,反映了我的工具的交易

I cool in the shade now suffa take em' to school 我酷在树荫下,现在suffa需要他们的人到学校

But it's cool, MC's are made to be broken like rules 但它的凉爽,三菱商事的是由类似的规则被打破

I take my chance and either walk away a king or a fool 我把我的机会,要么走开国王或傻瓜

The waters deep my friend, you cant wait your turn so 水很深我的朋友,你不能等待轮到你让

They choose to burn boats then Turncoat like Cherral Kerno 他们选择烧船,然后叛徒一样Cherral Kerno

They'll learn though, as time takes it's course my rhyme breaks the force 他们会学到不过,随着时间的花费是当然,我的韵打破了力

Of ya spine to make ya toss, so convulsive, so repulsive until your mind is numb 脊柱雅,使亚折腾,所以痉挛,所以可厌,直到你的心是麻木

Now just stop your encroaching by, your time has come 现在只要你停止侵占了,你的时代已经到来

Now I'm the one, but to tango it takes two 现在,我是一个,但探戈需要两个人

Cos MC's be talkin' hard times but to me it's easy COS三菱商事在说话“困难时期,但对我来说很容易

I ran through life's lessons, tript on, survived destines 我跑过生活中的经验教训, tript上,注定存活

To shoot my fate, could ecumulate my mic lessons 拍我的命运,可能ecumulate我的麦克风教训

But I didn't 但是我没有

I made what I got from just spittin and persistance 我做了什么,我从刚吐口水和持久性得到了

I got to nurse a baby, whats the differnce 我得孩子喂奶, whats的differnce

A little patience and let time be, we go through situations 一点点耐心,让时间成为我们经历的情况

Lessons full of life's vibrations 课充满了生命的震动


[Chorus 3:] [合唱3 : ]

My Style is the craziest 我的风格是最疯狂

Hilltop 显达

That style is the craziest 这种风格是最疯狂

Next you know you cunts amaze me just 接下来你知道你cunts给我带来惊喜只是

Get on the next 得到下一个

Show em' who'se craziest 显示时间 whose疯狂

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