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Tears Of A Killa



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Verse 1: W.C.] [诗歌1 : W.C. ]

Our Father, Who Art in Heaven, Hallowed Be Thy Name 我们的父亲,在天上的,神圣被你的名字

I bow to you with a heart full of pain 我低头给你一个充满痛苦的心脏

Tear stains, Khaki suited and off the chain 泪痕,卡其色适合落链

Eyes jaded, straight exhausted from the gist-name 眼睛疲惫,直接从要点名累死

I play it calm but the truth is; 我玩的是平静,但事实是;

I'm losing my mind, and hoping you can help me through this 我失去了我的心,希望你能帮助我通过这个

All these snitches, punk tricks, Cheddar twisting 所有这些告密者,朋克技巧,切达扭曲

Phony-ass niggaz in this Record Business 假屁股的兄弟们在这条商业

Hold down, now let me take my handkerchief and tie it around me 按住,现在让我把我的手帕,领带是我身边

Lake it or pancake it, then slide on my bounties 湖,或煎饼,然后滑到我的悬赏

Ride on, grind on, say a prayer with my strap 骑,碾上,说我带祈祷

Hit the street and get mines on 打到街上,被车子上的地雷

Bring new heat, swing through streets; I want it but can't stop 带来新的热量,通过街道摆动;我想,但却无法阻止

Chopping and moving this D, I'm in too deep 搓背和移动这个D,我陷得太深

Ándele Ándele, rips and dime moves, build with a nigga Ándele Ándele ,切片和一毛钱的动作,建立了一个黑人

Feel the tears of a killer 感受一个杀手的眼泪


[Chorus: Butch Cassidy] [合唱:虎豹小霸王]

I got the blues, how shall I be loose? 我得到了蓝调,我怎么会松动?

Which row to choose, something confuse 哪一行选择,迷惑的东西

La la la la la la la 啦啦啦啦啦

(Tears of a Killer, my life, the tears of a Killer) (杀手的眼泪,我的生活,杀手的眼泪)

Can't go away, with no delay 不能走,无延迟

Back in the day, my mind was made just astray 早在一天,我下定了刚刚引入歧途

La la la la la la la 啦啦啦啦啦

(Tears of a Killer, my pain, the tears of a Killer) (杀手的眼泪,我的痛苦,杀手的眼泪)


[Verse 2: W.C.] [诗2: W.C. ]

Dear Mr. President, Chief of Police, the DA Firm 尊敬的主席先生,警察局长时,DA公司

The Judge of the Commonwealth, this concerns 联合体这涉及法官,

I'm from the Bandanna Empire 我从Bandanna建造帝国是

Just one of the many of young riders caught at the crossfire 的许多年轻车手陷入在交火中只有一个

A product of my environment, rip riders and bloods 我的环境的产物,撕裂车手和血液

But to your perceive, that's a thug 但你认为,这是一个暴徒

But in all actuality, we're two of the same kind 但在所有的现状,我们两个同类型的

Cause your war ain't no different that mines 因为你的战争不是没有不同的地雷

We're both wave a flag signs 我们俩都挥动国旗标志

Nigga that what's the difference, we do drive-bys, you do fly-bys 黑人说有什么区别,我们也开车,停车处,你就掠过声

Ring the alarm, show me the info's of One Time Swarmy 敲响了警钟,告诉我信息的的一次性Swarmy

Cause like Ali said Fuck your Army! 原因就像阿里说他妈的你的军队!

I'd rather slang Fuck All Y'all 我宁愿俚语他妈的你们都所有

Cause the President ain't never took a trip to my hood 会主席是不是从来没有一趟我的引擎盖

And around here, we've been at war for years 而在这里,我们已经在战争年

Feel the tears! 感觉泪水!


[Chorus: Butch Cassidy] [合唱:虎豹小霸王]


[Interlude: W.C.] [插曲: W.C. ]

You know what I'm saying? 你知道我在说什么?

It ain't nothing but my pain, it ain't nothing but my pain 它不是什么,但我的痛苦,这不是什么,但我的痛苦

My struggle, your struggle, tears - of a killer! 我的挣扎,你奋斗,眼泪 - 一个杀手!


[Verse 3: W.C.] [第3节: W.C. ]

Uhh! now this is for them niggaz from around the way 呃!现在这是他们的兄弟们从身边的方式

Cooking work up and getting it, my holster affiliates 烹饪工作,并得到它,我的皮套子公司

Little homies, big homies, kins 小兄弟们,兄弟们大,金穗卡

That meet my niggaz find lives in them level four penitentiaries 这满足了我的兄弟们发现生活在其中四级监狱

Trust me dog, though my poster is on the wall 相信我的狗,虽然我的海报挂在墙上

I ain't forgot, I still got love for y'all 我是不是忘了,我还有爱你们

Though haters wanna adjust me, cause my wrist is crispy 虽然仇敌想调整我,使我的手腕是脆

Please believe it, these cameras don't mean shit to me 请相信,这些摄像机并不意味着狗屎给我

Side by side, we're all used the same blights 肩并肩,我们都使用了相同的天灾

Came up together from the same bytes 走到一起从同一个字节

Riding on the back of the Ice Cream trucks and gold cars 乘着冰淇淋卡车和金车的后面

Then when the money came in, done fucked over the whole cards 然后,当钱进来,做性交了整个卡

Now, it's every nigga for his self, cut throats 现在,它的每一个黑人,他的自我,切喉

Damn! Loc, where did the love go? 该死的! LOC ,哪里的爱去了?

On behalf of the Gs rested in peace, I had to speak on it 代GS在和平休息,我不得不说就可以了

Together we're the shit, don't sleep on it 在一起,我们就是狗屎,不就可以睡


[Chorus: Butch Cassidy] [合唱:虎豹小霸王]

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