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Some days I feel I'm standing on the end of a ledge 有些日子,我觉得我站在窗台结束

Cos these pressures in the world are pushing me to my edge (yeah) COS在世界上这方面的压力都推着我到我的缘(耶)

Some days I wish I had no family or friends 有些日子,我希望我有没有家人或朋友

Cos when they die or get hurt my world just feels like it ends 因为当他们死亡或受到伤害了我的世界只是感觉它结束


AND some days I feel like I'm not your average girl 还有一些日子里,我觉得我不是你的平均女孩

Cos while your trying to change your life I'm here trying to change the world COS ,而你想改变你的生活,我在这里试图改变世界

MAN, some days I feel my friends want Chanelle to fail 城域网,有些日子里,我觉得我的朋友想Chanelle失败

Slip off the rails, get misled loose my head till I derail 滑落的轨道,得到误导松我的头,直到我出轨


OH, some days I hate life get straight scared like stage fright 呵呵,有些日子我讨厌的生活得到直吓得像怯场

I witness evil sites this worlds gone mad and it don't seem right í见证邪恶的网站这个世界疯了,好像它的权利不

BUT, some days I think well hating life was just a phase 但是,有些日子我觉得好讨厌的生活只是一个阶段

Because I've made it thru the storm my lives at another stage now 因为我现在已经使它直通风暴我的生命在另一个阶段


Some days, some friends, sometimes will act weird 有些日子,一些朋友,有时会采取行动怪异

Because I'm now busy they think Shy don't care 因为我现在很忙,他们觉得害羞不在乎

No way-- hoesay-- some day's-- I'm just tied up 没有方式 - hoesay--一些days--我只是绑起来

So, please understand I haven't given up on you 所以,请理解我还没有放弃你


[CHORUS] [合唱]


Oooh child, things are gona get easier 哦孩子,事情戈纳变得更容易

Oooh child things will get brighter, (things are getting brighter) 哦子事情会变得更加明亮, (事情越来越亮)

Oooh child, things are gona get easier 哦孩子,事情戈纳变得更容易

Oooh child things will get brighter, (things are getting brighter) 哦子事情会变得更加明亮, (事情越来越亮)


[VERSE TWO] [诗两]


It takes a man to raise his baby not to make it then to flea 这需要一个人来提高自己的宝宝不要让它再跳蚤

So plead, don't bail out and leave you helped her to conceive 所以恳求,不要摆脱困境,让你帮她受孕

Stick around for your youts, try to do the best you can 坚持围绕你的youts ,尽力做到最好就可以

Take a stand life is real now ah days be man 采取的立场的生命是真实的,现在啊天是男人


And ladies, don't let him put you down your worthy of a throne 和女士们,不要让他把你放下你值得宝座

Let it be known your worth more than diamonds, platinum and gold 让人们知道你的价值超过钻石,铂金

So, when you select your man, make sure that you respect your man 所以,当你选择你的男人,请确保你尊重你的男人

And vise verse over wise, you need to stop and check your man 和老虎钳节过明智的,你需要停下来检查你的男人


Men respect your women like you do your mothers 男人尊重你的女人喜欢你做你的妈妈

Never hit her, treat her like a queen, and show her that you love 永远不要打她,对待她像一个女王,并显示了她,你爱

My heart goes out to the feens, trying to stay clean 我的心脏出去的feens ,尽量保持干净

Keep your head, keep on striving, you will succeed 保持你的头,继续奋斗,你就会成功


And when you feel, you've got those days, where you just can't make it through 当你觉得,你已经有了那些日子里,在那里你不能让它通过

Stop and think, someone in this world is worst of that you 停下来思考,有人在这个世界上最糟糕的是,你

So, please appreciate these little things in life 所以,请欣赏生活中这些小事

Look, a weed is no more than a red rose in disguise 你看,杂草不超过一朵红玫瑰的化身


[CHORUS] [合唱]

[Repeat] [重复]




In this world, death is certain but guess what life is not 在这个世界上,死是肯定的,但觉得生命是不

So seen as though life is short, I just works with what I got 见过这样好像生命是短暂的,我只是工作与我得到了什么

Any time I get is luck, I thank god for my live given 任何时候,我得到的是运气,我感谢上帝让我的生命给

He's blessed me with power, behind my words, which it's written 他赐予了我力量,我身后的话,它是写


And music is said to be the speech of all angels 和音乐,据说是所有天使之声

And it's the only thing that brings me peace when my world fails 而且这是在我的世界无法带给我平安的唯一

And since my cousin died, I've appreciated life 而且因为我的表哥去世了,我感激生活

So every morning as I rise, I give thanks to my high 所以每天早晨我起来,我感谢我的高


Daddy you're my hero hun I love you so 爸爸你是我的英雄魂我如此爱你

And Mummy its so deep that I'm in love with your soul 和妈咪的如此之深,我爱你的灵魂

Out to my sisters and my bro's I'd put my life upon the line 写给我的姐妹和我的兄弟的我把我的生命经行

For Lav, Jah, Shan and Dijon anytime 对于拉芙扎哈,山和随时第戎


And too my family and true friends, that's been there from the start 太我的家人和真正的朋友,这是在那里从一开始

Maximum, love goes to ya straight from my heart 最大的爱去雅直接从我的心脏

Remember, if you stand still life will pass you by 记住,如果你站着不动的生活会擦肩而过,

So take everyday as it comes and reach for the sky 因此,需要每天为它来得快,能飞上蓝天


[CHORUS] [合唱]

[repeat] [重复]

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