歌词 "Ryde Or Die" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

Ryde Or Die



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Sheek] [ Sheek ]

Yo if gon' sleep on somethin, might as well be a bed 哟,如果坤睡事端,很可能会成为一张床

And if you gon' crack a nigga, might as well be a head 如果你坤破解了一个黑人,很可能会成为头

Cause if you targettin the L.O.X. You might as as well target a box 如果你targettin的L.O.X.引起你可能也瞄准一箱

That you gon' sleep in for years, all covered wit rocks 你会去睡觉了多年,全部覆盖的岩石机智

Cause I think not, I pop shots, I double what y'all got 因为我觉得不是,我突然出手,我双你们什么了

Ya hotshots aint got blocks, ?llabuta? muchacha 雅能人是不是得了块, ? llabuta ? muchacha

From the days in school, now a motherfucker rule 从在学校的日子,现在娘规则

And I could drop my chain in court, yeah, keeps ya cool 我可以将我的链在法庭上,是啊,保持冷静雅

That's how ice be, I'm priceless, the iciest 这就是冰是,我是无价的iciest

And I dont gotta wear fatigues to blow out your chest 我不得穿迷彩服吹熄你的胸部

My bullets thump when I'm laced in some fly shit, punk 我的子弹扑通当我在股价有苍蝇屎,朋克

The baby nine be on the daily, aint no poppin a trunk 宝宝9是在日常,是不是没有屁股干线

But if I pop the trunk, its to hand you a rag 但是,如果我求婚的树干,它交给你的抹布

So you can wipe down the windows on the side of my Jag 所以,你可以擦下窗户对我捷豹的一面

Must I brag? My shit paid for, yours tagged 我要吹牛?支付我的屎,你的标签

And every bitch you grabbed, 和每一个婊子你抓起,

Sheek bend em back Sheek弯曲他们回来


[Jadakiss] [贾达基斯]

Ayo I hope you aint tongue-kissin your spouse 亚青,我希望你是不是舌头亲吻你的爱人

Cause I be fuckin her in the mouth 因为我可以他妈的她的嘴

Type of nigga buck at your house 黑人降压在你的房子的类型

Too slick, means she be suckin my dick 太光滑,意味着她要来吸我的鸡巴

And before you know it, I'ma have her stuffin my bricks 你知道它之前,我是一个有她我兮兮砖

Jada, if I kiss you now, you'll die later 杰达,如果我现在吻你,你以后会死

I been nice since niggaz was watchin movies on Beta 我一直很好,因为兄弟们是在测试版在看着电影

Ready to clap, everybody givin me gats 准备鼓掌,大家得到安宁我GATS

Cause believe it or not, we be the ones settin the traps 因为无论你相信与否,我们是那些设置搜索陷阱

You listen to y'all shit, then listen to our shit 你听你们妈的,后来听我们的狗屎

Ain't nuttin y'all faggots could do but gossip 是不是你们都尼坦柴可以做,但八卦

That's the reason now y'all niggaz ain't got shit 这就是现在你们的兄弟们是不是有屎的原因

Cause everytime I turn around y'all on the L.O.X. dick 因为每次我把你们都围绕在L.O.X.迪克

Niggaz thats narrow, I just smack em wit the barrel 兄弟们,这就是狭隘的,我只嫌时间机智桶

Give it to em at the light, like Kane's cousin Abel 把它给EM的光,像凯恩的表弟亚伯


[Chorus: repeat 4X] The Ruff Ryders! (What?) The Ruff Ryders [合唱:重复4倍]的拉夫Ryders ! (是什么? )的拉夫Ryders


[Styles] [样式]

Fuck you and your son, y'all low wit the scum 他妈的你和你的儿子,你们都低机智的败类

Show me the money, I'll show you a gun, motherfucker 给我钱,我会告诉你一支枪,娘

SP'll spin the corner while you prolly within SPll内旋角落里,而你prolly

I clap you, I clap him, and thats rule number one 我拍你,我拍拍他,这就是规则一

Suckin my dick, and I dont give a fuck what you spit 来吸我的家伙,我不给你吐​​一个他妈的

Who you are, where you from, and who the fuck you can get 你是,你来自哪里,和谁他妈的,你可以得到谁

Cause I sell records, plus I got a jail record 因为我卖的记录,再加上我得到了监狱记录

Y'all niggaz ain't sayin shit until y'all bare weapons 你们都的兄弟们是不是在说狗屎,直到你们都光秃秃的武器

And even when you dead, you can still fuckin get it 就算你死了,你仍然可以他妈的得到它

A nigga that'll smack ya, fuck around and clap ya 那会嫌你,他妈的四周,拍手雅黑鬼

Styles P., your favorite rapper's favorite rapper 样式体育,你最喜欢的说唱歌手的喜爱说唱歌手


[Eve] [夏娃]

Aint no surprise niggaz, only fuck wit recognized niggaz 是不是没有惊喜的兄弟们,只有他妈的机智认可的兄弟们

Babygirl want the world, gave ya pies niggaz 宝贝女孩儿想要的世界,给了雅派的兄弟们

No tops, take em in all shape and size niggaz 无上衣,把EM在所有形状和大小的兄弟们

No lie, prefer them ready do or die niggaz 没有谎言,更喜欢他们准备做或死的兄弟们

What? What you want? cutey starin at me like 什么?你想要什么? cutey盯着我,好像

"Damn, where you from?" “妈的,你来自哪里? ”

You be comin at me like "Can I get some?" 您可以科曼我喜欢“我能得到一些? ”

Lick your lips for this brown sugar 舔你的嘴唇在这一红糖

Suck mine like a thumb, if you want, til I cum, uhhh 吸矿井像拇指,如果你想,直到我暨,唔


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Drag-On] [拖开]

I be the D-R, A-G, dash O-N, slash often Comma, burnin niggasz often 我算是灾难恢复,公司,冲开,削减经常逗号,燃尽niggasz常

They call me Drag-On, I'm hot scorchin 他们叫我拖开,我好热劲爆

Keep the block roastin Light a dutch wit the flames comin, toastin 保持块roastin轻荷兰机智的火焰坠落, toastin

In my eyes you could see what summer's holdin 在我眼里,你可以看到夏天的牵着

Realizin, every guy I'll fry or dead rowdy Realizin ,每一个男人,我会炒或死粗暴

I burn to a degree of 130, and my gun dirty 我烧在一定程度上的130 ,和我的枪脏

Cause it got one bury, so you better run, hurry Or catch one early 因为它得到了一个埋葬,所以你最好跑,快点或提前赶搭

You wrong, tryin to touch me, what type of shit you on? 你错了,试着碰我,什么类型的狗屎,你在吗?

You better through your boots on and your unflammable suits on 你最好通过你的靴子和你的unflammable服

Cause I'm comin through wit a Yukon Black tinted wit gats in it 因为我通过机智育空黑色有色机智GATS科曼在这

Catch you while you smokin, send your casket, throw the sack in it 抓住你,而你戒掉,把你的首饰盒,扔麻袋在其中

But only half of it, cause y'all like half-ass dude 但是,只有它的一半,原因你们都像半个屁股的家伙

And we are one whole, and y'all niggaz is one slash two 而我们是一个整体,你们的兄弟们一个斜线2

My gun blast you, tryna out the flames, what're you, firemen? 我的枪爆你, tryna出来的火焰,你算什么,消防员?

You'll catch a hell of a Backdraft cause my fire retirin, aight then 你会赶上爆燃的地狱因为我的火retirin , aight话


[DMX] [ DMX ]

Its my, survival instinct that keeps my head above the water 其我,求生的本能,保持在水面上我的头

Everyday I show another how a lover slaughter 每天,当我展示如何相互情人屠杀

Flood your daughter, full of more holes than spurges 淹没你的女儿,充满了比大戟多个孔

Taxin businessmen for stocks over lunches 塔克新商家的库存,午餐

Wit these, I shoot the breeze, and extort 这些机智,我拍的微风,和勒索

Enough keys from the Cuban, to build a fuckin fort 从古巴足够的钥匙,建立一个他妈的堡垒

Caught up in somethin that I cant control 卷入事端,我无法控制

Tryna get a hold of a bankroll, let's role tryna得到à保留的资金,让我们的角色

Catch bodies like a cold, and I stay slick so face it 赶上身体像感冒,而我留这么光滑面对它

Make me chase it, I take your life and erase it 让我追它,我把你的生活和擦除

Wasted, in the fuckin streets cause it ain't worth shit 浪费,在他妈的街道因为它是不值得狗屎

The undertaker take your ass unbder the earth quick, 承办单位把你的屁股unbder地快,

I Love money, but the scrambles hot 我爱钱,但争热

So i snatch up my man and the gamblin spot 所以,我抢了我的男人和布林点

Twenty grand is got, when niggaz shot, one nigga less 二是大了,当兄弟们出手,一是黑人少

What used to be his chest is now a mess under his fuckin vest 现在,曾经被认为是他的胸部在他的背心他妈的乱七八糟

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