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Run 4 Cover



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[Street Life] [街头生活]

Yo yo, enta, enta, enta, enta yo 哟哟, ENTA , ENTA , ENTA , ENTA哟

It's the synical, lyrical rap individual 这是synical ,抒情说唱个人

On my death bed I spit sick flows that's critical 在我临终我吐生病了流动的关键

I'm not a fan of this, I'm a mic vandalist 我不是这方面的一个粉丝,我是一个麦克风vandalist

Thug therapist, my clan's too original 暴徒治疗师,我的家族太原始

My slang bang to wax, words that's visual 我的俚语爆炸蜡,词的视觉

Too digital for y'all common street criminals 过数字为你们共同的街头罪犯

Who wanna come test, lick the sweat from my genitals 谁想要来测试,从舔我的阴部汗

We can get off the mic and get a little physical 我们可以下车了麦克风,并得到了一点体力

I was born to rock since they cut my umbilical 我出生的摇滚,因为他们把我的脐带

Cord, I swing swords, behold the prolifical 线,我荡剑,谁知prolifical

Rhyme writer, hip-hop provider, prize fighter 韵作家,嘻哈提供商,奖品战斗机

Live wire, quick to set the mic on fire 火线,快放火烧麦克风

I speak legalized dope, hitman for hire 我讲法制化涂料,杀手出租

I quote murderous notes, dope rhyme supplier 我引用的杀气笔记,韵涂料供应商

Hang glide on the mic like a stunt driver 乘风滑翔像特技驾驶麦克风

And I won't stop rockin till I retire 我不会停止摇滚,直到我退休


[Redman] [雷德曼]

Yo yo yo 呦呦呦

When it comes to the darts, I throw em 说到飞镖,我把EM

Flamethrower, blow your section-eight home to your payphone up 喷火枪,吹你的第个主场的公用电话了

Grass smoker, in the cut for the lawnmower 草吸烟者,在切为割草机

I water, I ride the wale that ate Jonah I类水,我骑了吃约拿的纵行

Over, your faced wit the black cape over 过去,你面对机智的黑色斗篷

You woke up four gorillas wit a makeover 你醒了4只大猩猩机智改头换面

Packin a punch, asthma pump takeover 包装;一拳,哮喘泵接管

My crew boards, and the whole plane lays over 我的船员板,以及全平面奠定了

(YO YO!) You can't talk wit the tape over (溜溜! )你可以不说话机智的带过

Pass the pussy, get out, date's over 通过猫,全身而退,日期是过

Back to your gray Nova that's way slower 回到你的灰色新星这是方法要慢

Redline to five on the highway shoulder 红线五在高速公路上肩

Enemies say "Doc the one to play closer" 敌人说, “医生的人玩更接近”

This baboon loose off the chain choker 这狒狒松掉了链子项链

Hardcore, ?jacore? I hate poker 性交, ? jacore ?我恨扑克

But y'all spread when my bullet's daytona 但是你们都流传时,我的子弹的代托纳


[Chorus 8x] [合唱8X ]

Comin through, comin through duck 今儿通过,通过鸭科曼

Run for cover (BASS!) 运行的封面( BASS ! )


[Method Man] [方法人]

Yo yo this ain't ya granddaddy music, it's hip hop 哟这不是雅乐鼻祖,它的嘻哈

Comin through your woofer like a mute kit 通过你的低音就像一个哑巴套件科曼

Hundred-thousand watts on some bullshit 百千瓦特的一些废话

I blackout eclipse wit the semi bust a full clip (CLAP OUT!) í停电日食机智半胸围一个完整的剪辑(拍出来! )

Touch one if any, that's my complexing conquest 触摸一个,如果有的话,这是我配的征服

Now tell that shit to the court, I plead no contest 现在告诉那些歌向法院起诉,我恳求没有比赛

From none of y'all, please 从没有你们,请

I potty train pissy-ass rugrat for free í便盆训练pissy屁股rugrat免费

Keep the cake for the family and off Sarah Lee 保持蛋糕的家人和关李宝珠

That's how we do, powerful, movin on ya left! 这就是我们做的,功能强大,居无定所雅左!

Mista who, Meth, black gorilla, beatin on his chest 米斯塔谁,冰毒,黑色的大猩猩, beatin在他的胸口

I suggest, you pay yo' debt or Protect Ya Neck 我建议,你付出溜溜的债务或保护领雅

I suggest, you wear a vest makin all them threats 我建议,你穿个马甲出不来个个威胁

Here's a chin check that cash and splash niggas in half 这里有一个下巴检查现金和飞溅黑鬼一半

Smash rappers like hash (smoke em down to ashes) 粉碎像散说唱歌手(抽时间下来灰烬)

At last it's the crew that party crashes the masses 最后,那就是党的崩溃群众船员

Madness wildin out like special ed classes 疯狂wildin出像特别编班


[Ghostface Killah] [ Ghostface Killah的]

Straight out the gate, meet Tony 直出了大门,迎接托尼

Don of all dons, behind New York King Tut wit one arm 唐都穿上了,仅次于纽约图坦卡蒙才子一只手臂

Been at nutcrunch last cinnamon toast wit power rose 一直处于nutcrunch最后肉桂吐司机智动力购进价格上涨

Whips dirty, dustin my bitch, FUCK PAROLE! 鞭子脏,达斯汀我的母狗,他妈的假释!

Peace shout he's Wallee Timb's, wild out (wild out) 和平喊他Wallee烟草业营销委员会的野生OUT(出野)

We in the spot, guns go off though 我们在现场,枪走了,虽然

Came out his mask it was Ollie North 出来后他的面具是奥利北

Oh shit, what up what up Ghost 哦,妈,怎么了怎么了鬼

Congratulations on your new flick 在新的甩尾祝贺

Burn it dead who max the most 烧死谁最大,最

Word up you got the most Clarks 字了,你得到了最多的克拉克

Bravehearts spin this Bravehearts这个旋转

For under come down in the pale he need minutes 对下,他需要几分钟淡下来

Told y'all before I kick doors off the hinges 告诉你们之前,我踢的门关铰链

Ain't no cooler and there ain't no Guiness 是不是没有温度更低,不过是没有吉尼斯

Money like Barry Blue, Keanu Reeves wit bench slippers 钱像巴里蓝,基努·里维斯机智板凳拖鞋

Play the PGA Tour wit Jack Nicklaus 打美巡赛才子杰克·尼克劳斯

Statues of Mary, gas that bust mercury 玛丽,气雕像胸围汞

Sit through the biggest storm and hand out turkey 坐到最大的风暴,伸手火鸡


[Redman] [雷德曼]

Yeah, yeah, yeah, WHUUUA!!! 是啊,是啊,是啊, WHUUUA !

That's the way I like it 这就是我喜欢的方式


[Method Man] [方法人]


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