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Robbin Hood Theory



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[Intro features Elijah Shabazz from Muhammad Mosque No. 7] [简介特色利亚沙巴兹穆罕默德清真寺7号]

Peace Brother Elijah 和平哥利亚

Hey peace Guru, how you doin? 嘿和平大师,你怎么上来的?

I'm maintainin 我maintainin

Just been thinkin though man 刚刚在想,虽然男人

about the situation for today's youth man, the seeds man 有关今天的青年男子,该男子种子的情况

What's your opinion on that? 您如何看待这种看法?

Mmm that's strange I was thinkin the same thing 嗯,这很奇怪我是想着同样的事情

Somethin I read in the holy Qu'ran how it says 有些事我在圣古兰经怎么说

"Has thou seen him who belies religion? “你有没有见过他谁掩盖了宗教?

That is one who is rough, to the orphan." 这是一个谁是粗糙的,到了孤儿。 “

And no matter what we say our religion is 无论我们说什么我们的宗教是

whether it's Islam, Christianity 无论是伊斯兰教,基督教

Juddaism, Buddha-ism, Old School-ism or New School-ism Juddaism ,佛主义,旧派主义或新学院主义

If we're not schooling the youth WITH wisdom 如果我们不上学了青春智慧

then the sins of the father will visit the children 那么父亲的罪孽会看望孩子们

And that's not keepin it real... 而这还不是坚持着它真正的...

that's keepin it - WRONG 这就是坚持着它 - 错


[Chorus: Guru] [合唱:大师]

Now that we're gettin somewhere, you know we got to give back 现在,我们刚开的地方,你知道,我们得给回

For the youth is the future no doubt that's right and exact 对于青少年是未来毫无疑问是正确和准确的

Squeeze the juice out, of all the suckers power 挤压所有的吸盘电源汁出来,

And pour some back out, so as to water the flowers 倒有些退了出去,这样才能浇花

This world is ours, that's why the demons are leary 这个世界是我们的,这就是为什么恶魔猜疑

It's our inheritance; this is my Robbin Hood Theory... Robbin Hood Theory 这是我们的遗产;这是我的罗宾胡德理论......罗宾胡德理论


[Verse 1: Guru] [诗歌1 :大师]

I seek Sun, deceive none, for each one must teach one 我追求的太阳,没有欺骗,为每一个要教1

At least one must flow and show the structure, of freedom 至少有一个必须流,并显示自由的结构,

It's me Dunn, cause petty things we don't need 'em 这是我的邓恩,因为我们并不需要时间小东西

Let's focus to create somethin great, for all that sees them 让我们来重点打造伟大的事端,为所有看到他们

They innocent, they know not what they face 他们无辜的,他们不知道他们面临

while politicians save face genius minds lay to waste 而政客挽回颜面的天才头脑奠定浪费

If I wasn't kickin rhymes I'd be kickin down doors 如果我不是唱歌的儿歌,我会唱歌倒门

Creatin social change and defendin the poor 肌酸社会变革和defendin穷人

The God's always been militant, and ready for war 神一直是好战的,并准备战争

We're gonna snatch up the ringleaders send em home in they drawers 我们要去抢夺头目送EM的家中,他们抽屉

But first where's the safe at? Let's make em show us 但首先,哪来的安全在哪里?让我们让时间告诉我们

and tell em hurry up, give up the loot that they owe us 并告诉EM快点,就放弃他们欠我们的战利品

We bringin it back, around the way to our peeps 我们bringin回来,周围的方式来偷看我们

Cause times are way too deep, we know the Code of the Streets 因为时间实在是太深刻,我们知道街道的代码

Meet your defeat; this is my Robbin Hood Theory... my Robbin Hood Theory 满足你的失败;这是我的罗宾胡德理论......我罗宾胡德理论


[Verse 2: Guru] [诗2:宗师]

I floss my rhymes like dentals, my mental's presidential í牙线我的童谣就像dentals ,我的精神的总统

from the wild ghetto districts to the plush resedential 从野外贫民窟地区的毛绒resedential

Essential, would be the message that I send you 重要的,将是我送你的消息

I meant to, elevate at every venue 我的意思是,提高每个场馆

Pops told me to pursue what is true, and nothing other 持久性有机污染物告诉我追求的是什么是真实的,并没有什么其他的

And nowadays I pave the way for troops of my young brothers 而现在我铺平道路,我的小兄弟部队

Necessary by all means, sort of like Malcolm 有必要通过各种手段,有点像马尔科姆

Before it's too late; I create, the best outcome 在此之前,为时已晚;我创建了,最好的结局

So I take this opportunity, yes to ruin the 因此,我想借此机会,是要毁了

Devilish forces fuckin up my black community 恶魔般的力量他妈的我的黑人社区

And we ain't doin no more interviews 我们是不是干什么没有更多的面试

til we get paid out the frame, like motherfuckin Donahue 直到我们得到支付的框架,像娘多纳休

We're taking over radio, and wack media 我们正在通过无线电和媒体怪人

Cause systematically they gettin greedier and greedier 造成系统性他们刚开贪婪和贪婪

Conquering turfs with my ill organization 征服草皮与我生病的组织

Takin out the man while we scan the information 羚牛出去了,而我们扫描的信息

You wanna rhyme you best to wait son 你想韵你最好等待儿子

You can't even come near, if you ain't got our share 你甚至不能走近,假如你是不是有我们的份额

You front on us this year, consider yourself blown out of here 您对我们的面前,今年认为自己吹出来的在这里

Yeah... by my Robbin Hood Theory 是啊...我的罗宾胡德理论


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Verse 3: Guru] [第3节:大师]

God is Universal, he is the Ruler Universal 上帝是万能,他是统治者通用

For those who can't follow that spells GURU when in my circle 对于那些谁不能遵循法术时,上师在我的圈子

I see all sides of my culture... 我看到我的文化的方方面面......

Design my thoughts like a sculpture 设计我的思绪像一个雕塑

And chumps they wanna get with me cause I'm another entity 他们想chumps我得到,因为我的另一个实体

I'm sent to be, leadin the army of the century 我送去, leadin世纪的军队

Mention me, and snakes will retreat, eventually... 别说我了,蛇也退缩了,最终...

... due to my Robbin Hood Theory ......由于我的罗宾胡德理论


[Chorus] [合唱]

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