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Ra! [x7] RA ! [ X7 ]


[Chorus: x2] [合唱: X2 ]

[R:] Rugged and rough that's how I do it [注: ]崎岖这就是我要做的事

[A:] Allah who I praise to the fullest [答: ]真主谁我赞美发挥到淋漓尽致

[K:] Keep it moving, I: Stand alone [K : ]继续前进,我:独立式

[M:] It's my crown, my world, my throne [M : ]这是我的王冠,我的世界,我的座位


[Verse 1] [诗歌1 ]

Aiyyo when Rakim Allah attack, it's a wrap y'all relax Aiyyo当Rakim的真主的攻击,这是一次总结你们都放松

The arm in that, you show me where the party's at 在手臂上,你告诉我哪里有党的

Seminars and tracks, hors, comas, and cardiacs 研讨会和轨道,开胃,昏迷和强心剂

Broads and cats screaming "Oh my God he's back" 湖区和猫尖叫“哦,我的上帝,他回来了”

Just imagine, I hit the lab and get it crackin' 试想一下,我打了实验室,并得到它crackin

A thousand styles in one verse, rhythms will switch patterns 一千个款式一首诗,节奏切换模式

Chicks get stabbed in the back, till they get spasms 小鸡得到刺中背部,直到他们得到痉挛

Known to spit a magnum, or split an atom 众所周知吐万能,或分裂原子

Who woulda known that Jesus would come back to the ghetto 谁的woulda知道,耶稣会回来的贫民窟

On that level, and that thorough, like a black hero 在这个层面,而且深入,像黑色的英雄

And pack metal, so rap rebels, will back pedal 和包装的金属,所以说唱叛军,将备份踏板

The pharaoh of five boroughs, and take over the rap world 五个区的法老王,并接管说唱世界

Gettin' bizarre, hardcore, this is for y'all 刚开了离奇,铁杆,这是你们

The crib or the park, play it when you get in the car 婴儿床或公园,玩它,当您上车吧

Chill at the bar, sip somethin' or split a cigar 寒意在酒吧,品尝事端或分割雪茄

Get with your dogs, don't be alarmed, this kid is the bomb 让你的狗,不要惊慌,这小子是炸弹


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Verse 2] [诗歌2]

Uh, yeah yo, I used to paint this flow, on ancient scrolls 嗯,是的哟,我用画这种流动,在古代卷轴

And learn ta, make this dough, where gangstas roll 学习TA,让这个面团,在帮派分子卷

Think like the late great Capone when the bank is closed 认为像已故的伟大卡波恩当银行被关闭

It's cats that claim they bold, but they ain't this cold 这是猫,声称他们大胆的,但他们是不是这个寒冷

I'm from New York City even pretty chicks act up 我是从纽约市什至很雏鸡行动起来

Niggas get clapped up, you stack up, they stick that up 黑鬼得到鼓掌了,你叠起来,他们坚持说了

Put the strap up, you think my name was "Kid back up" 把带起来,你觉得我的名字是“孩子回来了”

Big niggas (spittin' noise) pick that up, or lift that up 大黑鬼(吐口水噪音)挑选起来,还是抬起了

Raised by gangstas and gamblers, hustlers, con artists 由帮派分子和赌徒,娼妓,骗子提出

And convicts, killers and dons 和罪犯,杀人犯和行踪诡秘

Drug dealers, playas and pimps, smooth talkers 毒贩,帕拉斯和皮条客,顺利健谈

Stick up kids, thugs, real niggas and gods 粘起来的孩子,打手,真正的黑鬼和神

Haunted by every soul that lay dead in the turf 通过每一个灵魂,在草皮铺设死闹鬼

Close by every spirit, that never made it to birth 关闭以每精神,从未到出生

Since the Moon separated from Earth 由于月球距离地球分离

That's why they say I'm the greatest that ever orchestrated a verse 这就是为什么他们说我是曾经策划了一场诗歌的最大

It's the 这是


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Verse 3] [诗歌3 ]

Ay yo, we toast to that, it's the cat that broke backs 哎哟,我们敬酒到,那就是打破了背上的猫

To a soul slap, a smoke a track, how dope is that 为了灵魂巴掌,烟雾轨道,怎么涂料是

Poet for rap, wrote backs that most slack, 诗人的说唱,背上写道,大多数松弛,

That know rap before they turned coke to crack 那知道说唱他们把焦裂前

To my dogs hearin' sirens on and firearms 我的狗在倾听“警报器和枪械

Outcome die in wars or behind iron bars 在战争或后面铁棒成果模具

The boulevard, tire frauds when I evolve 林荫大道,轮胎欺诈行为时,我发展

Try and rob, my dialogue, I am God 试图抢,我的对话,我是神

Chicks moan just to get next to my throne 小鸡呻吟只是为了得到我旁边的宝座

And sniff my cologne and get Ra alone 和嗅我古龙水及单独获得镭

Sex spot's at home, I'm testosterone 性别点是在家里,我的睾丸激素

Caress spots, stress drops, bedrock's the bone 爱抚点,压力下降,基岩的骨

Hit the floor, it's hot for 2003 砸在地板上,它的热,2003年

Hit's galore, who rock a style as wild as me 命中的称誉,谁摇滚风格的野外我

Rest assure, when I rock dance crowds and scream 请放心,当我摇滚舞的人群,尖叫

Bis-Mi-Allah A-Rahman A-Rahim it's the 双米真主的A-拉赫曼 - 拉希姆它的


[Chorus x6] [合唱5233 ]

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