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Pitch In On A Party


歌词相关歌手:DJ QUIK

English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[DJ Quik Talking] [DJ Quik的说话]

Momma 妈妈

I know you said that you wanted a record you could listen to 我知道你说你想要一个记录,你可以听

With no cussing and shit 由于没有谩骂和狗屎

I tried 我试过

But I still gotta do this 不过我还是得这样做


[Verse 1] [诗歌1 ]


Jingle jingle 叮当叮当

We've go the lingo 我们已经走行话

With so much heat it's hard for us to pick the first single 有了这么多的热量很难为我们挑选的第一单

It don't matter cuz I'm underground anyway 这并不重要因为我是无论如何地下

Rich balling, bitch call and fly any day 富成球,婊子通话和飞行的任何一天

You dirty niggas y'all too whack to dance 你这个肮脏的黑鬼你们都太捶跳舞

Y'all need to ease up off that now before y'all splint y'all pants 你们都需要缓和了,现在你们都夹板你们的裤子前

And leave that up to my niggas, young fly niggas 并留给了我黑鬼,年轻的飞黑鬼

Getting down you and I niggas dont try niggas 让你下来,我黑鬼不要尝试黑鬼

I changed my mind I don't want your bitch 我改变主意了,我不希望你的婊子

Cuz sorry ass women just don't get rich 遗憾的Cuz屁股女人只是不发财

You could keep her 你可以让她

I'd rather have a fifi bag because it's cheaper 我宁愿有一个菲菲包包,因为它的便宜

You can't come up for NL 你能不能拿出为NL

I gets deeper í得到更深

And my hold is so cold, it's a sleeper 和我保持这么寒冷,这是一个卧铺

So pass the reafer 因此,通过reafer

And to you false balling niggas just grab your crotches 和你假珠黑鬼只是抓住你的岔口

But if you paid nigga pat your pockets 但是,如果你付出的兄弟们拍拍你的口袋


[Hook] [钩]

And for sure 而且可以肯定

You've got yours 你有你的

I've got mine's and we're balling 我有我的,我们正在成球

So call up everybody 于是调出每个人

Let's pitch in ona party for sure 在奥纳党肯定让球场

[x2] [X2]


[Verse 2] [诗歌2]

Alright 好吧

Somebody play the potato 有人打土豆

Let's take a ballad 让我们一首歌谣

On who gonna invite the hoes that make the party valid 对谁要去邀请,使党有效的锄头

Cuz we don't need a whole crib full of dudes again cuz我们不要再需要一整垛满花花公子

And here come the police with them big black boots again 而来到这里的警察与他们的大黑靴再次

Kicking niggas out 踢出来黑鬼

Hand cuffing and stuffing they banging jacky chicken in they mouth 手袖套和馅,他们敲打学友鸡在他们的嘴

And time to shine pitching a fit 和时代的光芒投手一个合适的

Cuz somebody rolled her bud in a heeny blunt and won't pass the shit 的Cuz有人推出了她的花蕾在heeny钝,不会通过狗屎

Who keeps turning the lights on? 谁保持开灯吗?

Why the music keep skipping? 为什么音乐不断跳跃?

And why these dirty khaki niggas tripping? 以及为什么这些肮脏的黑鬼卡其跳闸?

I don't know I'm Quik and I'm still delighted 我不知道我是快客,我还是很高兴

500 dollars worth of white star 500美元的白色星

About to hide it 关于隐藏它

Cuz y'all ain't drinking mine up 你们的Cuz是不是喝了矿

You better drink that anj and palmason and the rest of that wine up 你最好喝ANJ和palmason和酒了休息

You party haters need to stop it 你方仇敌需要停止它

I think we really about to pat your pockets 我觉得我们真的要拍你的口袋


[Hook] [钩]

[x2] [X2]


[Verse 3] [诗歌3 ]

Hey baby 嘿,宝贝

My girlfriend left me today 我的女友今天离开了我

So which one of you old ragedy ass bitches wanna come in here and play? 所以你们哪一个老ragedy屁股母狗想进来这里玩吗?

That's what my homie told and try to cop the cancun 这就是我的哥们告诉和推诿坎昆

Then I caught him in there hunching in my downstairs bathroom 然后,我发现他在那里中恒在我楼下的浴室

And in the kitchen and up in there on the dancefloor 在厨房和在那里的舞池

By the big screen t.v. where your pants go? 通过大屏幕T.V.在那里你的裤子去了?

Some of you niggas I swear 你们中的一些黑鬼我发誓

I try to throw y'all a ragedy ass party 我试着扔你们à ragedy屁股方

And y'all don't even care 和你们甚至不关心

Cigarette burns in my plush 烟头烫在我的毛毛

Empty beer bottles in the brush 空啤酒瓶刷

And my bitch acting like a lush 和我婊子像个茂盛

Boy what else could go wrong? 男孩还有什么可能出错?

Somebody kick the extension cord out 有人踢延长线出

[Music stops, DJ Quik talking] [音乐停止, DJ Quik的说话]

Move! 动!

Y'all gotta be some of the clumsiest muthafuckas 你们得是一些clumsiest muthafuckas的

[Music starts up again] [音乐再次启动]

To the sounds, now some 要的声音,现在有些

Y'all done fucked up 你们都做得一团糟

Get out, get on 滚出去,滚上

Speed up nigga 加快黑鬼

Get up, take your weed on 起来,拿你的杂草上

Ya nigga, the drunk nigga said it 雅黑鬼,醉黑人说,

Your pockets, that's where I'm sending 你的口袋里,这就是我要送

K go K表去


[Hook] [钩]

[x4] [ X4 ]

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