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Pineal Gland



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Verse 1:] [诗歌1 : ]

Uh, It was all a dream, I swear it never happened 嗯,这是一个梦,我发誓从来没有发生过

I wrote like Edgar Allen, I was po' like Edgar Allen 我写了像埃德加·艾伦,我是宝'像埃德加·艾伦

Let me hit the weed, you know I really need that 让我打的杂草,你知道我真的很需要那

Missing screws, bending rules like kneecaps 缺少螺丝,弯曲的规则​​就像膝盖

I don't even know what's real, I'm just being real 我什至不知道什么是真实的,我只是在真实

Making moves, you just another human being; being still 做动作,你只是一个人;暂时还在

Play the fool, you jealous dudes are just a plate of food 装傻,你嫉妒帅哥的食物只是一盘

Tell the truth, I'm the coldest cat, sabertooth 说实话,我是最冷的猫, SABERTOOTH

Blaze the booth, blaze the buddah, this ain't hookah 走出展台,开辟了buddah ,这不是水烟袋

You hit this shit a few times, you might see the future 你打这个狗屎了几下,你可能会看到未来

Ask my nigga Blocka, we be rolling up that Blanka 问我的兄弟们Blocka ,我们可以卷起的布兰卡

Just retire, if I light this fire I might blow your block up 刚退休时,如果我点燃这把火我会吹你块了

[Hook:] [钩: ]

Enjoy your mind trip but don't trip on your mind 享受你的心灵之旅,但不要在你的脑海跳闸

No man is safe from the war going on outside 没有人是安全的从战争中去外面上

That's right, you ever been conscious in a coma? 这是正确的,你曾经有意识昏迷?

Please don't tell my mama this ain't marijuana 请不要告诉我的妈妈,这是不是大麻

I might be tripping off that DMT 我可能会跳开了DMT

TDE, Limitless like we on NZT TDE ,无限就像我们在NZT

I made my dreams reality, so to speak 我做了我的梦想的现实,可以这么说

Or so they say, I could still be asleep 或者说,他们说,我还是睡着了

[Verse 2:] [诗2: ]

The black sheep running with a pack of wolves 黑羊与一群狼运行

Diamond in the rough, tell Brock I need a pack of woods 深藏不露,布洛克告诉我需要树林的包

Two white cups full of codeine 两个完整的可待因白杯

Plus I got two white sluts down to blow me 另外,我有两个白色的荡妇下来把我吹

Can't you see I'm floating, like root beer and ice cream 你没看见我在飘,像根啤酒和冰淇淋

My synapses act like lightning, probably why I'm so enlightening 我的突触像闪电般,也许就是为什么我如此有启发性

Probably why these niggas can't fuck with me 也许就是为什么这些黑鬼不能与我他妈的

I'm lookin like "who the fuck invited them?" 我看着像“谁他妈的邀请他们吗?”

They failed in testing like what's inside of them 他们没有像什么他们里面测试

(Soulo, Soulo) Say it like you mean it ( Soulo , Soulo )说像你的意思是

My demeanor is the meanest, I'm gettin meaner by the minute 我的言行举止是最卑鄙的,我被分刚开寡情

It's mine, I spend it, my mind is spinning 这是我的,我花了,我的心在打转

Your time is ticking, the sky's the limit 你的时间在流逝,天空才是极限

We in a space where matter don't matter 我们在一个空间,无论无所谓

Just spirit molecules and geometric patterns 只是精神分子和几何图案

Shitted in a crater last time I sat on Saturn Shitted在火山口我最后一次坐在土星

Got a letter from Andromeda, they tryna shrine my bladder 得到了来自仙女座的信件,他们tryna神龛我的膀胱

[Hook] [钩]

[Verse 3:] [诗歌3 : ]

I'm in a whole 'nother realm, go to hell 我在整个“反璞归真的境界,去地狱

Last nigga tried to scratch the surface broke a nail 最后黑人试图划伤表面破了一个钉子

Last nigga tried to cross the line got crucified 最后黑人试图越线得到了钉在十字架上

We overseas, back-to-back, never wore Chanel 我们在海外,背到后面,从来不穿香奈儿

The new nucleus never sitting in a cell 新的核心永远坐在小区

Genius idiot, best description of myself 天才白痴,自己最好的说明

I'm in a fucking lab coat rhyming as high as shit 我在一个他妈的白大褂押韵高达狗屎

When I die, donate my organs to science bitch 当我死了,捐出我的器官,以科学的婊子

[Outro: x3] [尾奏: X3 ]

You got three eyes, three eyes, three eyes 你有三只眼睛,三只眼睛,三只眼睛

You got three eyes, three eyes, three eyes 你有三只眼睛,三只眼睛,三只眼睛

You got three eyes, three eyes, three eyes 你有三只眼睛,三只眼睛,三只眼睛

You got three eyes, but you can never see us 你有三只眼睛,但你永远无法看到我们

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