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[scratched: "pandemonium"] [抓伤: “乌烟瘴气”]


[Verse 1:] [诗歌1 : ]

See now; catch a vision (aight) view me in the eyes of unequal 现在看到的;赶上一个愿景( aight )查看我的不平等的眼睛

High above the plains but still remains equal 高高在上的平原,但仍然是平等的

Livin on, no matter how fly there is no sequel 活着,不管怎么飞就没有续集

I am not a supreme being, freeing people 我不是一个至高无上的存在,释放人

Cause many minds are zombified, that's why they never rest 引起许多人的心中都zombified ,这就是为什么他们从来不休息

Fightin for the light and fightin holes in their chest 争斗的光与格斗孔在其胸部

Merely scavengers but no one who'll confess 仅仅是拾荒者,但没有人谁就会承认

But in time they will all undress 但假以时日,他们将全部脱衣服

Livin in the lost & found, trapped without sound 活着的失物招领,被困无声音

Dappin ass a pound means it's way underground Dappin屁股一斤意味着它是地下的方式

No, calculating cause it's all round 不,计算导致它的周围

Round like a figure, in old school calligra-phy 圆形像图中的老同学calligra -PHY

So figure that you don't wanna see 这样算起来,你不希望看到

Far greater than the eye so you can fly Cali 远远比眼睛更大,所以你可以飞卡利

Used to have a tax on teens now they got a tax on me 以前有税收上的十几岁,现在他们得到了税收对我

But that's if you can find me 但是,这是如果你能找到我

I'll be trippin with the scene with the pan-de..monium 我会践踏与泛de..monium现场


[scratched: "pandemonium"] [抓伤: “乌烟瘴气”]


[Verse 2:] [诗2: ]

He been causin more calamities to me than Am-ity 他被causin更多的灾难,我比AM-性

-ville Horror, real horror, way mo' wicked than Gomorrah -ville恐怖,真正的恐怖,莫办法“恶人比蛾摩拉

or Sodom, I shoulda shot him but I didn't 或所多玛,我早该杀了他,但我没有

Right then, to me my man hit it 就在那时,对我来说我的人打它

Just because I'm tenant reason why they hit me with a rotten label 就因为我是租户的原因,他们打了我一个烂标签

And use trickery to put my cards upon the table 并用挂羊头卖狗肉的桌子上把我的卡

So they can COPY, but they're UNABLE! 因此,他们可以复制,但他们无法!

They come SLOPPY, ill equipped to grip the sacred cables 他们来马虎,装备不良握神圣电缆

Stretchin out, that age old fable Stretchin出来,那古老的寓言

How they're not really my friends 怎么他们没有真正的朋友

They can't wait to infiltrate and get me for my ends 他们迫不及待的渗透,让我为我的目的

It's been trend-in, in everything I do 它一直引领潮流的,在我所做的一切

The devil tries to throw his wicked wrench into with his henchmen crew 魔鬼试图抛出了他邪恶的扳手与他的心腹船员

Main reason why I, resist whack guys 主要的原因,我,抵制重击球员

And let 'em know they couldn't wrap even aluminum 并让他们知道他们不能换,即使铝

(When you what?) When I'm causin pandemonium... (当你是什么? )当我causin乌烟瘴气......


[scratched: "pandemonium"] [抓伤: “乌烟瘴气”]


[Verse 3:] [诗歌3 : ]

Somebody tell me what's wrong with this picture 有人告诉我有什么不对的图片

(What?) How long will it take befo' it hits ya? (是什么? )如何需要多长时间befo 它击中吧?

And you begin to understand, the dirty underhanded 你开始明白了,脏卑劣

plan to place pandemonium upon the land 打算把地上乌烟瘴气

Face to face with the faces of death 面对面与死亡的面孔

on a daily basis, to the point we embrace this 每天,给点意见,我们接受这个

(What?) Demonic debauchery (是什么? )恶魔的放荡

Negatively affecting the psyche, that's why we like to see 负面影响的心理,这就是为什么我们喜欢看

some type of monster chasin 某些类型的怪物追赶的

Erasin people from the face of the Earth like Jason 从地球像杰森的脸上Erasin人

When that was just a movie really illustrating 如果这只是一部电影真的说明

the illy type of shit that they really got waitin 狗屎,他们真的得到了倒底意利型

And I can't be condonin 'em 我不能condonin 时间

Sick minds perpetuatin pandemonium 生病的头脑perpetuatin乌烟瘴气


[scratched: "pandemonium"] [抓伤: “乌烟瘴气”]


[Verse 4:] [第4节: ]

Mere men or two handicapped to adapt 单纯的男人或两个残疾人适应

On my terrain they remain in the same frame of thought 在我的地形,他们仍然在思想的同一帧

And they only thought as I laughed 他们只是想为我笑了

at they foolish attempt to pin my technique 在他们愚蠢的企图脚我的技术

So I set a new mark, to drumming my styles directing styles 所以我设置了新的标志,以击鼓我的风格导演风格

with the presence, present, meaning un-[?] digits 同的存在,目前,这意味着UN- [?]位数

Like the ninjas on my trail, you will fail in hell 像我的踪迹的忍者,你会在地狱失败

The young male will prevail when all hell breaks 年轻的男性会占上风时,所有的地狱破

I hate fakes, worse I hate flakes! 我讨厌假货,更糟的是我讨厌片!

Men get worse I get 'em to make their mistakes 男人变得更糟我得到时间做自己的错误

I stay low like a sheet of linoleum 我留低如油布的表

when it comes to pandemonium 当涉及到乌烟瘴气


[scratched: "pandemonium" to song's end] [抓伤: “乌烟瘴气”歌曲的结束]

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