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Let me off the Terror Wheel 让我离开恐怖轮

Shut up bitch 闭嘴婊子

Looks like it's nighty night time 看起来像它的nighty夜间

Only some of you won't be waking up 只有一些你不会醒来

Ahahahaha! Ahahahaha !

As for the rest of you 至于其余的你

Sit back, put on your PJ's and nighties 坐下来,把你的PJ的和睡衣

While you hear the story entitled Out 当你听到题目出的故事

Ahahahaha! Ahahahaha !

What the fuck is up? 什么他妈的是吗?

I'm in the haugh 我在霍先生

And Violent J's finna tell a story 暴力J的FINNA讲故事

So sit your ass down 所以坐在你的屁股向下

Shut the fuck up 他妈的闭嘴

And get stoned motherfucker 并获得砸死娘


Well I'm waking up so early cause I knew this day would come 嗯,我起床这么早,因为我知道这一天会来

My daddy's passed out with an empty bottle of rum 我爸爸的传递出了一个空一瓶朗姆酒

Although she's been gone long I do not miss my mother 虽然她已经走了很长我不想念我的母亲

And he's a sorry fuck so there's nothin in the cupboard 他是一个遗憾他妈的那么有没什么在柜子里

My little brother's starving, hungry, and sick 我的小哥哥的挨饿,肚子饿了,病了

Cause ain't nobody coming by the house giving free shit 原因是没有人的房子给人自由屎来

So he gettin kinda skinny and my brother's almost dead 于是,他刚开有点瘦,我弟弟的死,几乎

Got no other choice but for milk and bread 有没有其他的选择,但牛奶和面包

Stepped out the house for the first time in 2 years 在2年内走出房子,第一次

Cause my neighborhood it ain't really good 因为我的邻居是不是真的好

Lay up in my bedroom night after night 躺上去,我又一夜一夜的卧室

I hear screams, zombies shootin and lootin 我听到尖叫声,僵尸乱射和lootin

But now here I am and I'm walkin down Jefferson 但现在我在这里,我走着下来杰弗森

With a bag of moneybacks I don't understand 一包moneybacks的,我不明白

How the world can be full of so many evil doer's 世界如何才能充满这么多邪恶的实干家年代

I can hear 'em underneath me in the sewers 我可以听到他们我在下面的下水道

Keep seeing shit out the corners of my eyes 一直看到狗屎了我的眼角

Steady lookin over my back I didn't realize 稳定的看着在我后面我不知道

Where I was goin 我在那里布莱恩

I didn't wanna bother anybody 我不想要任何人打扰

Accidentally stepped on a dead body 不小心踩到了一具尸体

Hey motherfucker watch where the fuck you're goin (Sorry) 嘿娘看哪里他妈的你要走了(对不起)

I might be dead, but I'll kick your ass 我可能已经死了,但我会踢你的屁股

Now I apologized but he still had to talk shit 现在,我向他道歉,但他还是不得不谈狗屎

So I stepped over his face and kept walkin 所以,我踩在他的脸上,不停走着

And here's the part of my story that get's really scary 这是我的故事的一部分得到真的吓人

Had to walk alone down Military 不得不独自走军事

I can see the crackhead's hiding in the trees 我可以看到crackhead的躲在树

Lookin for some change 看着一些变化

Lookin for some brains 看着一些脑筋

Everything seemed too quiet as I walked down the block 一切都显得太安静了,因为我走下块

Until I got hit in the head with a rock 直到我被击中头部用石头

Can't really tell I musta been out for quite awhile 真的不能说实话我一定是和流传了很长一段时间

Cause when I woke up my Nannycoat was outta style 因为当我醒来的时候我Nannycoat是失控风格

And the crackhead's took my moneybacks in a dash 和crackhead的把我的moneybacks在一个破折号

And ripped off my arm in the process 并扯下了我的胳膊在这个过程中

But fuck that shit I still gots another hand 但是他妈的狗屎我还是全球有机纺织品标准另一只手

So I can still get the shit for my little man 所以,我仍然可以得到狗屎我的小男人

And I'ma walk with my nuts hangin out 而我是用我的坚果犹豫不决走出

I ain't scared, but this is where it get's weird 我是不是害怕,但是这是它获得的怪异

Factories, toxic waste, and chemicals 工厂,有毒废物和化学品

They have strange effects on the animals 它们对动物的奇特效果

In my neighborhood and some get a lot bigger 在我家附近,有的得到了很多大

Like the giant rat that jumped on my back 像巨鼠的跳上我的背

I'm runnin like a maniac all through the ghetto zone 我飞奔像一个疯子全部通过贫民窟区

And it's steady takin bites out my nug bone 而且它的稳定羚牛咬了我的猪兔骨

Wrustling around and found it's tail Wrustling了一圈,发现它的尾巴

So I straight bit it 所以我直咬它

Then it ripped of my leg and broke with it 然后撕开我的腿,并打破了它

Tried to catch up but I couldn't move quick enough 试图追赶,但我不能动弹够快

This little trip to the store is straight fuckin me up 这个小旅行到店直他妈的给我

But that's ok cause the store's just down the block 但是没关系原因商店的只是在块

So I hop 所以我跳

And it seems all wrong as I look up in the sky 而且似乎都错了,因为我仰望天空

I see the vultures waitin on me to die 我看到在等待着我的秃鹫死亡

But I made it to the store so fuck all you hoes 但我去到店里让他妈的你锄头

Peep out the sign 露出标志

Hmmm Closed 嗯关闭

Picked up a mailbox threw it through the wall 拿起邮箱穿墙扔

Cause I'ma get my shit so fuck all y'all 因为我是让我妈这么他妈的你们都

Took a loaf of bread and a carton off the shelf 拿了一个面包和一个纸箱现成的

Even took a Faygo 2 liter for myself 即使采取了Faygo 2升为自己

Walked out the store like a cheap ass when I heard 走出商店像一个廉价的屁股,当我听到

The click-click sound of a mossberg 一个点击,点击声莫斯伯格

The store owner he didn't like a beat and eat 这家店的老板,他不喜欢拍吃

That's why he didn't see a problem with buckin me 这就是为什么他没有看到一个问题, buckin我

Blew my muthafuckin head off my shoulders 吹我的muthafuckin头了我的肩膀上

Didn't say nothin kept buck buckin 没说什么也没保持降压buckin

But I gotta say I made it home in a heart beat 不过我得说我在一个心脏跳动使它回家

Nobody fucks with a head rollin down the street 没有人乱搞了头罗林在街上

Now I think about it was a full man when leavin out 现在,我想它是一个完整的人的时候再走出去

Now I'm a head with a loaf of bread in my mouth 现在,我的面包在我嘴里的面包头

Bouncin up the stairs Bouncin拾级而上

I knock on the door with my chin 我敲了我的下巴门

Hey yo little man won't ya let me in? 嘿哟小男人不会雅让我在?

And best believe it was good to see my little brother 而且最好相信这是很好的,看我的小兄弟

Hey you forgot the milk you dumb motherfucker 嘿,你忘了你的牛奶愚蠢的混蛋

Lock the door behind me cause I'm back on route 锁了门在我身后,因为我回来的路线

Back to the store and I'm out 回到店里,我出来


Uh, uh, who's pussy is this, bitch? 嗯,嗯,谁是猫是这样的,婊子?

Uhh, who's pussy? Yeah 呃,谁的猫?是啊

Eh, what the fuck are you looking at? 嗯,什么他妈的,你在看什么?

Ain't you ever seen pussy before, stupid ass? 是不是你见过猫之前,笨驴?

Slap that ass bitch 拍屁股婊子

Oh, uh, oh, hey 哦,嗯,哦,嘿嘿

How's it happenin' again? 怎么样了happenin又“?

Hey this song right here 嘿,这首歌就在这里

We're ready to slow it down and get a little sexy, ya know 我们已经准备好减缓,并得到一点点的性感,你知道

As 2 Dope tells ya how he stuck her with his wang 由于2涂料告诉你好吗,他坚持她与他的王

Woo haha! 呜哈哈!

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