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Shh... 嘘...


[Aesop Rock (Dose One):] [伊索岩(剂量一) : ]

(Well or, and this is, New York City) (井或,这是纽约市)

Where the shiftiest sources leak out the back door 凡shiftiest源泄漏出来的后门

For more and this is New York City 欲了解更多,这是纽约市

(Oh, I see these hear walk (哦,我看到这些听到的步行路程

I, simply a shade of shepherd 牧羊人我,只是一个阴影

Seems we share fate, honestly) 看来大家分享的命运,说实话)

Oh, now wait a minute 哦,等一下

I notice there making mockeries of mad men 我注意到有制作广告狂人嘲弄

Tend not to bend in the honesty 往往不会在诚信弯曲

My twenty thousand leagues ending grants sardonic, the sea 我两万联赛结束补助嘲讽,海

(The view from this here segue crowds a listeners nothing special simply (从这个位置赛格瑞的观点人潮à听众根本没什么特别的

Listeners, how we dissolve it's spores and I'll tell you not flying) 听众,如何化解它的孢子,我会告诉你,不是飞)

And I live beneath the scenic yeah, where the fossils pledged allegiance 和我住下方的风景呀,这里的化石宣誓效忠

Where the centipedes and serpents bigot on territorial disagreements, 凡蜈蚣和蛇偏执的领土分歧,

The uprooted turned booty and hacked pleasure to skinny ribbons and I'll 逃难变成战利品,并砍死高兴地瘦丝带,我会

Suckle my skull caught beneath assumptions pumping pistons 吮吸我的头骨抓下假设活塞泵

(Left the joke to wick, it, (左笑话灯芯,它,

He walks whose out now, we, Aesop walls up) 他走的了,现在,我们伊索墙壁上)

We tune out the pouts of hiding, 我们调出隐藏的pouts ,

Twilight street merchants, we, deity freely and been here before... 暮光之城街头小贩,我们的神性自由来过这里......


[Dose One (Aesop Rock):] [剂量一(伊索岩) : ]

Murder, of holy, in cushion 圣谋杀,在坐垫

Partisan, part of the ceiling seems to be leaking, oh, oh, it's the wall 党派,天花板的一部分似乎是漏水,哦,哦,这是在墙上

Forbid box been broken, from man of everywhere, that's what I sleep, I love you 禁止盒被打破,从人的无处不在,这就是我睡觉,我爱你

It's not easy tying knots, whose paycheck may get rained 这是不容易打结,他的薪水可能会下雨

Outstanding I shall smudge, invest, it's dull here, since we need I go beyond 优秀的我涂抹,投资,它的平淡这里,因为我们需要我去超越

Grey, lonely, this forest is very very different, 灰色,孤独,这片森林是非常非常不同的,

Friend hail things like magnets all the way meant was (It only takes one slacker) 朋友冰雹之类的东西磁铁一路的意思是(只要有一个懒鬼)

Traveling up, it only takes one slacker 行了,只需要一懒鬼


[Aesop Rock:] [伊索岩: ]

It only takes one slacker, to attack a lack, gritty and complies with time 只要有一个懒鬼,进攻缺乏,坚韧不拔,符合时间

With regulations poachers poaching just to jump the batteries 法规偷猎盗猎只是跳电池

I'm juiced, noosed father, no dissed deduce 我榨成汁, noosed的父亲,没有dissed演绎

By the ambiance of motives and the modus operandi's 由动机的氛围和作案手法的

I'm supportive, sort of here to modify those monsters 我是支持的,那种在这里修改这些怪物

Tried to side wind pleasure captains round my hip line, 尝试侧风的快感长圆我的臀线,

My sit times on some here I lay my bricks alone to build these walls among 一些在这里我坐的时候,我把我的砖头独中建立这些围墙

Us dreams can spread our spores but can I run with the alumnus fungus 我们的梦想可以传播我们的孢子,但我可以用校友木耳运行

After date rape, and it germs, and I burn for less fortunate starlight 约会强暴后,它的细菌,而我烧不那么幸运的星光

Chasers forced to use there last match to ward off the glaciers 猎被迫使用有最后一场比赛,以抵御冰川

Pack a day profess cloud spitter literate pencifist missed the pissed drunk of concert 收拾了一天自称云spitter识字pencifist错过了演唱会的生气醉

Dull and system missed the funk I'm in a lull 沉闷和系统错过了芬克我在一个平静


[Dose One: Overlaps Aesop Rock's lines] [剂量一:重叠伊索摇滚的路线]

I'm thinking of a number from one to red, is a beautiful color 我在想一个数字,从1到红色,是一个美丽的颜色

To shade paper hat ink, I'm thinking of a beautiful color... 遮阳纸帽墨,我在想一个美丽的色彩......

Paper hat 纸帽


[Aesop Rock:] [伊索岩: ]

I'm thinking of a number 我想了许多

From one to home, one riduiculous tennament with no wings to spread 从一到家里,一是riduiculous tennament没有翅膀蔓延

I'm home again inside my box of cardboard daze, I'm thinking of home 我回家再在我的盒纸板发呆,我想回家

And I'm home again... 而且我回家了......


[Aesop Rock (Dose One):] [伊索岩(剂量一) : ]

(Funny how, faces show up, waters for me, my mouth and snore) (有趣的是,脸上显现出来,水对我来说,我的嘴和打鼾)

It could've been me but it wasn't 它可以一直在我,但它不是

The crash and burn and burn and crash infected could collect fee indirectly but it doesn't 在和好如初,燃烧和碰撞感染可能间接收取服务费,但它不

(These are broken cards given (这些都是破碎的卡定

To dues missed of friendly lips tied life is going blank, slap look, 要会费错过了友好的嘴唇捆绑的生活是一片空白,拍击一下,

It's mirrored universe and one god per so many square feet, and 它的镜像宇宙,每个这么多平方英尺的一位神,

Everything counts, higher life forms are dirty, dirty Aesop, every penny 一切罪名,更高的生命形式都脏了,脏了伊索,每一分钱

Saved, is this the city of dreams?) 保存,这是城市的梦想? )

And I'm down to Earth 而我脚踏实地

(I'm down to earth, road) (我脚踏实地,道路)

My zero hour snuffed doc, where the marked the day the mirth burns 我的零时掐灭文件,其中标明了欢笑燃烧的日子

The time allotted, knotted loops around the plotted, boycotted the wattages 分配的时间,打结环周围的绘制,抵制瓦数

Toys for the prodding of the rotting bottled hostage 玩具腐烂瓶装人质的怂恿

One time down cloud me as the useless playtime string and think it smirked 有一次下云我为无用的游戏时间字符串,并认为假笑

Worthy well, your with me, from the icicle sweat to the self pity 值得很好,你和我一起,从冰柱汗水的自怜

Sickly thread bare slid back my needle point life willow 体弱多病的线程裸滑回我的针点生命柳

Man I purposely spun straw to gold to lace each last stitch perfectly 男人我故意纺稻草黄金完美花边每个最后的封针

It must have been the dust, the dust, my god, the dust he clutched the 它一定是尘土,灰尘,我的上帝,灰尘,他抓起

Dust, father to rust encrust the luck with which I touch togetherness... 灰尘,父亲生锈结垢的运气,我摸和睦...

(Toy, bird, in my teeth, empathy, dwell, in merciful spring, friend) (玩具,鸟,在我的牙齿,同情,住在仁慈的春天,朋友)

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