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Love Chronicles



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

I can remember the first girl that I did love 我还记得,我没有爱的第一个女孩

It was Stephanie 这是斯蒂芬妮

In kindergarten arithmetic classes she used to 在幼儿园的算术课,她用

Sit next to me 坐在我旁边

I'd pass her sticky sweets under the table 我想通过桌子底下她粘甜食

Where the teacher couldn't see 那里的老师都看不到

Although she wouldn't remember me now 虽然她不记得我了

Sometimes I wonder where she can be 有时候我在想,她可能是


I can remember the first girl I kissed 我还记得第一个女孩,我吻

It was Christine when I was ten 这是克里斯蒂娜在我10岁

I'd been told we were moving away 我被告知我们被搬走

I thought I'd never see her again 我以为我再也见不到她了

Oh don't forget me 哦,不要忘了我

I'll be back when they let me 我会回来的,当他们让我

Before you learn how to lie when you're leaving 在你学习如何当你离开说谎

Love is so much easier then 爱是如此容易得多然后


And at school would you believe three hundred boys 而在学校,你会相信三百男孩

And no girls at all 也没有女孩在所有

But you're a fool if you should leave 但是,你是个傻瓜,如果你要离开

Just think of the joys of rugby football 试想橄榄球的乐趣

And prep in the morning and Brylcreem and acne 并准备在上午和Brylcreem和粉刺

And cross-country running to kill evil thoughts 和越野跑杀人恶念

I'm surprised that I survived 我很惊讶,我活了下来

I ran ten thousand miles with my back to the wall 我跑万英里我背对着墙


I can remember the first girl that I made love to 我记得我做了​​爱的第一个女孩

It was in a park 这是在一个公园

In the lower pleasure gardens in Bournemouth 在伯恩茅斯下花园的乐趣

In summer just after dark 在夏天刚刚天黑后

My mind was reeling: Oh what a feeling. 我的脑子里晕晕:哦,什么感觉。

I missed the bus and walked twelve miles home 我错过了公交车,走到12英里家

And it really didn't seem far 它真的似乎并不远


And all through my seventeenth summer 所有通过我的第十七夏天

Running together from crowds and ties 从人群和领带一起运行

Taking our clothes off and feeling each other 以我们的衣服脱了,感觉对方

With fingers and senses and mouths and eyes 用手指和理智,嘴巴和眼睛

Incurring the glances of old disapproval 招致老不以为然的眼神

From elderly local inhabitant's eyes 从老人本地居民的眼睛

Oh time, time we hardly even knew you 哦,时间,时间,我们甚至很难知道你

You didn't touch us with your lies 您没有触及我们与你的谎言


In the halcyon days of my late adolescence 在我的青春期后期的太平日子

My goal seemed clearly in sight 我的目标显然似乎近在眼前

Playing electric guitar with a beat group 玩电吉他用力压群

We set the ballrooms alight 我们下车设置宴会厅

Camping it up for the dyed blonde receptionists 露营起来用作染色的金发接待员

Who told us we were al-ri-yi-yight 谁告诉我们,我们是人里毅, yight

On an ego trip for a teenage superstar 对一个十几岁的超级巨星的自我之旅

On thirty shillings a nigh-yight 在30先令à近了, yight


And so it fell that I came up to London 所以它下跌,我来到了伦敦

To look for fortune and fame 寻找财富和名望

Starry eyed in my seaside successes 星夜看着我的海边成功

And much too sure of the game 和太确定的游戏

First girl I met there I thought I'd get there 第一个女孩我认识了那里,我想我会到那里

But the first girl was nearly the last girl 不过,第一个女孩几乎是最后一个女孩

She left my eyes in the drain 她离开了我的眼睛在漏

She sat on my floor in the dead of the night 她在死的夜晚坐在我的地板

Rolling a joint and looking round for a light 轧联合向四周的光

Her clothes were so black and her face was so white 她的衣服那么黑,她的脸是那么白

How could I know what was right? 我怎么会知道什么是正确的?


And I sat all huddled upon my bed 我坐在所有。我在床上缩成一团

Watching her in my innocence 看着她在我的清白

And it was no sense at all, but too much sense ,这是毫无意义的,但太多的感觉

That took me to the bridge of impotence 这把我带到阳痿的桥梁

Oh Artaud's anthology lay spread on the floor 哦,阿尔托的诗集躺在铺在地板上

And the thoughts that she gave me, 和想法,她给了我,

I'd not met before 以前我没有遇见

And stranded half hypnotised, 而搁浅半催眠,

I watched her in awe 我敬畏地看着她

Of everything that she stood for 一切,她主张的


And I wanted more than anything to be like her with every sense 我想比什么能像她与每一个意义

But it was no sense at all, but too much sense 但它是毫无意义的,但太多的感觉

That took me to the bridge of impotence 这把我带到阳痿的桥梁

She came over to me and kissed me in play 她向我走过来,并在游戏中吻我

Taking my hand between her legs as she lay 以我的手,她的两腿之间,她躺在

And she looked in my eyes but I turned them away 她看着我的眼睛,但我拒绝离开

Finding no words fit to say 没有找到适合的话说


And I hated myself, but could not move 我恨我自己,但不能动

Shattered in my confidence 粉碎了我的信心

But it was no sense at all, but too much sense 但它是毫无意义的,但太多的感觉

That took me to the bridge of impotence 这把我带到阳痿的桥梁

Now the stare of the lightbulb tore holes in my brain 现在,灯泡的盯挖洞,在我的脑海

As she got up in the silence that hung like a stain 当她在寂静起身挂像一个污点

And I wanted to speak, or to call out her name 我想说话,或叫出她的名字

But how could I begin to explain? 但是,我怎么能开始解释?


And my prosecuting room still holds 而我的检察室仍持有

A strand of her hair in evidence 她的证据一缕头发

But it was no sense at all, but too much sense 但它是毫无意义的,但太多的感觉

That took me to the bridge of impotence 这把我带到阳痿的桥梁

Oh I still think about her when the night fills with rain 哦,我还以为她当夜晚充满雨

And speaks in its voices uneasy and vain 并在其声音不安,说话不着

And I think were I maybe to find her again 而且我觉得是我我可能再找到她

Oh I'd probably see her more plain 哦,我可能会看到她较为平淡


And I should have known she was just like me 我早该知道她和我一样

It was after all only common-sense 这是毕竟只是常识

But it was no sense at all, but too much sense 但它是毫无意义的,但太多的感觉

That took me to the bridge of impotence 这把我带到阳痿的桥梁

But it was no sense at all, but too much sense 但它是毫无意义的,但太多的感觉

That took me to the bridge of impotence 这把我带到阳痿的桥梁


At first I didn't go out much at all 起初我没出去多少可言

I just stayed at home in my chains 我只是呆在家里,我连锁店

Picking over the threads of my confidence 捡了我的信心的线程

And searching for the remains 和寻找遗体

And when I couldn't stand any more of it 而当我再也无法忍受更多的它

Going down to a club 下到俱乐部

Mixing in with the sounds and the crowds 用声音和拥挤的人群中混

I let the music cover me up 我让音乐掩盖了我


And only, lonely, the harlequins and painted phonies 而且,只有孤独的丑角和彩绘骗子

Pick their ways, through the haze 选择自己的方式,通过阴霾

Of highs and lows and blues 高点和低点,蓝调

And all that I could do was to pick my way to you 和所有我能做的就是来接我的方式给你

Though I didn't tell you 虽然我没有告诉你

You were just a thing to prove 你只是一个东西来证明

I was hungry when found you, but I'm alright now 我饿了的时候遇见你,但我现在没事


They sigh, they lie, the refugees and superheroes 他们感叹,他们的谎言,难民和超级英雄

On ice, so nice to see you, what's your name? 在冰,所以很高兴见到你,你叫什么名字?

And all that I could do was to say the same to you 和所有我能做的是说你也一样

Take you for the moment, though the moment wasn't true 把你的那一刻,虽然此刻是不是真的

But I was hungry when I found you and I'm alright now 不过,我饿了的时候,我发现你和我是正常的,现在


Though the street lamp cut through the curfew 虽然路灯通过削减宵禁

It shed no light on our mind 它揭示了我们的脑海中没有光

It would have been so easy to love you 这本来就不是那么容易爱你

At any other time 在其他任何时间

Only, lonely, you came to me the night hung coldly 只是,寂寞,你来找我的夜冷冷地挂

In your eyes, some other time I might have stayed with you 在你眼里,其他时间我可能会陪着你

But all that I could do was to turn around to you 但是,所有我能做的就是转身给你

Thanks for what you gave me now it's time to say "Adieu" 谢谢你给了我,现在是时候说“再见”

I was hungry when I found you but I'm alright now. 我饿了的时候,我发现你,但我没事了。


Ba ba ba alright now BA BA BA现在好了


And so it came that I stood disillusioned 就这样来了,我站在幻灭

By everything I'd been told 一切由我被告知

I just didn't believe love existed 我只是不相信爱情存在

They were all just digging for gold 他们都只是挖金子

Widows and bankers and typists and businessmen 寡妇和银行家和打字员和商人

Loved each other they said 彼此相爱,他们说

But all it was though was just a manoeuvre 但所有的这是虽只是一个演习

The quickest way into bed 最快捷的方式为床


And so I followed the others' example 所以,我跟在别人的榜样

And jumped into the melee 跳进混战

In the hunting grounds of Earls Court and Swiss Cottage 在伯爵府和瑞士小屋的猎场

I did my best to get laid 我做了我所能得到下岗

Beer cans and parties, deb girls and arties 啤酒罐和聚会, DEB女孩和阿蒂斯

Bouncing around in the social confusion 在社会混乱蹦跳着

Missing and making the grade 失踪和能取得好成绩


The very first time I must confess 这是第一次我必须承认

I thought you'd be like all of the rest 我还以为你会像所有其他的

And we'd be strangers once again 我们会再次成为陌生人

By the time we were dressed 到时候,我们都穿着

But when you'd smoked your cigarette 但是,当你抽你的烟

And talked of some people that we'd met 聊了一些,我们会遇见的人

I found myself asking was it set, 我发现自己问了这个设定,

did you have to go yet 你必须去还


And so you laughed and then kissed me 所以你笑了,然后吻了我

And stayed for the whole weekend 并住了整个周末

Although the bed was so narrow 尽管床很窄

We had to sleep end to end 我们只好睡端到端


And so the weeks passed through my brain 这样一来,周穿过我的大脑

In their dadaistic chain 在他们dadaistic链

I found myself seeing you again, and again and again 我发现自己看到你一遍,一遍又一遍

And all you gave you gave it free 和所有你给你给它自由

Asking for nothing back from me 要求任何回报,从我

You gave yourself unselfishly as a part of me 你给了自己无私地为我的一部分

And where I thought that just plucking 而且,我认为只是拔

The fruits of the bed was enough 该床的水果是足够

It grew to be less like fucking 它的增长是不太喜欢他妈的

And more like making love 而更像是做爱


Of all the girls I ever knew 所有的女孩我认识

some loved and some denied me 有些爱,有些被拒绝了我

And all the words I ever said 我曾经说过的所有的话

have been no use to hide me 一直没有用隐藏我

And all the songs I ever sung 和所有的歌我曾经唱过

each one of them untied me 他们每个人解开了我

And all the girls I ever loved 和所有的女孩我曾经爱过

have left themselves inside me 离开自己在我心中

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