歌词 "Keep Frontin'" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

Keep Frontin'


歌词相关歌手:CENA, JOHN

English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Intro / Chorus: Big L sample] [简介/合唱:大L的样品]

I shoulda been out, I'm de-de-deadly 没我早该被淘汰,我去脱致命

when I pu-pu-pull the pin out, keep frontin 当我PU- PU-拔出插销,保持龙廷

I'ma try-try-try ya chin out 我是一个尝试,尝试,尝试雅的下巴

I knocked a lot-lot-lot-lot out of men out 我敲了很多,很多,很多,很多就是从人出

Keep frontin, I'ma try-try-try ya chin out 让龙廷,我是尝试,尝试,尝试雅的下巴

I knocked a lot-lot 我敲了很多,很多

I knocked a lot-lot-lot out of men out 我敲了很多,很多,很多就是从人出

Keep frontin, keep frontin, keep frontin, keep frontin 让龙廷,让龙廷,让龙廷,让龙廷


[Bumpy Knuckles talking over sample] [颠簸指关节谈论过采样]


Right now 现在

I wanna teach all you MC's out there 我想教你的MC的在那里

How to be 如何成为

Effective 有效

Let's ride 让我们的旅程


[Freddie Foxxx a.k.a. Bumpy Knuckles] [弗雷迪Foxxx又名颠簸指关节]

Do y'all know what time it is when everybody game 难道你们都知道这是什么时候,当大家的游戏

is everybody else's hustle and everybody's shame 是其他人的喧嚣和每个人的耻辱

is somebody else's blame, whatever I became 是别人的责任,不管我变成了

I did it with hot rhymes and a lung full of flame 我做到了用热押韵和肺部充满火焰

I never refrain, from loadin up and takin aim 我从来不要,从loadin和羚牛目标

Like chicks flows are different, I never cum/come the same 像小鸡流是不同的,我从来暨/都一样

My mic will be the dame, written or off the brain 我的麦克风将是贵妇人,书面或关闭大脑

I show up with my chest pumpin hard like Notre Dame 我告诉了我的胸口给水站坚硬如巴黎圣母院

I lose then I regain, hustle is in the vein 我失去了那么我重拾,喧嚣是在静脉

I'm drinkin protein shakes to muscle up the brain 我喝蛋白质奶昔肌肉补脑

In the black Chevy Suburban sippin champagne 在黑色的雪佛兰郊区啜饮着香槟

with champagne, dick out doin the damn thang 香槟,鸡巴出来干什么该死的胜

We movin in the fast lane, with them black thangs 我们居无定所的快车道,与他们的黑色thangs

On the way to the Bronx, to do the ski-mask thang 在路上的布朗克斯,做滑雪面罩胜

I don't know what's so funny cause I ain't laughing 我不知道有什么好笑的,因为我不笑

The part is for a dead body, guess who's casting 该部分是一具尸体,你猜是谁铸造


[Chorus] [合唱]


[John Cena talking over sample] [约翰Cena倾诉样本]

Alright bro, I'm hearin you 好吧兄弟,我在倾听你

I'ma see what I can do 我是看到我能做些什么

See how I can rip it 看我怎么能撕

And be, effective 并有效

Follow this 按照此


[John Cena] [约翰Cena ]

Cena spittin with the Bump Bump Bump for the Knux CENA吐口水的凹凸凹凸凹凸的Knux

Your whole crew gettin dumped dumped dumped with the chumps 你的整个剧组刚开甩甩甩在chumps

We rollin like Donald Trump Trump Trump with the bucks 我们罗林像唐纳德·特朗普特朗普特朗普与雄鹿

Your bitch-ass gettin jump jump jumped cause you suck 你的母狗屁股刚开跳跳跳了会让你吸

Follow me, you stick around round round when it's hot 跟我来,你留下来一轮又一轮的时候,它的热

You claimin that you down down down but you not 您claimin你下来下来下来,但你不

You try to offer me a pound pound pound you get got 你试着给我你得到了一斤一斤一斤

I can't wait to hear the sound sound sound of you shot 我等不及要听到的声音的声音的声音,你拍

You hearin me, it's time to show show show I got plans 你听我,是时候展示表演秀我有计划

That's all you brought you bettter go go go get your mans 这就是你给你带来了bettter GO GO去得到你的芒

A legal hustle, ain't no no fuckin with grams 一个合法的喧嚣,不,不,不他妈的相克

Stash the heat cause I can throw throw throw with my hands 藏热的原因,我可以扔扔扔了我的手

I'm tellin you, on screen screen screen with these flicks 我告诉你,在屏幕上屏屏幕,这些笔触

Catch me on the scene scene scene with three chicks 赶上我在现场看到的场景与场景三只小鸡

I fuck like a fiend fiend fiend with three dicks 我他妈的就像一个恶魔恶魔恶魔三个迪克斯

Fuck a sixteen teen teen I'm just sick 他妈的一个16青少年青少年,我只是生病了


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Tha Trademarc over sample] [临屋区Trademarc过采样]

Yeah, what's good fellas 是啊,有什么好小伙子们

I'm feelin y'all man 我感觉你们的男人

Most these cats 大多数猫

Can't engineer, they career 无法工程师,他们的职业生涯

Yeah, Trademarc, bout to 是啊, Trademarc ,布特

Bout to show y'all 布特向你们展示

How to be, effective 如何成为有效


[Tha Trademarc] [临屋区Trademarc ]

My camou' colors dog they be beige and brown 我camou “颜色的狗,他们是米色和棕色

That shit was all love 'til you cowards came around 那些歌是所有的爱,直到你懦夫来到身边

With the same ol' sound that's why your payroll down 与同醇的声音,这就是为什么你的工资下降

That's how the game go now that's why you ain't gain ground 这是游戏,现在怎么走,这就是为什么你不抬头

Cause you stuck on then dog, you ain't on now 因为你停留在狗的话,你是不是现在

And that's how it's been baby cause you ain't know how 这就是它如何被宝贝,因为你不知道如何

You move your pen lazy maybe or your beats don't pound 你移动你的笔懒惰,也许还是你的心跳不捣

I move quicker than the word on the street go 'round 我谨快于街道上的字去轮

I write down every lesson that my peeps hold down 我写下来,每节课是我的窥视按住

You let your heat go blaow if you ain't speak profound 你让你的热量去blaow如果你不说话深远

I write sixteens down 'til I hit green now 我写的十六岁上下,直到我现在打绿

Makin up slang, ain't know what shit mean now 马金达俚语,不知道是什么狗屁的意思了

Trademarc, Marc Predka, jot the real name down Trademarc ,马克Predka ,记下来的真实姓名

You can catch it on every marquee in town 你可以在每一个镇帐篷接住

Sayin Trademarc, ain't nobody like you now 萨延Trademarc ,不是没有人喜欢你现在

Probably sweatin this track dog, go wipe your brow 也许sweatin这条赛道的狗,去擦擦额头


[Chorus - 2X] [合唱团 - 2倍]


[Bumpy Knuckles] [颠簸指关节]

You see, that's all it takes 你看,这一切都需要

Is for a man to make an effort to be, effective 是一个人做出的努力是有效的

And if you're not, effective... then you're defective 如果你不是,有效的......那么你有缺陷

Hahahaha.. 哈哈哈哈..

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