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Jacob's Word



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Violent J talking] [暴力Ĵ说话]

This a...strange...[voices]...this, there's many, many voices in my head, 这是一个奇怪的... [声音] ...这一点,有很多很多的声音在我的脑海,

many different voices (some are like this) some are like this (some are like this) 许多不同的声音(有些是这样的),有些是这样的(有些是这样的)

some are like this (some are like this) some are like this, some are like this [mumbling] 有些是这样的(有些是这样的),有些是这样的,有些是这样的[喃喃自语]


[Violent J] [暴力J]。

I hear voices, one voice in paticular 我听到的声音,一个在paticular声音

It comes into my mind, perpendicular 它进入我的脑海,垂直

Rectangular,it's a..strangular 矩形,它的a..strangular

He's like some kind of mental fuckin' mangular...I dunno 他就像某种心理他妈的的“ mangular ......我不知道

He tells me to punch Esham and Shaggs 他告诉我冲Esham和Shaggs

So I punch'em, I even call Twiztid fags 所以我punchem ,我什至打电话Twiztid的fags

They get mad, slap me and smear my makeup 他们很生气,打我,诋毁我的化妆

I've named this evil voice, named him Jacob 我命名这个邪恶的声音,给他取名雅各

Jacob tells me "climb the ladder and jump off 雅各布告诉我:“爬上梯子,跳下

Head first on the street, don't worry, it's soft" 第一头在大街上,不要担心,这是软“

So I jump, thump, I'm on a gurney 所以,我跳,扑通,我在一个担架

Jacob laughs at me "your so fuckin' nerdy" 雅各布笑着看着我“你这么该死的书呆子”

Fuck him, I hate him, I can't escape him! 他妈的他,我恨他,我无法逃脱他!

I finally get alone, he calls me on the telephone 我终于独自一人,他打电话给我的电话

Brrb! "is Violent J there?" "here" "hey it's Jacob! Brrb ! “暴力Ĵ吗?” “这里” “哎这是雅各!

I want you to piss in your underware, ok bud?" 我希望你在你的内衣, OK芽小便? “

Sure, I'm pissin' now, it fuckin' tickles 当然,我pissin “现在,这该死的痒处

Jacobs dissin' again, I hear his giggles 雅各布dissin再次,我听到他的笑声

After I cut all my fingers of for that mother fucker 之后我将我所有的手指为母亲笨蛋

I've finally had enough 我终于受够了

Go see a doctor, Doc, hello 去看医生,医生,你好

"Hi, have a seat, let's see umm...what is it..Joe? “嗨,有座位,让我们来看看,嗯......是什么it..Joe ?

Yeah, Joe Bruce, my friends call my Chucky "Chucky?" 是啊,乔布鲁斯,我的朋友叫我查基 - “阿特金斯? ”

Either that or Bucky, Fuck Me!! 如果不是这样,巴基,我他妈的!

I'm sorry Doc, it's Jacob again, my name's J 对不起文件,它是雅各的,我的名字的歼

"Tell me J, who's this Jacob anyway?" “告诉我Ĵ ,谁是这个雅各布吗?”

I fucking want him dead, it's a voice in my head í他妈的想让他死了,它在我头上的声音

I gotta lotta voices, but this one's mislead 我得洛塔的声音,但是这一次的误导

He tells me to drink toilet water an shit 他告诉我喝花露水的狗屎

"Do you do it?" No..YES!! “你做了吗? ” No..YES !

I can't help it though, I can't stop it 我不能帮助它,虽然,我不能阻止它

"J..what I want you to do is drop it" Drop what? “ J..what我要你做的就是把它”滴什么?

"Your feelings of denial" “你的感觉剥夺”

"I mean your an asshole, let's face it, Jacob, he's got style" yea “我是说你个混蛋,让我们面对它,雅各,他有风格”是啊,

"You should do...exactly what he tells you" “你应该做的......到底是什么,他会告诉你”

Even stab myslef? "yea, hells yea" 即使刺myslef ? “是啊,地狱啊”

Fuck man are you sure Doc? "Sincerely 他妈的男人你确定文件? “真诚

Now on your way out, pay my fuckin' secretary" 现在,你的出路,要我他妈的秘书“

Wow, $300 bucks and I'm cured, it's obsurd 哇元,300块钱,我已经痊愈了,这是obsurd

All I gotta do is wait for the word 我所要做的就是等待字

Now I aint heard from ol' Jacob in a while 现在,我是不是听到OL “雅各布在一段时间

I'm at home jerkin' my dick off to Gilligains Isle when Bang! 我在家里外套我的家伙关到Gilligains岛时,砰!

He popped in "J, what's up homie?" 他在弹出的“J ,怎么了哥们? ”

where you been Jacob, dawg it's been lonely 你去哪里了雅各,耶它一直孤单

Doc say's I should roll wit' you, let's do this 文件说的,我应该滚机智你,让我们这样做

"Alright, well let's start off with a glass of your own piss!" wit' ice? “好了,好了,让我们用自己的小便的玻璃开始了! ”智慧冰?

"No ice!" [slup sound] nice... “无冰”! [ slup声音]好...

"Finsih up the whole glass, then repeat it twice!" “ Finsih了整个玻璃,再重复两次! ”

All done "Let's go, put your shoes on!" where we goin' homie? 全部完成“走吧,把你的鞋子! ”我们要去亲密?

"To the graveyard!" what? "I want you to dig up a girlfreind" “墓地! ”什么? “我要你挖了一个girlfreind ”

Dig up a dead body? "I won't say it again!" 挖出一具尸体? “我不会再说一遍! ”

"You heard what the doctor said, fuckin' do it!" “你听到医生说,他妈的做到这一点! ”

Well fuck it, hand me my shovel and bucket 好他妈的,递我铲子和水桶

I dug the bitch, literally, I dug her 我挖的母狗,从字面上看,我挖她

Her skin smelled like burnt rubber, I fuckin' love her 她的皮肤像闻到烧焦的橡胶,我他妈的爱她

Took her corpse home, sat it on the couch 把她的尸体回家,就坐在沙发上

Jacob said "Now put her foot in your mouth!" 雅各说: “现在把她的脚在你的嘴! ”

So I did and her toes smelled like fish chunks 所以,我没有和她的脚趾闻起来像块鱼

That's been sitting out in the...sun for a couple a months 这是一直坐在在了......阳光下的一对夫妇一个月

I didn't care though because Jacob told me to 我也没在意,但因为雅各告诉我

"It's one more little thing that I want you to do" (what's that?) “这是一个,我要你做更多的小东西” (那是什么? )

"Lay down in the street and trip a semi wit'chyo neck" “在大街上躺下,跳一个半witchyo脖子”

Trip a Semi-tru... you bet! 行程一个半TRU ...你打赌!

There I was, I'm movin off..just waitin 有我在,我要离开off..just倒底

Ready to get rolled on like a Dayton 准备好推出像一顿

Here it comes, I stuck my fuckin' head out 说到这里,我坚持我他妈的伸头

Like this Jacob! "Yea, Pow!" 像这样的雅各! “是啊,啪! ”

Boom, I'm in critical, I got minutes left 轰,我在关键的,我就剩分钟

And I'm fightin' with death! 和我争斗死亡!

Why did the doctor tell me to listen to him? 为什么医生告诉我要听他的?

I'm lay'd up 'bout to die, screw him! 我layd了“回合死了,拧他!

Pick up the phone, Brrb! "Hello?" 拿起电话, Brrb ! “喂? ”

Hi is me J, that one fat goofy weirdo 你好是我Ĵ ,一个傻傻的脂肪怪人

Yea listen, I'm about to die, why'd you tell me to follow his word? 是啊,听着,我即将死去,你为什么告诉我按照他的话?

"Cuz' he's a DarkMega, and your a nerd" “的Cuz 他是一个DarkMega ,和你一个书呆子”

Well I hear you on that much ok..but 好吧,我听你那么多ok..but

What kinda fuckin' doctor are you anyway? 是什么样的该死的医生,你呢?

I mean your tellin' me I'm nothing but a scrub 我的意思是你在告诉我,我不过是去角质

"I thought you knew homie, this is doctor Jacob!!" “我以为你知道的哥们,这是医生雅各! ”


Ohh I get it, everybody have a laugh 哦我明白了,每个人有笑

I'm nothing but a sick, Homogetic mentalpath 我不过是生病了, Homogetic mentalpath

I died right then and there I was never cured 我死了,然后有我从未被治愈

I lived a shitty life all thanks to Jacobs word 我住在一个低劣的生活一切都归功于Jacobs的字

That Mother..."What!?" I didn't say nothing "Bullshit bitch!" 那位母亲...... “什么! ”我没有说什么“胡说婊子! ”

I didn't say anything! 我没有多说什么!

"Are you gonna tell me I'm in your head bitch!?" “你是要告诉我,我在你的脑袋的母狗!?”

I was gonna compliment you! "Bull, I heard everything!" 我会赞美你! “斗牛,我听到的一切! ”

Well get outta my fuckin' head! 好让离开我他妈的脑袋!

"Fuck!, you heard what I just said!" “操!你听到我刚才说的! ”

Get outta my....fuckin'...head!..aight? 让离开我....该死的......头! .. aight ?

My...fucking..head "that's right, my head too, my head too!" 我... fucking..head “没错,我的头也一样,我的头呢! ”

You have got your own fuckin' head! 你有你自己该死的头!

I'm not...running around your fucking brain! 我不是......到处乱跑你他妈的脑!

" 'Cuz I aint got one bitch!" Fuck you! "O..kay Eat your leg!" “ ”因为我是不是得到了一个婊子! “你他妈的! “ O..kay吃你的腿! ”

I'm sorry... "Eat you leg!" I'm sorry, not my leg 对不起......“吃了你的腿! ”对不起,不是我的腿

"Eat it bitch!" Leave my leg alone "Eat it!" “吃了这婊子! ”离开我的腿单独“吃饭吧! ”

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