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It's All About Love



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It’s all about love 这是所有关于爱情

No matter what race they are 不管他们是什么种族

Be together – love everybody 在一起 - 爱大家

Who ever loves you – love ‘em back 谁永远爱你 - 爱他们回来

You know…love is like a big pothole – you can look at it but don’t fall in it 你知道...爱就像一个大坑洞 - 你可以看看它,但不属于它

L O V E - well, we been married almost 50 years 1。· ; V。E - 嗯,我们已经结婚近50年

You have to try real hard and work at it – and look away 你必须尝试真正的努力和它的工作 - 而看远

Love…it hurts and love is the truth 爱...它伤害和爱是真理

Love never lies…love is not jealous…and love is beautiful (hi hi hi) 爱从不撒谎......爱是不嫉妒......爱情是美丽的(喜喜喜)

Being faithful to the one you love and being true to the one you love 忠实于你爱的人,并忠于自己爱的人

Being nice to everybody…and…you know…and they do the same thing to you…be nice to you 善待每一个人......和......你知道......和他们做同样的事情,你......对你好

Be open to love – don’t get blinded by love 开放给爱 - 不要被爱情蒙蔽

Love is my Harley Davidson – American Made – nothing like it in the world 爱是我的哈雷戴维森 - 美国制造 - 没有像它在世界

(Ba ba bam – ba ba bam) (爸爸BAM - BA BA BAM )

I’m first in everything – if I can’t love myself I can’t love you 我是第一次在一切 - 如果我不能爱自己,我不能爱你

Love the flowers, love the keys – love everything 爱花,爱的钥匙 - 爱的一切

When you open your eyes in the morning then say “It’s a love for me – I’m happy” 当你在早上睁开眼睛,然后说:“这对我的爱 - 我很高兴”

Don’t settle – no matter how old you are 不要停下来 - 不管你有多老

If you’re a girl and you’re 30 years old and your biological clock is ticking ‘cause you feel like you have to have a child - unless you find a person….don’t settle. Keep looking – even if you don’t find that person until you’re 40 or 45 – keep looking. Because once you do and you really find your soul mate it’s a love like no other 如果你是女生,你是30岁,你的生理时钟滴答作响,因为你觉得你已经有一个孩子 - 除非你找到一个人...... .dont结算。继续寻找 - 即使你没有找到这个人,直到你40或45 - 继续寻找。因为一旦你做,你真的找到你的灵魂伴侣是一样,没有其他爱情

Follow your heart – that’s it (hehe) 按照你的心脏 - 这是它(嘿嘿)

Don’t go after the beauties – that’s only skin deep 不要去的美女后 - 这只是虚有其表

There is a very thin line between…you know…being open to love and just letting someone taking advantage of you 还有的......你知道......是开放的爱情,只是让别人利用你一个很细的线

Keep a little guard in you heart and it works out pretty good. You can’t be evil – you got to have good in your heart. As soon as I find me a girl – I show her what love is (hehe hehe) 随身携带一本小后卫,你的心脏和它的作品了相当不错的。你不能成为邪恶的 - 你得有很好的在你的心脏。当我发现我的一个女孩 - 我会告诉她什么是爱(嘿嘿嘿嘿)

Go with the flow 顺其自然

Never loose respect 永不松动的尊重


Don’t get your heart broken 不要让你的心脏破裂

Respect each other – always 尊重对方 - 永远

Off course we need love 关当然,我们需要爱

My relationships are always like a rollercoaster – up and down 我的人际关系总是像过山车 - 向上和向下

Go after the internal 去后的内部

If you fight – go into another room, away, relax, count to 10 (let it come naturally), work it out 如果你打 - 走进另一间屋子,离开,放松,数到10 (让它来自然) ,它的工作了

Be careful with it – be very careful. Enjoy it at the same time…you know…don’t be to worry 要小心了 - 要非常小心。在同一时间享受它......你知道......不要担心

I think it’s all about yourself. Love yourself – then it kind of goes out from that direction 我认为这是所有关于你自己。爱自己 - 种则是从那个方向去了

I think a lot of people try to find things and people and courses – but it’s all searching for that within themselves. You got to hit the base first – or it’s all some kind of hollow 我想有很多人试图找到事物和人与课程 - 但它的所有搜索的范围内自己。你得先打基础 - 或者这一切某种空洞

The best thing to do is to talk about it. Whatever it is just talk – even if it risks the other person getting angry or whatever. You don’t go to bed angry at each other. 做的最好的事情就是谈论它。不管是什么只是说说而已 - 即使它的风险其他人生气或什么的。你不睡觉愤怒的看着对方。

If you talk it through – it’s through – you talk it through – I mean ALL the way through. At the end of it you’re back in love again. It’s the cure – it’s the fix 如果通过谈话 - 这是通过 - 你通过说话 - 我的意思是,一路过关斩将。在它的结束你回来再恋爱了。这是治愈 - 这是修复

There is a recipe to love – communicate… communicate… communicate 有一个配方的爱 - 沟通沟通...沟通...


Love IS giving AND forgiving and that’s the way it should be. Everyone should love each other. Because there should be no hate in the world – period. If everybody loved each other there would be no problems in the world today. It would all be peace – I believe in PEACE 爱是给予和宽容,这就是它应该的方式。每个人都应该彼此相爱。因为不应该有恨的世界 - 的时期。如果每个人都彼此相爱,就不会有今天的世界上没有问题。这都将是和平的 - 我相信,在和平

Yo, love yourself above all else – cause you may grab your feelings of somebody else – love yourself more than anybody else 哟,爱自己看得高于一切 - 因为你可能会抓住你的别人的感受 - 爱自己比任何人都

Love is the meaning of life – do one cool thing to someone else – each day 爱是生命的意义 - 做一件很酷的事情给别人 - 每一天

Take it – whenever you gonna have love, you gonna have pain – just except it – it’s the greatest thing that there is 拿去吧 - 只要你要去有爱,你会感到疼痛 - 只是除了它 - 这是最伟大的事情,有

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