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Get 'Em Out By Friday



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[John Pebble of Styx Enterprises] [冥河企业约翰卵石]


"Get 'em out by Friday! “让时间了星期五!

You don't get paid till the last one's well on his way. 你没有得到他的方式支付,直到最后一个人的好。

Get 'em out by Friday! 让时间了星期五!

It's important that we keep to schedule, there must be no delay." 这是我们不断安排,不得有延迟是非常重要的。 “


[Mark Hall of Styx Enterprises (otherwise known as "The Winkler")] [冥河企业马克大厅(或称为“文克勒”)]


"I represent a firm of gentlemen who recently purchased this “我代表公司绅士谁最近购买了这

house and all the others in the road, 房子和所有其他的道路,

In the interest of humanity we've found a better place for you 在人类的利益,我们已经找到了一个更好的地方适合你

to go, go-woh, go-woh" 走,走,协和,去,窝“


[Mrs. Barrow (a tenant)] [太太巴罗(租客)


"Oh no, this I can't believe, “哦,不,这我不敢相信,

Oh Mary, they're asking us to leave." 哦,玛丽,他们要求我们离开。 “


[Mr. Pebble] [先生卵石]


"Get 'em out by Friday! “让时间了星期五!

I've told you before, 's good many gone if we let them stay. 我已经告诉过你,走的好很多,如果我们让他们留下来。

And if it isn't easy, 如果它是不容易的,

You can squeeze a little grease and our troubles will soon run away." 你可以挤一点油脂,我们的麻烦会很快跑掉。 “


[Mrs. Barrow] [太太巴罗]


"After all this time, they ask us to leave, “这么长的时间后,他们要求我们离开,

And I told them we could pay double the rent. 我告诉他们,我们可以支付双倍的租金。

I don't know why it seemed so funny, 我不知道为什么显得那么可笑,

Seeing as how they'd take more money. 眼看他们会如何采取更多的钱。

The winkler called again, he came here this morning, 再次拨通了温克勒,他今天上午来到这里,

With four hundred pounds and a photograph of the place he has found. 随着400磅和地点的照片,他已经找到。

A block of flats with central heating. 单位有中央供暖系统的一个模块。

I think we're going to find it hard." 我认为我们会发现它很难。 “


[Mr. Pebble] [先生卵石]


"Now we've got them! “现在我们已经得到了他们!

I've always said that cash cash cash can do anything well. 我总是说,现金现金现金可以做任何事情很好。

Work can be rewarding 工作可以是有益的

When a flash of intuition is a gift that helps you 当闪光灯的直觉是一份礼物,可以帮助您

excel-sell-sell-sell." Excel的销售销售销售。 “


[Mr. Hall] [先生大厅]


"Here we are in Harlow New Town, did you recognise your block “在这里,我们是在哈洛新城,你有没有意识到你的块

across the square, over there, 穿过广场,在那里,

Sadly since last time we spoke, we've found we've had to raise 可悲的是,因为我们讲最后一次,我们发现我们不得不提高

the rent again, 租金一遍,

just a bit." 仅仅一点点“ 。


[Mrs. Barrow] [太太巴罗]


"Oh no, this I can't believe “哦,不,这我不敢相信

Oh Mary, and we agreed to leave." 哦,玛丽,我们同意离开。 “


(a passage of time) (时间推移)


18/9/2012 T.V. Flash on all Dial-A-Program Services 18/9/2012电视闪存上的所有打电话问服务计划


This is an announcement from Genetic Control: 这是来自遗传控制的通知:

"It is my sad duty to inform you of a four foot restriction on humanoid height." “这是我悲痛地告知对人形身高四英尺的限制你的。 ”


[Extract from coversation of Joe Ordinary in Local Puborama] [乔的coversation普通提取物在当地Puborama ]


"I hear the directors of Genetic Control have been buying all the “我听说遗传控制的董事会已经购买的所有

properties that have recently been sold, taking risks oh so bold. 最近被出售物业,冒险是如此大胆。

It's said now that people will be shorter in height, 现在是说,人们会更短的高度,

they can fit twice as many in the same building site. 他们能适应尽可能多的在同一建筑工地两次。

(they say it's alright), (他们说这是正常的) ,

Beginning with the tenants of the town of Harlow, 与哈洛镇的居民开始,

in the interest of humanity, they've been told they must go, 在人类的利益,他们已经被告知,他们必须去,

told they must go-go-go-go." 告诉他们必须去,去,去,去。 “


[Sir John De Pebble of United Blacksprings International] [美国Blacksprings国际约翰·卵石爵士]


"I think I've fixed a new deal “我想我已经修复了一个新的协议

A dozen properties - we'll buy at five and sell at thirty four, 十几性能 - 我们就买五,卖在34 ,

Some are still inhabited, 一些仍然有人居住,

It's time to send the winkler to see them, 现在是时候送温克勒看到他们,

he'll have to work some more." 他将要工作多一些。 “


[Memo from Satin Peter of Rock Development Ltd.] [从摇滚发展有限公司缎面彼得备注]


With land in your hand, you'll be happy on earth 随着你的手的土地,你会很高兴在地球上

Then invest in the Church for your heaven. 然后投资在教会为你的天堂。

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