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Georgetown Press



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[Intro:] [简介: ]

Georgetown was very symbolic and very connected. 乔治城是非常象征性的,非常连接。

Not just to "Black D.C." but to "Black America". 不只是“黑特区”但“黑美” 。

They were kind of "Black America's" basketball team for a lot, a lot of people. 他们是一种“黑色美国”篮球队了很多,人也很多。

So, when these stories started coming around on the sports ticker that this big drug dealer was hanging out with several of the players, it was big news. 所以,当这些故事开始在体育,股票,这个大毒枭被挂了几个球员在我身边,那是大新闻。


[Intro 2: Wale] [简介2 :甘文维]

This is a place where opportunities few 这是机会少的地方

And niggas feud for land they'll never own 和黑鬼世仇的土地,他们将永远不会拥有

Where they raise hell and waste shells 在那里,他们提出的地狱和浪费炮弹

And duck baby mamas but rarely escape jail 鸭宝宝的妈妈们却很少逃避坐牢

This is the trap... the trap. 这是陷阱......陷阱。


[Verse 1: Wale] [诗歌1 :甘文维]

Death on my opposition, no 死亡对我的反对,没有

Them watchin' me blow is more than even in the skull 他们在看着我吹不止,甚至在头骨

And my team has a flow, ambition see the results 和我的团队有一个流程,野心查看结果

And to get to my spirit seeing twitpics of them diplomas, word 并让我的精神,看到他们的文凭twitpics ,字

Cannot stress it, through God blessings we made it out 不能强调它,借着上帝的祝福,我们做出来

For the have-nots that have a knot to have knots 对于穷国有一个结有结

Hats off, we been working our ass off 致敬,我们一直致力于我们的屁股

And we all-stars that made the squad with the cap off 我们的全明星,使得球队的帽子摘下

Steinbrenner, designed to make your dynasty weary 施泰因布伦纳,旨在使您疲惫的王朝

Sometimes I'm a dick, but you niggas placenta 有时候,我是一个家伙,但你黑鬼胎盘

And that's the problem, it's a problem, don't dap me my nigga 而这就是问题所在,这是一个问题,不DAP我,我的兄弟们

Just tap me my nigga, then get at me my nigga 只需轻点我,我的兄弟们,然后让我在我的兄弟们

Man fuck a dappin' you rappers should get back off the fingers 男人他妈的dappin “你说唱歌手应该找回断手指

Trust in God and you golden, trust in rap and you empty 相信上帝,而你的黄金,在说唱的信任,你的空

Bust a mac and you gangster, that's how them youngins livin' 胸围是Mac ,你流氓,那是他们youngins如何活着

Shout out that Georgetown Press they still trappin' the district 喊出了乔治敦按他们仍然倒卖毒品区


[Hook] [钩]

Blessings we made it out, blessings we made it out 祝福我们做出来,祝福我们做出来

They still trappin' the district 他们还倒卖毒品区

Trust in God and you golden, trust in rap and you empty 相信上帝,而你的黄金,在说唱的信任,你的空

Blessings we made it out, blessings we made it out 祝福我们做出来,祝福我们做出来

Shout out that Georgetown Press they still trappin' the district 喊出了乔治敦按他们仍然倒卖毒品区


[Verse 2: Lightshow] [诗2:灯光秀]

New nigga, but I'm Patrick Ewing on these blocks 新的黑人,但我尤因对这些块

My mac cold like Dikembe nigga, who need Glocks 我的MAC冷如迪肯贝黑鬼,谁需要Glocks

These crooked cops keep tryin' steal the ball from me 这些歪警察不断试着从我这里偷球

But 'Le like Kevin Braswell with these rock 但“乐凯文布拉斯韦尔这些岩石

600 plus assists, plus this I must admiss 600加助攻,加上这个,我必须admiss

Hard work ain't come with this, that's why I fuck with this 辛苦不让你来了这一点,这就是为什么我他妈的这

G set the fuckin' pick, I went straight to the hole G设置了他妈的挑,我直奔孔

Went to college a day, dropped out went straight for my goals 上了大学,每天辍学直奔我的目标

Now it's dough in my mattress, my bitch look like a actress 现在它的面团在我的床垫,我的母狗看起来像一个女演员

Cause I studied the defense, and I stayed after practice 因为我学的是防守,而我住的做法后,

On my way to the league, only limit the sky 我一直到联赛,只能限制天空

Still I show up to practice, I can't end up A.I. 不过我现身练,我不能结束活性成分

Pay attention don't miss it 注意千万不要错过哦

Shout out to Georgetown but I won't get trapped in the District, nah 喊出乔治敦,但我不会被困在区罗

Lightshow 灯光秀


[Hook] [钩]


[Verse 3: Wale] [第3节:甘文维]

Leader of the people who ain't tryna be led 谁是从来没故意要领导人民领袖

But I'm a get us all back if I can smile all year 但我是一个让我们都回来了,如果我可以微笑全年

I seen bums happy as anyone 我已经看到流浪汉快乐的人

Millionaires set for bread 百万富翁设置面包

Some be livin' for crumbs 有些被活着的面包屑

Motherfuckers don't fuck with us I still be showin' love 怎么就没有和我们一起我还是要露出来爱他妈的

Cause if I was local and they was on it I'd be naah 因为如果我是本地的,他们是在这,我会战胜饥饿国家联盟

Don't trip off what a bitch say, shovel on a good day 不要跳掉什么娘们说,铲上一个美好的一天

All my youngins put up numbers just like Bubbachuck in kente 我所有的youngins竖起数字就像Bubbachuck在肯特

When we can't hit the league we let the streets mislead and dictate 当我们不能打联赛,我们让街道误导和决定

And there is no I in team, but can you read the I on Vick's page 并且在球队没有我的,但你可以读取I在维克的页面

Otto Porter with all the water servin' the corners 奥托·波特与所有的水塞尔的角落

Rayful callin' up 'Zo Mourning before the tourney Rayful呼唤“向上”莫宁莫宁在锦标赛前

Servin' drugs, some us don't make it out here 塞尔“药物,但有些人不让它在这里

My niggas had some plugs, I gave 'em a better outlet 我的黑鬼有一些塞,我给他们打一个更好的出口

There's a difference in words hustle and trappin' 有文字喧嚣和倒卖毒品的差异“

See hustlers find a way out, while the latter can't climb up out it 见混混寻找出路,而后者不能爬上了它

The trap 陷阱


[Hook] [钩]


[Outro:] [尾奏: ]

Georgetown coach John Thompson made a personal appeal to Edmond to stay away from his players. 乔治城教练约翰·汤普森做了一个个人的呼吁爱德蒙远离他的球员。

He built this team into a national power, and now the inspector of a DC drug dealer in the age of crack, you know, well, that could have destroyed everything. 他建立了这个小组成为全国权力,现在的DC毒贩裂纹的年龄检查,你知道,那么,这可能毁掉一切。

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