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The Show



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Verse 1: Rick Ross] [诗歌1 :瑞克·罗斯]

Don't say on the beat what you won't say in the streets 不要说在街上巡逻,你会不会说在街上是什么

Cause face to face niggas never said it to me 原因面对面黑鬼从来没有说过给我

I came here to eat every way to the bone 我来这里吃千方百计地骨

Never put mama on hold up whenever she call 永远不要把妈妈抱上了,每当她打电话

I follow the law, shine bright illuminated 我按照法律规定,光泽明亮照

Got niggas in black hoodies homicide celebrated 黑色帽衫杀人了著名的黑鬼

Folarin on raw, you other nerds stepped on Folarin的原料,你其他的书呆子踩

In my German couture, the Nation of Islam 在我的德国时装,伊斯兰国家

Forgive me, I'm flawed, the dollar signs is all I saw 原谅我,我是有缺陷的,美元的迹象是我看到的

I knew once I got a Beamer, the bitches would come aboard 我知道,一旦我得到了一个投影仪,母犬会来搭乘

I pray to the Lord as I'm holding on the sword 我祈求上帝为我抱着剑

And off with your niggas' heads if you come between me and tomorrow 和关闭您的黑鬼的头,如果你来我和明天之间

Nike, and I upgraded the Ree's 耐克,而我升级稀土元素的

Real checks is all a nigga sees 真正的检查,是所有黑人看到

So watch where you step and love what you rep 所以,看在那里你一步,爱​​你所代表

And realize that today is just another test 并意识到今天只是一个测试

Say bye to the boy 说再见的男孩


[Hook: Aaron Wess] [钩:阿龙弗兰克韦斯]

This crazy world 这个疯狂的世界

Is all I know 是我所知道的

The cars and clothes 汽车和衣服

It's all for show 这都是作秀

So let's start the show 因此,让我们开始表演

Let's start the show 让我们开始表演

Let's start the show 让我们开始表演

Let's start the show 让我们开始表演


[Verse 2: Wale] [诗2:甘文维]

And I'm feeling like the world's at my neck 而且我感觉像世界上在我的脖子

When your revenue's sufficient you just work for respect 当你的收入已经足够你刚工作的尊重

Every verse, every breath, your dollar woes is adios 每首诗,每一次呼吸,你的美元危机是阿迪奥斯

Minus the arrogance, might these coons' is maricons 减去的嚣张气焰,可能这些​​浣熊“是maricons

Not even close to touching us, what the fuck is up? 甚至还没有接近触摸我们,他妈的是怎么了?

Heroes turn to clockers and sellers turn into customers 英雄变成clockers和卖家转成客户

All my money coming in plural far as the women love 我所有的钱,多来尽可能的女人爱

All my bunnies outta this world like Captain Bucky O 我所有的兔子失控这个世界如巴基船长Ø

Hair to the small of her back 头发的小的她的背影

Probably just wanted a nigga stashed 也许只是想藏黑鬼

And tell me that it ain't cause of rap 并告诉我,这是不是造成说唱

And I got plans, homie, calling her back 我和别人约好了,哥们,叫她回来

The ones who never hear back 那些从来没有谁听到回

My type of ho like a [?] text 我豪型像[?]文

And I brought Virginia, the District, as well as Maryland back 我带弗吉尼亚州,区,以及马里兰州回来

But I must have done it all with Rey Mysterio's hat 但我必须做这一切与雷伊的Mysterio的帽子

I put my soul in the culture, but what is it giving me back? 我把我的灵魂在文化,但究竟是什么让我回来?

Has your niggas mind erased, don't let your memory lapse, boy 贵黑鬼介意被删除,不要让你的记忆失误,男孩


[Hook] [钩]


[Verse 3: Wale] [第3节:甘文维]

Upper echelon spitting, what the fuck is up? 高层的官员吐痰,他妈的是怎么了?

I'm hospitable, blowing on that medical 我是热情好客的,吹在医疗

And I wish that Channel 2 would give a nigga better news 我希望通道2将给予黑人更好的消息

But everybody hanging with us rarely ever knew us 但是每个人都挂着我们很少能认识我们

Forever rude hoes, I don't ever need 永远的粗鲁锄头,我也不需要

Can't stimulate me mentally, then we should never be 不能激发我的精神,那么我们就应该永远

However we can meet, it's something from you I need 但是我们能满足,它的东西,从你我需要

It's something about women I don't need 这是一些关于女人,我不需要

I'll forever fiend for, even if a nigga team's full 我将永远为恶魔,即使一个黑人球队的全

They riding with the styles and that's word to Team Wolf 他们骑的风格,这就是一句话团队狼

You know the team'll do it, cause the team is raw 你知道teamll做它,导致球队是生

They know your lady scream, but I'm in her jeans as much 他们知道你的女人的尖叫声,但是我在她的牛仔裤一样多

Back for her feature that angry Willy when I be busy 回到自己的功能,威利生气时,我会很忙

Before I hit it they was selling me "wire over sixty" 之前我打它,他们是卖我“线过六旬”

Racks for a rap, racks for a rap 机架的说唱,机架的说唱

Now I see the same niggas charging for a dap 现在,我看到了同样的黑鬼充电的DAP


[Hook] [钩]

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