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Front Porch



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Danny Boy] [丹尼男孩]

On the porch, on the porch 门廊,门廊上

Smokin reefa 斯莫reefa

Hmmm yeah 嗯是的


[Liffy Stokes] [ Liffy斯托克斯]

I woke up early Saturday morning sick off Rhemy and brews 我很早就星期六早上生病醒来后关闭Rhemy和啤酒

Wit a hang over from blues 机智的蓝调挂在

Hurl on my clothes and shoes stomach on wooz 投掷在我的衣服和鞋子上wooz胃

From this killer weed that's so fired it made your nose bleed 从这个杀手杂草,是如此解雇它让你的鼻子流血

I had me so high, my brain was fried movin at slow speed 我有我这么高,我的脑子炸往前慢速

This thick bitch chose me and was stickin like liquor 这厚厚的婊子选择了我,并朵朵像白酒

She look to tight that bodies right my heart and mind was like "Dick her" 她看紧了机构的权利我的心脏和头脑像“迪克她”

But wit my body aching from hurl sensation that's got me shaken 但机智我的身体疼痛,从投的感觉,是让我震撼

I swiftly took the number and passed on ass that was for the taken í迅速占领数和屁股,这是对采取通过

I remember wakin up at the flat fucked up in the back 我记得周华健起来,在性交在后面的平

Checkin on my weed and scratch I damn near fell out the lat 签上我的杂草和划痕í差点儿跌出纬度

I hit the sack to sleep it off woke up woozy and still smoking 我打了麻袋睡而过就醒了头昏眼花,仍然吸烟

Twista's wishes thinking about last night and the bitch that was scopin 特斯塔的愿望想着昨晚的母狗这是scopin

Fuck it lets get 'em on I grabbed the phone "Girl call your friends" 他妈的它让我们兴奋的歌我抓起电话“女孩打电话给你的朋友”

Then I hit Twista and Maze and them bout the bitch in the Benz 然后我打特斯塔和迷宫和他们较量,在奔驰的母狗

Nigga push only cause I see them already been in the block 只有黑人推,因为我看到他们已经在该块

You know the lit niggas you'll find us in my favorite spot 你知道上火黑鬼,你会发现我们在我最喜欢的地方

And that's on 而这对


[Chorus 2x] [合唱2倍]

The front porch smoking reefa 前廊吸烟reefa

The weed got 'em feelin umm hmm 杂草有时间觉得难过呃嗯

On the front porch getting deeper 在前廊越来越深

Ghetto love got 'em feelin, umm hmm yeah yeah 贫民窟的爱情有时间感觉,呃嗯是啊是啊


[Maze] [迷宫]

In the summer I hit the front porch wit a morning B 在夏季早上乙我打的前廊机智

Sippin on the duce duce OZ 啜饮着对领袖领袖OZ

And I be killin me how many thick fees I see 我被扼杀我,我有多少厚的收费见

Getting bubbly waitin for Stokes and T, I spit a little game at three 入门香槟等待着斯托克斯和T ,我吐一个小游戏在三个

Tryin to talk up on the shoppin spree 试着谈起来就SHOPPIN大礼包

Or a B of that stinky green free 或者说,臭绿色免费的乙

Straight getting, to puff puff pass 直让,以噗噗通

and drive up my gas hittin all the hot blocks 并带动了我的气体是地球上所有的热块

Bumpin "Legit Ballers" to "Rock Y'all Spot" Bumpin “正统剧Ballers ”到“摇滚你们都点”

Everybody know the shit 'bout to drop 每个人都知道狗屎回合下降

See from Northbound to Ten Row in it go tryin to get they props 看到从北到十排在它去试着让它们道具

Pollutin the air wit squares, blunts, and tops Pollutin空气机智广场,钝器,和上衣

Settin up shops for lots comin back nots 设置搜索了店铺的地段科曼回来穷人

Each and everyday of the week 一周中的每一天

the Mobsta Elites be on somebody porch dumpin heat 该Mobsta精英是对别人的门廊dumpin热

Bustin flows in the cipher getting deep 巴斯廷在密码流越来越深

While we cheat something sweet to Legendary beats 虽然我们骗甜的东西,以传说中的节拍

'Till we reached our peak 直到我们到达高峰

Scummy aloud attractin crowds to the street 卑鄙的朗读期Attractin人群的街道

Then it's time to retreat grab something to eat 然后,是时候撤退抢东西吃

And head to the late front to get up wit some freaks 和头部的前后期起床机智一些怪胎

Wit a treat under the seat 机智的座位下一种享受

For the cats who get the sudden urge and wanna try to jack 对于谁得到突然的冲动,并想托住猫

Cause when your pockets is fat 因为当你的口袋里的脂肪

It seems like all the haters and hood-rats want to attack 好像所有的仇敌和罩只想要攻击

And when the park close we hit the liquor store 而当公园,靠近我们打的酒品店

for a box of Sitches and a fifth of Yak 一盒Sitches和牦牛的五分之一

South on the corner and get a few sacks 南方的角落,弄几麻袋

Or betta yet the whole pack so we can get back 或斗鱼但整包,所以我们可以找回

On the


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Twista] [特斯塔]

One morning I 一天早上,我

Woke up next to a choclate fee and a red bone 醒了旁边的一个choclate费和红骨髓

My dick was hard I started stroking and poking 我的鸡巴是很难,我开始爱抚和戳

After toppin I tell them to role the blunt 托平后,我告诉他们的角色钝

Cause on the front I hear them niggas steady smoking and jokin 原因在前面,我听到他们黑鬼稳定吸烟和jokin

I heard it's gonna be hot outside gotta get up and lay my clothes out 我听说这会是外热得起床,躺在我的衣服了

It's gonna be too many hoes out 这会是太多了锄头

Before my ladies rolled out I got 'em to clean up the whole house 之前,我的女士推出了我得到了时间来清理整个房子

Then I threw my fit on look in the mirror get on gone 然后,我把我的贴合在照镜子坐上走了

"Nigga you looking dope because you got a knot" “黑鬼,你看涂料,因为你有一个心结”

Ain't no cruising up out the hop 是不是没有向上游弋出跳

I'm hangin by the spot cause I had to put the Lexus off up in the shop 我被当场犹豫不决的原因,我不得不把雷克萨斯关在店

But it's all to good it's a hood thang 但是,这一切都为好它的引擎盖胜

Never too bogus notice the love on the block that nigga coolin 永远不要太假通知块上的爱,兄弟们coolin

Aiming the radio out the window steady grooving 针对无线电窗外稳定开槽

Tip by the corner store wit the indo steady movin 提示在街头小店机智印度稳定居无定所

Niggas who flippin new 98's is steady cruising 谁弗利新98的黑鬼稳定巡航

Bumpin up the block flossin for the chicks cause they rich Bumpin了块flossin的原因,他们丰富的小鸡

But I ain't leavin off the front with the blunt 不过,我不会再走了前面的钝

Set a switch just to pull in all the thickest btiches 设置一个开关只是为了拉在所有最厚btiches

At the crib I can't get caught wit heat 在婴儿床,我不能让她的老公机智的热量

If it's some static I shall chalk and sweep 如果是一些静态的,我会用粉笔和扫描

I go and get the B's up off but chief 我去弄了B的了断,但长

"Come get me if the phone for me I'm at the party across the street" “快来帮我,如果手机对我来说,我在街对面的党”

I'm enjoying the breeze high degreez and no ease 我很享受微风高degreez没有缓解

Pockets be full of G's smoking B's hiding the fees 口袋里满G公司吸烟的B的隐藏收费

Making no enemies the po P's yellin out "Freeze" 使没有敌人宝普的喊出来“冻结”

Serving niggas wit ease staking cheese so nigga please 服务黑鬼机智轻松跑马圈地奶酪所以请兄弟们

Tell me 'bout some ghetto love 告诉我回合一些贫民窟的爱

Homies around smoking Newports 'till the brew drunk short 兄弟们身边吸烟Newports “ ,直到酿造酒短

You can travel the world can't find a place like home 你可以周游世界找不到像家一样的地方

With a crib on the front with a skunk torch 与前面婴儿床与臭鼬火炬

Ain't nothing lie 是不是什么骗人的

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