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Food For Thought



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Intro: Joell] [简介: Joell ]

Yo I ain't gon' front, shorty used to look GOOOOOD 哟,我是不是gon前,矮子看惯GOOOOOD

She's just lookin alright nowadays 她只是看着如今好吗

It's crazy {"C-C-C-Cookin Soul"} 这太疯狂了{“ C-C -C -乱打魂” }


[Joell Ortiz:] [ Joell奥尔蒂斯: ]

Uhh, I toss and turn, I can't sleep at night 呃,我辗转反侧,我不能在晚上睡觉

I see that it was your love that inspired me to write 我看,这是你的爱,启发我写

I remember that day in the summer of 9-2 我记得那一天在9-2夏天

Everybody gathered 'round and they was talkin 'bout you 每个人都围绕着他们在说话你的思念

Eavesdropped for an hour and was happy when I left 偷听了一小时,很高兴我离开的时候

Went upstairs and wrote what I would say the day we met 上楼去了,写了什么,我会说,我们见面的日子

A little shorty then but I was confident to death 小矮个子则,但我有信心到死

They made you sound so fly so I just tried to be my best 他们让你的声音就这样飞了,所以我只是想成为我最好的

Crumpled a couple papers, first impressions happen once 皱巴巴的一对夫妇的论文,第一印象一旦发生

So I just wrote what I had heard - sippin liquor, rap and blunts 所以,我只是写我所听到的 - 啜饮着酒,说唱,钝器

Everybody said you liked that so that's what I tried to offer 大家都说你很喜欢这所以这就是我试图提供

My crush on you was out of this world like a flyin saucer 我对你暗恋是这个世界就像一个飞碟飞翔

So next day I went outside and told the guys 于是第二天,我走到外面,告诉球员

What I'm a tell you when we met and they looked at me all surprised 我是多么告诉你,当我们满足,他们看着我都惊讶

My age was so young yet my words so mature 我的年龄还这么年轻但我的话那么成熟

One dude turned and said "She just might let you in the door" 一个伙计转身说: “她可能只是让你的门”


[Interlude: Joell] [插曲: Joell ]

Y'knowmsayin? I had such a crush on this girl cause Yknowmsayin ?我有这样一个暗恋这个女孩的原因

She was beautiful back then, it was like 9-2 她是美丽的背部,然后,它像9-2

E'rybody's gathered 'round in front of my buildin talkin about her Erybody的收集轮在我的buildin在说她的面前

I'm like "Yo I can't wait 'til I meet her" 我很喜欢“哟,我不能等待,直到我遇见了她”

I went upstairs inspired! Y'knowmsayin? 我上楼的启发! Yknowmsayin ?

Like, start writin down ideas like what I'm a tell her, the day we met 像,开始以创作下来的想法像我是告诉她,那天我们见面

Like damn, check it 就像该死的,检查它


[Joell Ortiz:] [ Joell奥尔蒂斯: ]

After years of talkin to the guys I sharpened my pick-up lines 经过多年的说话的家伙,我削尖我的回升行

And recorded 'em, makin sure they was delivered to you fine 并记录他们,马金肯定他们交付给你罚款

From tryin to find you it was myself that I would find 从试着找你那是我自己,我会找到

So I told you who I was and the chronicles I designed 所以,我告诉你我是谁和编年史我设计

Then a few years ago Koch Records gave me a sign 随后几年前科赫唱片给了我一个手势

I was doin the right thing when they put some money behind 我是干什么的正确的事情时,他们把一些钱的背后

My story, they figued you like what I had to say 我的故事,他们figued你喜欢什么,我不得不说

I was popular, my story had even got back to Dre 我是受欢迎的,我的故事,甚至一回到肛门指诊

Knew we was gon' meet, so I tried to stay calm 知道我们是坤见面,所以我试图保持冷静

But I was fin' to be the man if I had you on my arm 但我是鱼翅“是男人,如果我有你在我的手臂

Ain't get to my head though, still wrote my letters with charm 是不是让我的头,虽然,仍然写了我的信有魅力

That's when a dude named Nas wrote a letter that you was gone 这时候,一个名为Nas的家伙写的,你已经走了的信

Tried not to believe him but then he was co-signed 试着不要去相信他,但随后他被共同签署

By writers across the globe that was on they own grind 通过在这是对他们的全球作家自己磨

So what was I supposed to do? (what?) 那么,什么是我应该做的? (什么? )

For the first time in a long time I ain't have nothin to look forward to 这是第一次在很长一段时间我是不是有什么好期待


[Interlude: Joell] [插曲: Joell ]

So y'all followin me, right? 所以,你们跟随着我,对不对?

I mean I'm pretty sure by now y'all should have an idea of who I'm talkin 'bout 我的意思是我敢肯定,现在你们应该对谁,我对你说,布特的想法

I'm pretty sure y'all don't think she look as fly 我敢肯定,你们不觉得她看起来像苍蝇

As she used to back in the days either 由于她曾经在天回任

So I ain't alone in this vote, but um 所以,我不单单是这一票,但是,恩

I'm a try to, I'm a try to save her, man 我是一个尝试,我尝试救她,男人

I'm a try to rescue her, man 我是去救她,男人

Y'knowmsayin? She deserve that (listen) Yknowmsayin ?她应该是(听)


[Joell Ortiz:] [ Joell奥尔蒂斯: ]

I still wrote to you, even though I heard the rumors 我还写信给你,即使我听到的传闻

That's when I came to my own understandin of who you was 这时候,我来到了我自己,你是谁的相互理解

No one's actually met you, they just write and hope you hear it 没有人真正认识你,他们只是写,希望你能听到

And hope that you're attracted to the person in their lyrics 希望你在他们的歌词吸引到的人

Some people try to bag you by tellin you what they have 有些人试图袋您在告诉你他们有什么

Hopin you're materialistic and like to brag 河滨你是物质的,喜欢吹牛

Others try to scoop you by portrayin that they tough 其他人试图通过portrayin他们艰难舀你

Prayin that you're a good girl and you like 'em rough 祈祷,你是个好女孩,你喜欢他们粗糙

The newest sensation's tryin to get you through a dance 最新的感觉的试着让你通过一个舞蹈

So if y'all bump heads at a party you'll give him an extra glance (hey!) 所以,如果你们都撞头在一个聚会上,你会给他一个额外的一瞥(嘿! )

Then there's a couple people like I 此外,还有一对夫妇的人就像我

That let you know exactly who they are, why not? 这让你知道他们是究竟是谁,为什么不呢?

But not a soul's met you face-to-face 但是,没有一个人的满足你的脸对脸

So with every word they write is where they place the faith 因此,与他们写的每一个字是他们把信仰

(Dear hip-hop) Provin the next line in this lyric (亲爱的hip-hop ) PROVIN下一行这个歌词

How can hip-hop be dead when she's a spirit? 如何街舞死的时候,她的精神?


[Outro: Joell] [尾奏: Joell ]

YAOWA! Joell Ortiz (yeah) YAOWA ! Joell奥尔蒂斯(耶)

Just fuckin 'round with my pen again, you know 只是他妈的轮我的笔再次,你知道

Food for thought nigga, haha 耐人寻味的兄弟们,哈哈

I'm nice! [laughs] Yo man 我很好! [笑]男人哟

I don't even know, where this gon' end up, but just give it some air 我什至不知道,在这坤结束了,但只要给它一些空气

Rrrrah! Rrrrah !

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