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Fait Accompli



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Verse 1:] [诗歌1 : ]

Type on keyboard blind, sign in- everybody say hi 输入键盘上的盲目,签署IN-大家打个招呼

I'm the holy hip hop Majai 我是圣洁的嘻哈Majai

Them motherfuckers kicked in the door, I got excited 这些贱人,一脚踢在门,我很兴奋

When I realized who who it was I got silent 当我意识到是谁,这是我沉默了谁

Morgan Freeman told the country it's all over 摩根·弗里曼告诉全国一切都结束了

Danny Glover said the same thing but slower 丹尼·格洛弗说,同样的事情,但速度较慢

Now they say he's worse than Carter 现在他们说,他比卡特更糟糕

Him and his big head daughters 他和他的大脑袋的女儿

They don't care about collapse of the dollar 他们不在乎美元崩溃

The population of a planet cries out for more 行星的人口迫切要求更多

They are ignored and repeatedly provoked to war 它们将被忽略,并多次挑起战争

Martial Law, what you think they was hoping for? 过江龙,你想到了什么,他们所期待的?

All you gotta' do is walk through that open door 所有你必须​​做是通过打开的门走

Modern man - is but a primitive hologram 现代的人 - 不过是一种原始的全息图

Transhumans, revolutions with pots and pans Transhumans ,转用锅碗瓢盆

The god gene is the dominant strand 神基因是显性链

The politics don't matter - the left, right or they communist plans 政治没有关系 - 左,右或他们的共产主义计划


[Verse 2:] [诗2: ]

If you don't want beef - pipe down that inflammatory speech 如果您不希望牛肉 - 旱烟炎性讲话

Throw you in the Goulag for weeks 你扔在Goulag数周

Which pussy riot whore passport to go to Hong Kong? 这猫防暴妓女护照去香港?

Nah nigger.. you ain't going on tour 罗黑鬼..你是不是去旅游

The hood die young with guns and tied tongues 引擎盖英年早逝枪绑舌头

Daughters and sons smoke drugs that fry lungs 女儿和儿子抽烟的药物,炒肺

When liars tell the truth, nobody believes them 当骗子说实话,没有人相信他们

Then along comes somebody they can trust that deceives them 然后来别人就可以相信他们欺骗

One ounce of silver, one once of copper 一盎司的银,铜中的一个一次

That's all I got , that ain't enough to stop 'em 这就是我的一切,那是不够的,停止时间

The problem that we face is race 我们面对的问题是比赛

Even if you ain't black, you can't escape this draconian fate 即使你不黑,你不能逃脱这个命运的严酷

Partnership, trancspacific, free speech no longer permitted 伙伴关系, trancspacific ,言论自由不再允许

Guilty as charged, you will not be acquitted 罪名成立,你将不会被无罪释放

Listen - you taking a piss? You better not be 听着 - 你要带小便?你最好不要

You on the black list, everybody bout to get stripped 您的黑名单上,每个人都差不多要获得剥夺

Yeah, you know what they say, it is what it is till it ain't 是的,你知道他们说什么,这是它是什么,直到它不

So what - you go hard in the paint 那么是什么 - 你在内线去努力

Whatever, hurry up and wait till it's too late to change the stakes 不管结果如何,赶快等到为时已晚改变的利害关系

The nuisance abates, the truth is you're abused by the state 滋扰消退,但事实是你被国家滥用

Get small stay home and pray 让小呆在家里祈祷

Raytheon drones strafe, no home is safe 雷神公司的无人驾驶飞机扫射,没有家是安全的

Don't watch the throne, watch that nordics face 不要看的宝座,眼看那北欧人脸

Ididarod dog race across unthawed straights 整个unthawed直道Ididarod狗比赛

For the agent provocateur in all lace 对于所有的花边密探

Muscle therapy Kate, Uleander in a sauna feeding me grapes 治疗肌肉凯特, Uleander在桑拿喂我葡萄

She pour cold champagne in the warm spring lake 她冷倒香槟,在温暖的春天湖

Brought her to my seed vault for the cost of freight 把她带到我的种子库的运费成本

"Svalbard" how's it feel to rule the world? Wait! “斯瓦尔巴特群岛”怎么感觉统治世界?等待!

I got one kernel of corn on my plate, stop dreaming get back to base 我得到了玉米的一个内核上我的盘子里,不要妄想回到基地

Well ok - But why the flight time shorter than the pat downs take? 以及确定 - 但为什么飞行时间比拍落短走?

It's because freedom is fake in a police state 这是因为自由是假的警察国家

USA constitution got shredded in oh 8 美国宪法得到切丝哦8

Able bodied adults, that can't get out of the cult 身强力壮的成年人,不能让邪教出来

They say that's it's the luciferians fault 他们会说,它是luciferians故障

And now Holocaust healthcare is not much better than welfare 现在,大屠杀医疗不比福利好很多

Assassin dress like mailman 刺客穿得像邮差

Violence doesn't discriminate, it's just has to intimidate 暴力不歧视,只是有恐吓

Now you got a Zimmerman in your face 现在,你在你的脸上有一个齐默尔曼

I see the people of the world protest in vain 我看世界的抗议的人白白

While the antichrist reigns through the sons of Cain 虽然通过该隐的子孙敌基督统治

Righteous people of the world protest in vain 全世界正义人士抗议是徒劳

While the antichrist reigns rain rain and rains 而敌基督统治有雨有雨或雨水

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