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I take it Easy 我把它简单

[Verse 1] [诗歌1 ]

Upside down, I pick wigs for beetles 倒过来,我拿起假发甲虫

Pry 'em out and pin 'em to the polar of the see-saw 撬时间了,并针时间到极地的拉锯

Sofa cobra shimmy out crater 沙发眼镜蛇舞动出火口

Cradle my weight in double wishbone suspension 摇篮,我的体重在双横臂独立悬架

Versus AM clock radio bangers 与AM收音机闹钟爆竹

Downside up in cripple acres and still the fountainhead 下行在拐子亩,仍是源头

Spittle sniglets quicker than quidditch seekers snatch golden snitches 唾沫sniglets比魁地奇求职者更快抢夺金色飞贼

You could be a part of it 你可以成为它的一部分

Just park your bark at 20 paces 刚停好皮的20步

Hold this target and we'll call this bitch a partnership 保持这个目标,我们会打电话给这个婊子合作

Man, the city bred the brittle cheapo 人,城市孕育了脆小气鬼

Little Lego people squeezing little Lego Polaroid in keyhole 小乐高的人在锁孔挤压小乐高宝丽

Media breather needy burrow to hide all 媒体歇口气有需要的洞穴隐藏所有

While you friends and neighbors press stethoscopes to the drywall 当你的朋友和邻居按听诊器的石膏板

Curl a worm tongue tight, bitten behind the vamp chopper foaming 卷曲蠕虫舌头紧,咬鞋面菜刀泡沫的背后

Lamb choppy sock puppet fear and loathing 羊肉波涛汹涌的袜子木偶的恐惧和厌恶

Need phoners a.s.a.p. to build careers out of misquoting 需要phoners a.s.a.p.建立了职业生涯中错误地引用

So I read Aesop interviews and get schooled on my own motives 所以我读伊索面试并获得接受教育对我自己的动机

It's a pocketful of nickels, like Cool Hand Luke decapitating 这是一个口袋镍,像铁窗喋血斩首

Parking meters when the pigs blew the whistles like windmills 泊车咪表当猪自爆喜欢风车的口哨

I went to jail overnight for putting a sticker on a phone booth 我去监狱过夜把贴纸上的电话亭

Now in the time that you did the paperwork 现在,在你做文书工作的时间

How many'd the rapists merk? 如何manyd强奸犯默克?

Panicky banister silver surf over the wobbles where the potholes 恐慌栏杆银色冲浪在摆动,其中坑洼

Be the ulcer in the stomach of the God show 在神展会胃的溃疡

You blinded by the light you might just plummet through the cosmos 你蒙蔽你可能在宇宙刚刚暴跌光

Meet Apollo sandman function before the whore hit the high note 妓女才相约阿波罗睡魔功能打高记

[Chorus] [合唱]

I take it easy, the ice is thinning in the valley of the jeep beats 我把它简单,冰变薄吉普车节拍谷

And when the freaks come out I hug a TV 当怪胎出来后,我抱着一台电视机

Somehow a channel zero bender's less creepy, it's bliss 不知怎的,一个通道为零弯管机的少毛骨悚然,这是幸福

Repeat with a twist...Easy 与一捻重复...易

When every martian in the market holler feed me 当在市场上叫喊每个火星喂我

The all city opinion spicket leaky 在所有城市的意见spicket漏

You learn more when your mouth piece retreat, it's bliss 你了解更多的时候你的嘴片的撤退,这是幸福

Now listen to this...oh OK 现在听这个......哦确定

All day every day, oh all right, all night every night 每天全天的哦没事,晚上每天晚上

[Verse 2] [诗歌2]

Whose capitain gon' spew stale venom? Not mine... 谁capitain坤喷出毒液过时?不是我的...

I hug a hammock in the bedlam 拥抱着的吊床在疯人院

And when the potentially lucrative race horse gets deaded 当潜在的有利可图的赛马被deaded

I'll wake up for a second to help the betters count their blessings 我醒来的第二个帮助更佳指望他们的祝福

But I cannot cratchet crutch the Ebenezer limbs much longer 但我不能cratchet更长拐杖的肢体埃比尼泽

Flaccid flimsy songbirds, classic dizzy wrong turns 弛缓性脆弱的鸣禽,经典的晕圈错

For the long term got a dragon all achy 从长远来看有一个龙的所有疼痛的

Torn between the lending of a helping five knuckles 的帮助5指关节的贷款之间徘徊

And a charter your own escape 和租船自己逃生

Now it's like, sufferin' succotash, bucko, ducks in the chuckle patch 现在它就像,在痛苦豆煮玉米, bucko ,鸭子在暗笑补丁

10-4 on that, stinger opinion, wingman double back 10-4上,毒刺看来,僚机双回

Fuck it, Let him roam the home of the mange ridden emaciated 他妈的,让他流落奶源的故乡缠身憔悴

Slave pain cave children game 从疼痛洞穴儿童游戏

Not all players heal the same, learn it or don't learn shit 并不是所有的球员愈合一样,学习它,或者不学习狗屎

My radio is on regardless 我的电台是不管

I tune out pardons and tune in starlets 我调了赦免,并调小明星

Carbon and pre-David/Goliath live Paleolithic bias 碳和预大卫/巨人生活旧石器时代偏见

Who walks on all fours dragging the cadaver of King Midas 谁在拖迈达斯国王的尸体四肢着地行走

Now it's Thor dwarf war hammers, Elvin bow and arrow aimers 现在是雷神战争矮锤,埃尔文弓箭射击运动员

Documentation of the rate at which narrow tapers 在这狭窄的锥形率文档

Hermit crab, honest cat, trying to raise the roof in my own TV room 寄居蟹,诚实猫,努力提高屋顶在我自己的电视室

And still get the security deposit back 仍能获得安全押金

Call Ripley, skippy, motorhead dope fixture on some go to bed no dinner 呼叫里普利,四季宝, MOTORHEAD涂料夹具一些睡觉不吃饭

Hold your head cold winter 抬起你的头寒冷的冬天

Ease up out of the ghastly, desert dozer cliques stranded on cloud 8 缓和了滞留在云8阴森,沙漠推土机拉帮结派

Proud of their pogo sticks, I stay left 引以为傲的弹簧单高跷的,我留左

Along came a spider, sprung and alert, I stay def 沿着来了一只蜘蛛,弹簧和警报,我留高清

He makes records with his tongue in the dirt 他做的记录,他的舌垢

Suffer the dirty earth crisis with a license to flirt 苦脏地球危机许可证调情

Buffer the mighty tighty sequins with a price on the mersh 缓冲强大的tighty与亮片的mersh价格

Covert Mr. Blizzard shoulder, he always acts all pissy 隐蔽先生暴雪的肩膀,他总是充当所有pissy

Plus your friend said I was an asshole when he met me 再加上你的朋友说我是个混蛋,当他见到我

No bad moods aloud when you're in the public eye 没有不好的心情,当你出现在公众面前大声

Kill it, you are the weakest link, goodbye 杀了它,你是最薄弱的环节,再见

[Chorus] [合唱]

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