歌词 "Devil & Us" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

Devil & Us



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Verse 1: Erick Arc Elliott] [诗歌1 :埃里克弧埃利奥特]

Man I feel worthless, a good purchase 男人,我觉得不值钱,良好的进货

Abiding by the law, good purp and good purpose 按法律规定, PURP好和良好的目的,守法

I ain't perfect, nobody on this earth is 我是不是完美的,没有人在这个地球上是

Sweeter than the cherry of a virgin 不是处女的樱桃更甜

Got me out the loop like this cursive 让我像这样草书循环

Eyes blink, nervous, words slur lurkin a wordsmith 眼睛一眨不眨,紧张,言语含糊的声音lurkin à语言大师

And the worst is, kinda perturbed bitch 而最糟糕的是,还挺忐忑的婊子

If you ain't talking 'bout money I'm allergic 如果你不是在说回合的钱我过敏

Six feet deep nigga where the dirt is 六英尺深的兄弟们那里的污物

And bad bitches keep them guns inside they purses 而且坏女人让他们的枪里面,他们的钱包

The devil tongue got me sprung through these verses 魔鬼的舌头让我透过这些诗句如雨后春笋般涌现

If I'm the number one somethin' gotta surface 如果我的头号事端得面

Grade school played a fool, did the math on it 小学起一个傻瓜,做数学题就可以了

Hella blind to these hoes so I passed on it 海拉瞎这些锄头所以我通过就可以了

Show them titties girls put my autograph on it 他们展示的titties女孩把我的签名就可以了

Broken dreams dog, rappin' with a cast on it 梦碎的狗,用铸上说唱


[Verse 2:] [诗2: ]

Lyrical child of the indigo 靛蓝的奈子

Heathens pray to god, I'm only 'bout the literal 异教徒向上帝祈祷,我只是回合的文字

I can see your third eye, talk about a miracle 我可以看到你的第三只眼,谈了奇迹

Take a walk in my shoes, most of you just tippy-toe 散步在我的鞋,你最多只是毛尖脚趾的

Time feelin' awesome engraved in my coffin 时间感觉真棒刻在我的棺材

One whiff will make you pause, make you nauseous 一个味儿会让你停下,让你恶心

Then I'm livin' proof ask Luke where the force is 那么我活着的证明要求卢克所在的力

Bury me a G, tailored suit lookin' gorgeous 把我埋个G,量身定制的西装看着的华丽

Floorless, burn spliffs like I forfeit 无地板,烧spliffs就像我放弃

Shut your eyes and enjoy the endorphins 闭上你的眼睛,享受内啡肽

Deep seas yuh, swimmin' with the dolphins 深海裕,泳装“与海豚

Back it up please proceed to move with caution 对其进行备份,请继续移动慎用

There's no facade, the zombies in the soir 有没有门面,在晚报的僵尸

Christian is the call but they never pray to god 基督徒的电话,但他们从来没有向上帝祈祷

If victory is war then we never met 'em 如果胜利是战争的话,我们从来没有见过时间

If you dancin' with the devil then I'm walkin' on the stars 如果你跳舞“与魔鬼然后我走着的明星


[Verse 3: Juice] [第3节:果汁]

Frog skin glasses, grippin' fat asses 青蛙的皮肤眼镜, grippin “胖驴

My style surpasses, finger to the masses 我的风格超越,手指群众

Heron samples tryna make examples 苍鹭样本tryna使示例

All the wack rappers talking it tryna make examples 所有的怪人说唱歌手商量tryna使示例

Young ass nigga where your money at nigga 年轻的屁股黑鬼你的钱的兄弟们

Spit that gudda rap nigga, get ya mummy wrapped nigga 吐了gudda说唱兄弟们,让雅木乃伊包裹黑鬼

Pocket full of stones, leave blood in the floor 口袋里装满了石头,让血液在地板上

Blood stains on the wall blood rains in the morgue 墙壁上的血降雨在太平间血迹

I'm rotten, I'm stiff 我是烂的,我僵硬

Welcome to the underworld life's a bitch 欢迎来到阴间的生活是一个婊子

A corpse, a carcass 尸体嘛,胎体

Middle finger to the world in my new shhhh 中指世界在我的新的嘘

It's grimy, it's gudda 这是肮脏的,它是gudda

Real shit just a bad motherfucker 真正的狗屎只是一个坏娘

Devolved, deceased 权力下放,死者

Bare arms see the [?] in belief 裸露的手臂看[?]信仰

Bear stroll, come and walk with a beast 熊漫步,前来散步与兽

Drink beer so a nigga kinda slur when he speak 喝啤酒让黑人有点含糊,当他说话

Requiem the dead never walks so we never in 安魂曲的死绝不走,所以我们从来没有在

Psilocybin high I'm on another binge 裸盖菇碱高,我在另一个狂欢

Inny mini miney mo, a lot of ya'll niggas ain't built for the throne INNY迷你miney谟,很多你们大家黑鬼是不是专为王位

Quote me if I'm wrong, levelheaded, headstrong 报给我,如果我错了,头脑清醒,任性

Drink your lix of holy water to build up 你喝圣水LIX建立

Ayahuasca, Yopo, I'm so gone 死藤水, Yopo ,我好走了

My soul's worn, I'm so drawn, I'm so torn 我的灵魂穿,我很吸引,我好撕

Seize the moment seize rye seed the omen 抓住时机抢占黑麦种子的预兆

Juice go hard, seeds are roamin' 汁去努力,种子roamin “

They swear I'm on the deep end 他们发誓,我在深水的一端

But it all depends if they comprehend 不过,这一切都取决于他们是否理解

Killa' rap shit, nick name exorcism Killa的“首rap ,昵称驱魔

Protected by the gods, trill shit no religion 由神保护,颤音拉屎没有宗教信仰


[Verse 4: Meech] [第4节:米奇]

High beyond biblical proportions 高超越圣经的比例

Told a catholic priest bible paper burn awesome 告诉一位天主教牧师圣经纸烧真棒

Open my eyes and view the ceiling from my coffin 睁开眼睛,并查看天花板从我的棺材

Why are you surprised that I paint these vivid portraits? 你为什么惊讶的是,我画这些生动的画像?

Staring in my vanity as I sit and plot another casualty 在我的虚荣心盯着我坐下来绘制另一伤亡

Higher than a meth head on a trampoline 比对蹦床的甲基头高

I trample these beats like a tyrant, beast í践踏的节奏像一个暴君,兽

Eats anything that bleeds, feast on the soul of these 吃什么,流血,对这些灵魂的盛宴

I'm quick to tell a ho "at ease", I'm blowin' leaves 我很快就告诉豪“放心” ,我吹树叶

Spittin' razor blades, tongue flip, flesh lacerate 吐口水刀片,舌头翻转,撕裂皮肉

Every day is halloween, wrap you up in masking tape 每一天是万圣节,你包裹在胶带

Drag you to the ocean floor body wash on Jersey Shore 把你拖到海底沐浴在泽西海岸

Now you got a situation, death is chasin' while you waitin' 现在你有一个情况,死亡是追赶 ,而你等着

I plot your fate, and politic while sharing blunts with Satan í绘制自己的命运,而政治而减弱共享与撒旦

I drink a keg of acid spit that in angels faces 我喝酸的小桶吐在天使的面孔

See you're a mere mortal so there is no relation 见你是个凡人所以没有关系

On the highway to hell speedin' while I'm masturbatin' 在高速公路上的地狱speedin ,而我masturbatin

With a thick witch, big tits, and her craft's amazin' 厚厚的女巫,大山雀,她的手艺的amazin “

Make her hit this big spliffs, of the cali raisin 让她打到卡里葡萄干这个大spliffs ,

Don't waste a drop, she swallow when I'm ejaculating' 不要浪费一滴,她吞下的时候,我射精

And I'm sittin' mean OG like I'm Papi Mason 和我坐在的意思是乌龙就像我帕皮·梅森

A glass of virgin blood and about a hundred blunts 处女血,大约一百钝器玻璃

Here to bring the fall like the end of summer does 在这里,带来了秋天像夏天结束呢

Life is a race well I already won it, cuz 人生是一场很好的比赛,我已经赢了辩论,因为

Off that hundredth blunt, I'm about to hit a hundred-one 过了百白了,我要打到一百一

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