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Death Before Dishonor



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Chorus] [合唱]

always ever all days death before dishonor 永远永远都天去世前耻辱

comin back as though I can still see if you got static 科曼回来,就好像我仍然可以看到,如果你有静

fuck tryin' to steal me, shit you gon' have to kill me 他妈的试着偷了我,狗屎你坤已经杀了我

and if somebody cappin Ima tell em what happens when my emotions erupt 如果有人cappin伊玛告诉他们,当我的情绪爆发会发生什么

shots make me duck, thats when Ima have to fuck you up 镜头让我的鸭子,这就是当伊玛有他妈的你


[verse 1] [诗歌1 ]

its like uh, ah, muthafucka cant fight the feelin the way Ima fuck em 它像呃,啊, muthafucka不能打感觉的方式伊玛他妈的EM

have an orgasm but for the orchasm hit em as if a 4-5 buck em 有一个高潮,但对于orchasm打EM仿佛4-5降压EM

talk about a man being scared, I done killed him be dead in his tomb 说说男人是害怕,我做了他杀死在他的坟墓是死

still shakin 还是颤抖

hit em in his body and his head, now be found in heaven with the wound 打时间在他的身体和他的头,现在可以在天上找到与伤口

still achin' 还是阿钦“

I wonder if his voice still breakin' 我不知道他的声音还是分手

better be cause I steadily 更是因为我不断

hit him with gats and styles that heavily 打他GATS和风格,它在很大程度上

armed and dangerous and deadily 武装与危险, deadily

that ahead of me recieve two holes like the letter B 在我前面免费获赠两个孔状的字母B

better you instead of me, breakin peace can increase your chances 更好的我而不是你,和平分手可以增加你的机会

to delete your advances for slate I can paint this peice on canvas 删除您的进展石板,我可以画画这peice的画布

with a paint brush that a nigga cant truss like a god so I cant rush 用画笔,一个黑鬼着桁架就像神一样,所以我不能抢

wont crush 不会美眉

if you ever heard about a crew that cant bust then motherfucker it 如果你曾经听说过船员的半身不能再混蛋它

aint us; dont touch 是不是我们;别碰

a mike or a gun if you aint gonna use it, 一个麦克风或枪,如果你是不是要去使用它,

do it

claiming your weapons and tecs and you gonna be checked and fluid 声称你的武器和TECS ,你一定要进行检查和流体

prove it 证明这一点

cuz no matter who it is cant tell the westside to leave a bitch shedding CUZ无论是不能告诉西边留下一个婊子谁脱落

tears 眼泪

the young kill everyday the old itchin to kill cuz they aint offed 年轻人每天都杀了老itchin杀的Cuz ,他们是不是offed方案

a nigga dead in years 在多年的死黑鬼

shoot him dead in his, this style of flow is a verbal calico 他射在他死了,这种风格流是口头印花布

make a chest ripple 让胸部波动

they get a call from the sky sayin they all gonna die 他们从天上呼叫在说他们都怎么死的

dont leave the rest crippled 不留残休息


[chorus 2x] [合唱2倍]


[verse 2] [诗歌2]

mikers, mikers be tryin to take mine and leave a motherfucker mikers , mikers可以试着用我的离开娘

cold as a crisis 寒冷的危机

with a technique as cold as isis, and mikes as my control devices 有技术一样冷ISIS和咪因为我控制设备

or do I gotta get off some nigga shit 还是我要下车了一些黑鬼狗屎

show the biggest dick with the biggest clique that be hazardous if 展现最大的家伙与会有危险,如果最大的集团

I let the trigga click 我让trigga点击

you dont benefit if a nigga get from the rage if he live it just a 你不受益,如果一个黑人的愤怒让他住它只是一个

little bit; so go on with the riddle shit 一点;这样下去的谜语狗屎

if you got something to stress then get it off your chest and 如果你有什么要强调然后把它关闭你的胸膛,

we can take it to the middle bitch 我们可以把它中间的婊子

and go on get it on and I bet you that the outcome is that I'm leavin 和去得到它,我敢打赌,你的结果是,我要离开

niggas out done, cut up 黑鬼出来做的,切了

but its odd to see a motherfucker outrun just because he let his 但奇怪地看到逃脱,只是因为他让他的娘

mouth run so shut up 嘴里跑这么闭嘴

and sit back if you know whats good for you I can still overthrow you 然后坐下来,如果你知道什么对你有好处我仍然可以推翻你

I dont give a fuck about the fact that the hood know you 我不给他妈的有关的事实,引擎盖知道你

dont make a nigga have to show you 不要让一个黑人要告诉你

that Ima die before you make an ass of me stop as if you took a blast 在伊玛您,如果你花了爆炸我的屁股停止前死亡

at me and cause tragedy 我和原因的悲剧

that was how it was that was how it is and thats the way it has to be 这是怎么回事,这是它是如何和多数民众赞成它必须是这样


[chorus 2x] [合唱2倍]


[verse 3] [诗歌3 ]

its like uh, ah, sit back and let the shit just straight marinate 它像呃,啊,坐下来,让狗屎刚腌直

I pull the stage curtain back like norman bates 我拉了舞台幕布后面像诺曼·贝茨

performin hates smokin on some reefer performin fate performin讨厌戒掉一些冷藏performin命运

its a constant struggle for us white boys with the shit hittin licks 其对我们是一个不断奋斗白人男孩的狗屎是地球舔

in the scuffle for us 在扭打我们

my nigga lucky made him bleed fear is if to proceed to bust 我的兄弟们的幸运让他流血担心的是,如果继续胸围

if he a different type of breed from us 如果他从我们这里不同类型的品种

so yall petty niggas need to hush; two straight to you brain means pains 所以亚勒小黑鬼需要嘘;两连败对你的大脑意味着阵痛

inflicted 天罚

even if it aint things to taunt pain like rage till my brain is wicked 即使它是不是东西嘲讽的痛苦就像愤怒,直到我的大脑是邪恶的

aint even lived out a quarter of your lifetime tryin to push product AINT甚至住了四分之一的一生试着推产品

and aint servin the right kind and aint strivin the right rhymes 和AINT塞尔一种权利和AINT strivin权儿歌

but Ima shorten your lifeline 但伊玛缩短你的生命线

through the pipeline I vocal cold bust em plus them with killers 通过管道í声乐冷胸围EM再加上他们的杀手

jaw stealers throw dealers rushin parties bloody body chillers 下巴盗取扔经销商仓促各方血淋淋的尸体冷冻机

pretty casket fillers 漂亮的首饰盒填料

cuz those niggas got they shit together 的Cuz的黑鬼了,他们一起拉屎

we come pay to Creator's Way and dont gotta be but then again whatever 我们来支付给创作者的方式和不肯定在,但话又说回来什么


[chorus] [合唱]

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