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Dead Pan



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

This be the dawning of the age of dead water 这是死水时代的来临

Stitchin every b-boy fragment Stitchin每一个B-男孩片段

Somebody live enough to bust through the belly with a fist up 有人够住胸围通过与拳头的肚子

This is a right now generation murdered by the fan base 这是现在一代的球迷基础谋杀

This is adored by the writers-Dead water 这是由作家死的水崇拜

With a still force activated 与静止的力量激活

No I'm not feelin alright 不,我不感觉好

Formed by the village of badness and bad karma 受不良和恶业村形成

Punched by the stagnant water gate threw the fickle back 通过积水门砸出扔了回来善变

But by the window's still three nickels in a piggy bank 但是到了窗口的还有三五分的储蓄罐

Caught her with her head up funny stomach from the hunger pains 看见她的头,肚子搞笑的饥饿的痛苦

Flashed automatic b-boy with big visions 自动闪现B-男孩与大视野

In a matchbox apartment adjacent a crooked starship 在一个火柴盒公寓附近一歪飞船

Who better nation a million's the only remedy 谁更好的国家一百万是唯一的补救方法

Nine dizzy planets with a bullet riding centerpiece 九晕行星与一颗子弹骑核心

Take Me Through The Gates 就拿我穿过大门

I'm bout as sick of burning find the hottest slacker in a visionary costume 我就要生病燃烧找到最热门的懒鬼在一个有远见的服装

Con artist kamikaze conduct 骗子神风行为

Warm for a second to the minute he whored herself to disaster 暖一秒钟到分钟,他whored自己大祸

I recognize the cankers by the mechanical stagger 我承认在溃疡的机械交错

As opposed to the skip of big brother bad slapper 相对于大哥哥坏搭接的跳跃

Theologies who need to keep the cookies caffeinated 谁需要保持含咖啡因的饼干神学

like a mad hatter that'll sleep now, ask after 像疯帽子,现在要睡觉,问后

Calibrate the happy scale when he's soakin 校准快乐的规模时,他的soakin

wet with a mouthful of dead ideas and see if it tipped zero 湿用死的想法了一口,看看它是否放倒零

Stripped ego, tall stories of broad glory 剥离自我,广泛荣耀高大的故事

I'll be god while you're still living life on a full 40  我是上帝,而你还活着生活了整整40

Or maybe I'll be gramacin, homes poor, broke and lonely 或者,也许我会gramacin ,家穷,打破了寂寞

Hidden by my billygoat beard and cardboard monstrosity 我的billygoat胡子和纸板的怪物隐藏

I drink a bad glass of gumption 我喝坏玻璃进取心的

Not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning disgusting 不坏的意思坏,但坏的意思恶心

Wildchild activater activate sludge enough to dungeon for a accolade and wild ones 野仔activater活化污泥足以地牢的荣誉和野花

I committed wild murder, went through the city 我犯了野生谋杀,经历了城市

with a wild merger, woke up in a wildstyle burner 与野生合并,醒来的wildstyle刻录机

Space case, boom box, hate tapes, no lemonade breaks (sweat), no cheddar in labor days 空间的情况下,收录机,磁带恨,没有柠檬水休息(汗) ,劳动天无切达

Right now, I'm here to break a point of big system plus my screen 现在,我在这里突破点大系统加上我的屏幕

I was never cursed in a russmeyer bixon 我从来没有被诅咒的russmeyer bixon

Spit sob stories to confront my dick addictions 吐哭泣的故事,面对我的鸡巴瘾

Of the dirty basement at the graves of Salem witches 肮脏的地下室,在塞勒姆女巫的坟墓

Driving my stake through the face of painstaking business (checkmate) 经过艰苦的业务,面对开着我的股权(将死)

But I scream Misery (better breath take) 但我尖叫苦难(更一口气拿)

Out of sleep, lifted up lobotomy, little Jackie paper 走出睡眠,抬起脑叶手术,小成龙纸

and a magic dragon sack of dirty shrubbery 和肮脏的灌木林的幻龙袋

I'll be the ugliest version of paranoia 我会偏执的最丑陋的版本

kingpin set in motion by the secondhand pressure 由二手压运动的中流砥柱设置

Some get excited when the sun folds under 有些兴奋,当在阳光下皱襞

Some get excited when the summer hits the pavement 有些人热血沸腾的夏天击中路面

Some get excited when the bullet hits bone and a board 有些兴奋,当子弹击中骨板

I'll escape through the train yard and sleep till it's broken 我将通过机厂和睡眠逃离,直到它破

[same old] [老]

This be the settling of debt of warm water 这是温开水债务稳定

A mobile b-boy function 移动B男孩功能

Somebody mad enough to cut apart the curtain with a fist up 有人已经疯狂到分割大幕用拳头

This is the dagger in the 88 magnificent memorial 这是在88华丽的纪念匕首

This is the heater to a movement-dead water 这是加热器运动,死水

When I broke fifth and got sparks 当我打破了第五,得到了火花

No I'm not feelin alright 不,我不感觉好

This be the windshear dodgin dead water 这是风切变dodgin死水

Solitary b-boy wonder 孤独的B-神童

Somebody fresh enough to reinvent the court with a fist up 有人足够的新鲜和一个拳头重塑法院

This is the funky outline around a classic breakbeat 这是围绕一个经典碎拍的时髦轮廓

This is an agitated moment-dead water 这是一个激动的时刻,死水

With a burnt future, beaten, ugly 用烧过的未来,殴打,丑

No I'm not feelin' alright 不,我没有感觉好吧

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