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Chop! Chop! With Esham



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[answering machine] 随着Esham

(beep) Then you know what you can do  

You can be a couple of pleasers  

And take some tweazers  

And bust every hair on my nutsack [答录机]

Paste em to your back (哔),然后你就知道你可以做什么

Then jump on the E-Track 你可以是一对夫妇的取悦

And suck my dick exactly where it's at....HO 并采取了一些tweazers

[beep] 与萧条的每一根头发我nutsack


[old record plays] 然后跳上电子轨道

Jay fuzz the clown 吸我的鸡巴它的确切位置是在何....

Jay fuzz the clown [哔]

Jay fuzz the clown  


[low voice repeats] 周杰伦模糊化小丑

Juggles 周杰伦模糊化小丑

Juggles 周杰伦模糊化小丑


Juggles [x2] [低沉的声音重复]


[low bass starts in background] 种子队


[Verse 1-Violent J (crowd in parentheses)] 种子队[X2]

Hey, Hey it's the wicked jokers  

and we're coming to the valley and we'll smoke ya (choke ya) [低音在后台启动]

Kick the clown in the forehead and I'm juggling juggling your head  

(Jed) You big fat redneck mounty ass hick [诗歌1 - 暴力J(下人群在括号中)

I'm a city slicker and I'm come to the valley and I'm gonna hit ya 嘿,嘿,它是邪恶的王牌

and ya know the carnival's gonna get wit' ya 而我们来到山谷,我们将烟雅(呛雅)

Oh, I meant as well mention, that I come from another di-men-sion 踢小丑在额头,我玩弄玩弄你的头

You never seen nothing like this boy (Magic acts of pain and joy) (JED )你大发乡下人的Mounty屁股希克

Please don't try to come and get me 我是一个城市的雨衣,我来到了山谷,我会打亚

Because I pack a French curler with me 而你知道嘉年华的谈婚论嫁的智慧雅

And them punks are gonna have to take me out quick 哦,我的意思也提了,我来自另一个二男,锡安

Because I can do a double-flip you fat piece of shit 你从来没见过这样的事的男孩(魔术表演的痛苦和喜悦)

Picture that (that) packing a magic wand and a top hat 请不要尝试来,让我

Because some gotta stop or the wicked clowns are gonna chop, chop 因为我包了法国夹与我


[Chorus] 因为我可以做一个双翻转你发一块狗屎

Swing, Swing, Swing, and Chop, Chop, Chop 图说(这)包装魔杖和一顶帽子

Swing, Swing, Swing, and Chop, Chop, Chop 因为有些住手或邪恶的小丑,因为我的印章,印章

Swing, Swing, Swing, and Chop, Chop, Chop  

Swing, Swing, Swing, and Chop, Chop [X2] [合唱]


[Verse 2-Violent J (Crowd in parentheses)] 秋千,秋千,秋千,及印章,印章,印章

Detroit air is toxic, my eyeballs popped out they sockets 秋千,秋千,秋千,及印章,印章,印章

And fried in the streets like a sick em 秋千,秋千,秋千,及印章,印章[X2]

[sound of popping and a splatter]  

(stick em, pick em) [诗歌2狂暴J(下人群中括号)

Break em off something from the smokestack 底特律的空气是有毒的,我的眼球杀出了自己插座

I've been breathing all my life so I'm dying anyway 炒在街上就像一个生病的EM

I'm nothing but a radiation freak show [啪的声音和飞溅]

My arm fell of and it bounced on the floor (粘EM , EM挑)

Carnival land up the alley (alley, alley) 打破时间关闭从烟囱的东西

Then we landed in Sunny Valley 我一直在呼吸我所有的生活,所以我反正快死

(Jumping up and down on a richies head) 我只不过是一个辐射怪人秀

And now I'm gonna jump till he's finally dead 我的胳膊下跌和反弹是在地板上

(Jump, Jump, Jump, Jump, Jump, Jump, Jump, Jump) 嘉年华登陆了胡同(胡同,胡同)

They got no love yet we got control 然后,我们降落在阳光谷

They'll never touch my funky soul (上下跳跃在richies头)

Street top all extra top 而现在,我要跳,直到他终于死了

Now we can run or we can walk (跳,跳,跳,跳,跳,跳,跳,跳)

Either way some gotta stop 他们没有得到的爱却让我们得到了控制

Or the wicked clowns are gonna chop, chop 他们永远不会碰我的质朴的灵魂


[Chorus] 现在我们可以运行,或者我们可以走


[Verse 3-Esham and Violent J] 或邪恶的小丑,因为我的印章,印章


[Esham] Wicked Clown, Wicked Clown [合唱]

[Violent J] What's up comes down  

[Esham] Before my nuts go soft juggle em around [诗歌3 Esham和暴力J]。

[Violent J] Bitch wanna join the carnival circus  

grab my ding-a-ling and jerk and jerkus [ Esham ]邪恶的小丑,邪恶的小丑

[Esham] I gotta catch these carnival thrills newborn bloody baby heads I drill [暴力J]。这是怎么回事归结

[Violent J] Chills, thrills, bigots writing wills [ Esham ]在我的坚果走软玩花样EM各地

an axe to the forehead usually kills [暴力J]。母狗想加入马戏团嘉年华

[Esham] 抢我的丁A-玲和挺举和jerkus

If this ain't hell, I can't tell, hang my body on a cross with some [ Esham ]我要捕捉这些惊险刺激的嘉年华血腥新生宝宝正面我钻

rusty nails [暴力J]。寒战,惊险刺激,偏执狂写遗嘱

If I juggle then call me a juggla, I'm a nap rubbla, voodoo smuggler 斧头前额通常杀死

See I got the symptoms of insanity, I'm down with J from the ICP [ Esham ]

I'm down with him and he's down with me 如果这不是地狱,我也说不上来,挂我的身体上有一些交叉

So if we gotta chop see H-O-PE 生锈的钉子

  如果我忙里忙外,然后叫我juggla ,我午睡rubbla ,巫毒走私

[Violent J] 见我有精神错乱的症状,我倒从ICP备Ĵ

Running down the block someone hit me wit' a rock 我来与他和他同我下

And my brains all over the street 所以,如果我们得劈看到H-O -PE

But I'm a wicked clown and I'm up and down all over this Esham beat  


[Esham] 顺着块有人打了我的智慧石头

So, so, so if I gotta chop, then I guess I gotta chop 而我的大脑遍布街头

If I chop, then I gotta chop, chop 但我是一个邪恶的小丑,我上上下下都在这个Esham拍


[Both] [ Esham ]

But you could never stop sucker, you could never drop 所以,所以,所以如果我要剁的话,我想我得斩

Wicked clowns 'cause you know we love to CHOP, CHOP 如果我砍的话,我得印章,印章


[Chorus (x2)] [全部]


[in background] 邪恶的小丑,因为你知道我们爱CHOP , CHOP

Got to be funky  

  [合唱团( X2 ) ]

[....fades to end]  

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