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Bodega Stories



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Noreaga:] [ Noreaga : ]

{Ayo aki man, I want a turkey and cheese man "oil and vinegar" {亚青AKI的人,我想了火鸡,奶酪的人“油和醋”

Hold the tomatoes Bee, extra mayonase ya'll niggas be cheap on the mayonase 握住西红柿蜜蜂,额外mayonase你们大家黑鬼便宜的mayonase

And I'm a take some chips and this muthafucking Sunkist I'll pay you later} 我就是一个需要一些筹码,这muthafucking新奇士我以后还你}


Yeaa! See I don't see eye to eye with niggas Yeaa !见我不明白的看法与黑鬼

I kill em fast I ain't gotta say goodbye to niggas 我杀EM快,我是不是得说再见了黑鬼

Noreaga the office is a bodega Noreaga办公室是一个酒窖

Ask pancho hit em with the hancho 问潘乔打EM与hancho

All I really need is baking soda and the blanco 我真正需要的是小苏打和布兰科

Bullet proof glass selling loosies on the late night 防弹玻璃在深夜卖loosies

Got big work kind to cut it with a snake knife 有大的工作种类与蛇刀就砍

The homie paco work on the morning shift 在上早班的亲密帕科工作

That's my man uncle put in work for a morning sniff 这是我的男人的叔叔在工作了一上午嗅

Yea! we done switch the whole operation 是啊!我们做了切换的整个操作

Humptu ala prey we lost to observation Humptu ALA的猎物,我们失去了观察

They know I'm the shit but I had constipation 他们知道我是狗屎,但我有便秘

Right hand damaged again and I ain't lefty 右手再次损坏,我是不是左撇子

Put the razor right by his chin right where his neck be 把剃刀权由他的右下巴,他的脖子上

My new York niggas wolverine chlorine 我在纽约黑鬼狼獾氯

Wild niggas from fort greene roll like a ball team 从格林堡滚像一个球队野生黑鬼


[Chorus x2: Noreaga] [合唱x : Noreaga ]

Bodega dreams bodega nightmares 酒窖酒窖梦恶梦

This my hood I grew up and had fights here 这是我的引擎盖我长大了,在这里打架

And you protect it so when you get arrest it 而你保护它,所以当你得到它逮捕

They ask you to speak without a lawyer you neglect it 他们问你,没有你忽视它的律师说


[Jadakiss:] [贾达基斯: ]

Ahaaaa!.Yo Steal it if you can't afford it Ahaaaa ! .Yo窃取它,如果你买不起

Shoot it out or either sort it 拍出来或任其排序

The war still gotta get reported 这场战争仍然得去报道

Coke will get snorted niggas will get slaughter 可口可乐将获得哼了一声黑鬼会宰

Spots get raided shut down and boughted 点获得搜查关闭并boughted

I really owe papi half of my stash 我真的欠我藏匿的PAPI一半

For letting me set shop up in the back by the trash 让我店设置在后面的垃圾桶

This here is the get back I can just kick back 这这里是拿回我可以踢回

Cop and go thou move traffic by the chip rack 警察与你去移动通信的芯片架


[Sheek:] [ Sheek : ]

"Donnie" Na is Foxy and Mega Street Fighter or Sega “唐尼”娜是狡猾和Mega街头霸王或世嘉

Corner store vanilla dutchy the bodega 街头小店香草dutchy的酒窖

Use to have the hammer that shoot crooked 使用有拍歪锤

Fell asleep drunk one night moms came home and she took it 睡着了,醉了一晚的妈妈回到家,她把它

Look it boards head turkey fiends coming thru with bootleg burkies 你看这板头火鸡恶魔来通与盗版burkies

Tell my lil workers to chirp em 告诉我的律工人唧唧EM

Donnie white hoody white 4 door Porsche ku klux looking 甄子丹白色帽衫白色4门保时捷三K看

Here my source in Brooklyn 在这里,我的源布鲁克林


[Styles P:] [样式病人: ]

Use to move C and D in the bodega 使用移动C和D的酒窖

12 gauge pump nine mill and the 0 raza 12号泵9轧机和0拉扎

Weapon by the video game never one by the cold cuts 武器由视频游戏从来不会由冷盘

Niggas get stretched over here for acting so tough 黑鬼得到延伸过来的演技如此艰难

This our hood consider it a wolf den 这是我们的引擎盖认为这是一个狼窝

Tryna run up in and fucking with a wolf then Tryna在跑起来他妈的有狼后

Get a bullet in your tooth then 得到你的牙齿一颗子弹,然后

CNN and Lox hood niggas salute them. CNN和液氧发动机罩黑鬼向他们致敬。


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Capone:] [卡波恩: ]

Aiyyo Mo from the candy store use to sell a nigga bullets Aiyyo莫离糖果店用卖了一个黑人的子弹

And he from Pakistan hit em with a half a gram 他从巴基斯坦打EM用半克

He get you anything no matter the gun size 他给你什么不管大小枪

Throw it in the bag with the chips and the loosies 把它收入囊中的芯片和loosies

Papi on the ave got the connect on the bootsies 帕皮在大街上了bootsies的连接

A stroll outta 40th me and my nigga snoopy 漫步失控第40我和我的兄弟们史努比

Yea what up papi dimelo un minuto let's polly thou 是啊,怎么了PAPI dimelo联合国minuto让我们波莉你

Walk me to the basement I was startle by the rody bark 走我我被吓着了罗迪树皮地下室

Flash the 8 on me musta thought I was from cali park 闪光灯在我8一定是和以为我是从卡利公园

Na pa I need something that fit on my nike boot NA PA我需要适合我的耐克启动的东西

He laughed at me in Spanish and said this will bite troops 他在西班牙嘲笑我,说这会咬部队

Grab the lil 25 next to the gold riffle 抢律25旁边的黄金洗牌

This is etiquette I'm on my berretta shit gave em the bread and split 这是礼仪我对我的berretta狗屎给EM面包和拆分

I heard that 24 got the re-up 听说24了再起来

That's the all night store the hood ikea 这就是通宵店的油烟机宜家

You can get it all from the baggies to the leaks 你可以把它全部来自灯笼裤的泄漏

Ak said is a drought come and see em in a week AK说是一种耐旱来看时间在一个星期

Fuck that this is my hood my niggas gotta eat. 他妈的,这是我的引擎盖我黑鬼得吃。


[Chorus] [合唱]

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