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争论 的英文翻译、例句


基本解释 (translations)
altercation  ·  argue  ·  arguing  ·  argument  ·  argumentation  ·  arguments  ·  brabble  ·  contention  ·  contest  ·  controversy  ·  debate  ·  difference  ·  differences  ·  disagreement  ·  disputation  ·  dispute  ·  flite  ·  fliting  ·  fray  ·  haggle  ·  hassle  ·  moot  ·  polemic  ·  polemics  ·  quarrel  ·  spar  ·  wrangle  ·  argufy  ·  fratch  ·  altercate  ·  debating  ·  discept  ·  fratcher  ·  frayed  ·  polemize  ·  quarreled  ·  quarreling  ·  sparred  ·  hassel  ·  threap  ·  velitation  ·  altercated  ·  altercates  ·  altercating  ·  argued  ·  argues  ·  argufied  ·  argufies  ·  argufying  ·  brabbled  ·  brabbles  ·  brabbling  ·  contested  ·  contests  ·  controversies  ·  debated  ·  debates  ·  differenced  ·  disputes  ·  disputing  ·  frays  ·  haggled  ·  haggles  ·  haggling  ·  polemized  ·  polemizing  ·  quarrelled  ·  quarrelling  ·  quarrels  ·  spars  ·  threaped  ·  threaping  ·  wrangled  ·  wrangles  ·  wrangling  ·  contentions  ·  fratching  ·  hassles  ·  polemizes  ·  threaps  ·  yike  ·  arg

pro and con · chew the rag · be at loggerheads with · cross swords · a passage of arms
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His argument will only hold if it can be shown that there are utilitarian arguments which justify an institution whose publicly ascertainable offices and powers are such as to permit officials to exercise that kind of discretion in particular cases .


Much debate has taken place in the past, as it does today—as to what exactly counts as eugenics.


Along with the beliefs and challenges that follow a technology, there are also debates. no matter where you turn there always seems to be a debate flourishing around some technology. where soa is concerned, one important debate is about transactions.


Everything was contestable, whether it was the cause of climate change or the fact of climate change, the size of the deficit or the culprits to blame for the deficit.


Argument [5B:^jumEnt] 争论,争辩 They are always having argument about money.

他们总是为了钱而争吵。辨 argue 争论,争辩,说服,着重说理,论证,是要说服对方。

The Lynn White debate, which begun when White called for a rethinking of Christianity or its replacement by a nonWestern religion, has proved an obstacle to dealing with the environmental crisis The defense of Christianity that followed inhibited Asian and comparative environmental ethics in the West and did not produce environmentally useful results Whenever the relationship of religion and the environment was raised, the discussion quickly shifted to the issue of Christian responsibility for the environmental crisis The problem with the debate is that in many important ways, the White thesis is correct: Christianity is indeed responsible to a significant degree in that Christianity desacralized nature and it supported policies politically in the Middle Ages that encouraged now harmful human population growth and promoted science and technology, much of which has proved to be environmentally problematic There was nevertheless a second tradition of which Saint Francis of Assisi was a part that was environmentally friendly and that could be useful in rethinking Christianity environmentally It is however unlikely that Christianity will prove useful in the development of an environmental ethic in nonWestern countries or that nonWestern religions will succeed in producing an environmental ethic in the West It is therefore important that religious scholars move beyond assigning blame for the environmental crisis and find ways for the major world religions to help develop environmental ethics as best they can within their own cultural spheres


One expert argues that traditional quantitative evaluation plans actually reward unadaptability .the argument here is that traditional quantitative evaluation plans actually reward unadaptability.the argument here is that being slotted into a job that is highly routine as defined by a compensable factor such as "know-how"is unlikely to encourage job incumbents to think independently or be flexible.instead.the tendency may be for workers to concentrate on the specific,routine jobs to which they are assigned and for which they are rewarded.

一个专家争论传统的数量评估计划实际上奖赏不适应性。争论这里是,传统的数量评估计划实际上奖赏 unadaptability.the 争论这里是被留细长的孔进入一个高度地是如此的如一个可补偿的因素所定义的常式工作之内如&实际知识&不可能鼓励工作领圣职的俸禄牧师独立思考或是 flexible.instead.the 趋向可能是让工人专注于特性,他们被分配的常式工作和他们被奖赏。

There is a brief introduction about the development of western just view in Chapter one, among them it is a key about understanding of the social just concept and value judgment, which create the academic background for the just dispute of Rolls and Nozick, promise that will explain next at the same time; Chapter two in this text should explain emphatically, through the two theory frame exposition and comparative analysis, we can draw the conclusion that the essential of the dispute focuses on the value judgment of social justice, that is to say , it is the understanding to right " question ; It is the investigation of social background aboutthe dispute mainly in Chapter three, this shows , the thinking essences of any social justice are all demanded by the reform to the unreasonable social current situations , and this kind of reform often needs implementing to the system or system aspect, therefore the thinking to the theory needs putting in the specific social environment, only through this can we make the accurate judgment ; Begin from chapter four, it is the practical problem that the full text needs solved, namely the unjust problem existing in the transitional country. By probing into the reference meaning of just ideas between Roils and Nozick, and build up foreshadowing for the system of the last chapter; The last chapter, the corresponding solution has be put forward aimed at the origin of the unjust phenomenon that our society make the transition, namely under the background of system innovation, we should structure the scientific management mode, and realize from "good policy " to the basic " good at managing .


People can debate whether that's true, whether Jackson was a victim, whether the media persecuted him during his child-molestation trials and other scandals or soft-pedaled his history after his death.


Quot;People can debate whether that's true,whether Jackson was ictim,whether the media persecuted him during his child-molestation trials and other scandals or soft-pedaled his history after his death.


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argumentative question:争论性的问题 争论性的问题

a law 法规,法例 法规,法例 | argumentative question 争论性的问题 争论性的问题 | attempt 企图 企图

brabble:争吵, 争论 争论

Brabanconne | 比利时国歌 | brabble | 争吵, 争论 争论 | braccate | (鸟类)胫骨上和足上有羽毛的

controversial controversial:有争论的controversy争论,论战

contribution contribution贡献 | controversial controversial有争论的controversy争论,论战 | convention convention会议conventional习惯的,符合传统的

controversial: a.1:争论的,辩论的 2.引起争论的 3.爱争论的

falter: v.1.蹒跚,踉跄 2.颤抖,结巴地说 3.动摇,犹豫,畏缩 | controversial: a.1.争论的,辩论的 2.引起争论的 3.爱争论的 | symbolic: a.1.象征(性)的,作为象征的 2.象征主义的,使用象征的

controversial: a.1:争论的,辨率的 2.引起争论的,有争议的

diverse: a.1.不同的,相异的 2.多种多样的,形形色色的,多变化的 | controversial: a.1.争论的,辨率的 2.引起争论的,有争议的 | aenerate:v.1.产生,发生 2.造成,导致,引起,使存在 3.生殖,繁育

controversial: a.1:争论的,辩论的2引起争论的,有争议的

contrive v.设计,想出;谋划 | controversial a.1争论的,辩论的2引起争论的,有争议的 | controversy n.争论,辩论,争吵

Given to arguing; disputatious:易争论的;爱争论的

argumentation n.论据 | Given to arguing; disputatious.易争论的;爱争论的 | or characterized by argument:论证的


争论余地indisputably | 无争论余地的incontrovertible | 无争论之余地的indisputable

controversialism:争论精神, 争论癖

controversial | 争论的, 争议的 | controversialism | 争论精神, 争论癖 | controversialist | 争论者, 好争论


fratch 争论 | fratcher 争论 | fratching 争论