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Regional Supply Inc. has been providing unparalleled service for conveyor and power transmission belting for over 20 years.

Regional Supply 股份有限公司致力于生产输送机、电力传送带已达20余年,服务无与伦比。

The left ventricular internal dimension at end diastole, interventricular septal thickness at end diastole and left ventricular posterior wall thickness at end diastole were measured in the parastemal long axis view by transthoracic two-dimensional echocardiography, and to calculate left ventricular ejection fraction with Teichholtz formula and left ventricular mass with modified Devereux formula, left ventricular mass index=LVM/body surface area. From the apical four chamber and two chamber view, the basical segment and middle segment of interventricular septal, left ventricular lateral wall, anterior wall and inferior wall were obtained by tissue Doppler imaging, Regional left ventricular relaxation asynchrony index was calculated.

应用二维超声心动图在胸骨旁左心室长轴观测量左心室舒张末期内径、室间隔和左心室后壁舒张末期厚度,采用Teichholtz公式计算左心室射血分数,采用Devereux校正公式计算左心室心肌质量,左心室心肌质量指数=左心室心肌质量/体表面积;在心尖四腔心和心尖两腔心切面,应用组织多普勒成像获取室间隔、左心室侧壁、前壁和下壁的基底段和中间段8个心肌节段沿左心室长轴运动的速度频谱,测算左心室局部心肌松弛不同步性指数(regional left ventricular relaxation asynchrony index, AI);在心尖四腔心切面,应用彩色M型多普勒超声心动图测量左心室舒张早期血流传播速度。

I am the wife of Late Chairperson,Vice.regional vice president for Mindanao of the PAKISAMA; section chair of a Akbayan partylist in Paquibato District,board member of Malabog Integrated Enterprises Development Cooperative, member of Lupong Tagapamaya Barangay .

我是晚主席Vice.regional为PAKISAMA棉兰老副总统夫人,第一个Paquibato区,董事会Malabog综合企业发展的合作,对Lupong Tagapamaya成员(镇级会员Akbayan partylist主持会议。

Methods: A newly reported regional homogeneity approach was used to analyze blood oxygen level-dependent fMRI data in resting state among 6 ADHD-C, 9 ADHD-Ⅰ and 15 normal control boys. Results: The brain regions showing differences among the three groups included bilateral frontal lobe, right cuneus and right inferior temporal gyms.

对符合DSM-Ⅳ诊断标准的6名混合型、9名注意缺陷型ADHD患者及15名正常对照进行静息态的功能磁共振扫描,采用局部一致性(regional homogeneity, ReHo)作为测量指标,探讨ADHD两种亚型之间以及ADHD与正常对照之间脑功能的差异。

In the summer of 1970, the fortuitous blend of Jam Band members Tom Hamilton on bass and guitarist Joe Perry with Steven's vocals spawned Aerosmith, which debuted to "rave reviews" at their first public appearance at Nipmuc Regional High School in Mendon, MA that fall.

1970年的夏天,在一个偶然的机遇下,原 Jam band 的成员贝斯手汤姆。汉密尔顿和吉他手乔伊。派瑞以及主唱斯蒂文更名为空中铁匠乐队,当年秋天,在马萨诸塞州的 Nipmuc Regional 高中,空中铁匠举办了第一次公开演出,得到了激烈的反响。

Distinguishing from the former researches about CR service communication interruption, only spectrum handoff times exceed a certain number, communication interruption will occur. This strategy can reduce the COP of CR services.(3) Some coexistence issues between WRAN and DTV system are studiedFirstly, the network architecture, system parameters, and self-coexistence of Wireless Regional Area Network are investigated, and convergent performances among overlapping Base Station are simulated and validated. Then, a simple coexistent scenario between WRAN and Digital TV is designed to analyze the interference from WRAN BS to DTV receiver.

3研究了WRAN和DTV系统共存时的若干问题首先对无线区域网(Wireless Regional Area Network,WRAN)本身网络结构、系统参数和自共存机制进行了研究,仿真验证了WRAN重叠覆盖区基站(Base Station,BS)之间同步的收敛性能;接着设计了一种分析WRAN BS干扰数字电视(Digital TV,DTV)接收机的共存场景,通过研究发现了一些干扰控制的临界值,这些临界值对于WRAN的设计和部署具有指导性意义。

Abstract] Objective To investigate the safety and efficacy of regional citrate anticoagulation in hemodialysis patients with active blooding.

摘要] 目的评价3%复方枸橼酸钠局部抗凝血液透析(Regional Citrate Anticoagulation Hemodialysis,RCAHD)在活动性出血肾衰竭患者中应用的安全性。

Therefore, this paper on one hand aims to review the development of Taiwan's gravel industry and the mode of production of gravels in Taiwan; on the other hand attempts to illustrate how the three main actors link to and become as mediators to the urban-regional process of Taiwan, and how they result in the different spatial forms of the urban and regional area of Taiwan.

因此,本文一方面试图针对台湾砂石产业的发展过程,进行回顾与分析;另一方面,将扣连上前述三作用者在其中扮演的角色,探索之中的权力关系和政治过程,如何成为都市与区域过程(urban-regional process)的中介,支配了台湾都市与区域地区所展现出来的空间实践结果。

We discover the city's forest clad western suburbs and the surrounding Waitakere Regional Park where black sand beaches are framed by rocky headlands and gorgeous native bush.

森林内的Waitakere Regional公园,有一个黑色的沙滩以及不被污染的生态环境。主持人更会访问当地一名著名艺术家,了解她的创作灵感,并会参观一间制作纯天然蜂蜜的蜜蜂工场。

Specialty conveyors, pneumatic tracking systems, and all types of belting equipment from slitters to hand-held presses are within Regional Supply capabilities.

所有类型的带状设备,从切割机到手持压力设备,均包括在Regional Supply的供货范围内。

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I suggest transforming our social system from a bureaucratically managed industrialism in which maximal production and consumption are ends in themselves into a humanist industrialism in which man and full development of his potentialities - those of love and of reason - are the aims of all social arrangements.


There are some unreasonable drug-using phenomenon in rural area, especially in the NRCMS′s area.


It's not my fault, Your Highness!