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The science reasonable definite key position transportation facility construction the order of priority, provides the basis for the science reasonable plan and the management transportation infrastructure construction.Determined reasonably synthesis transportation key position development scale and construction key, a plan, implements by stages, formsthe necessary consummation gradually in the plan time, the function complete Sichuan Yunnan Guizhou Province intersection region comprehensive transportation key position.


Having a reasonable basis for belief or acceptance; the presumptive heir.


On the basis of stability analysis, the author takes the K27+825 slope from the type of slope which has lest stability as an example. According to its basic feature, the design ueses the choosed best reinforce and control scheme: lattice beam, anchor wire, grouting and abstraction of water. In the course of design, the author takes into account not only reasonable optimize of whole control plan but also local measure such as whether the unstable block will shear from vnlnerable sections when control plan is laid out concretely, in order to reach the goal of reasonable design and effective control.


Thus it is the reasonable basis to put forward extending the waterless lithography printing in China.


Having a reasonable basis for belief or acceptance; the presumptive ''.


In author's opinion, in theory and practice, the risk management through capital allocation for commercial banks both at home and abroad at present does not clearly define risk prevention functions of reserve for bad loans, capital adequacy ratio and deposit insurance system and does not use clear and quantitative theory model to guide the recognition of reserve for bad debts, capital adequacy and deposit premium ratio, especially without reasonable basis and model to support the management of 8% capital adequacy ratio for commercial banks by analysis of current condition of risk management for commercial banks both at home and abroad.


To resolve the design difficulties caused by small cross-section, low height of the bridge structure, the key technique problem to the bridge structure should be carried on research and analysis, such as whole calculation model, considering foundation combined action , the reasonable rigidity match to the joint of the girder and pier ,inner force redistribution caused by the system conversion ,the forecast to long-term deformation after building , stress analysis and tectonic steel bar of the anchored serration block , the influence of foundation settlement and anti- earthquake measures . To acquire feasible and reasonable technique parameters and provide the full design basis, according to analytical results adjust and optimize the bridge structure design.


Provides the reasonable basis for the clinical early diagnosis Methods Retrospective analyzed the clinical and enteroscope features data of 21 patients with ischemic colitis .


The Complaint alleges that the Company failed to disclose and misrepresented the following material adverse facts which were known to defendants or recklessly disregarded by them:(1) that Micron engaged in illegal anti-competitive behavior to suppress and eliminate competition by fixing the prices of DRAM sold to OEMs in violation of Section 1 of the Sherman Antitrust Act;(2) that Micron's financial results throughout the Class Period were materially inflated as a direct result of the price- fixing conspiracy due to the Company's illegal behavior of price-fixing; and (3) that the Company's financial projections during the Class Period lacked a reasonable basis because they were issued while the Company involved itself in an illegal price-fixing scheme.

投诉指称该公司没有透露和歪曲了下重大不利的事实,被称为被告人或罔顾实情地无视他们:( 1 )微米,进行非法的反竞争行为的制止和消除竞争,固定价格的DRAM出售给OEM商在违反第1款的谢尔曼反托拉斯法;( 2 )微米的财务业绩在整个工人阶级期间重大膨胀作为一个直接结果,价格操纵的阴谋,由於该公司的违法违规行为的价格固氮;及( 3 )表示,该公司的财务预测,在一流的时期,缺乏合理的据,因为它们发出的同时,该公司所涉及的本身在一个非法操纵价格的计。

Prison and rational is a reasonable basis for the monitoring and control on the monitoring and control, not to astricting them, but for the specification in a business, then it is a reasonable degree, if you monitor too died, here is no way to play students'enthusiasm will not do it, but if uncertain extent, is out of control and loss of the company.


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That's within 20 percent of 300, so it's technically accurate.


There was a positive correlation between the titer of HCV RNA in the serum and ALT level.

动态结果显示,血清HCV RNA含量与ALT水平呈显著正相关。

Notices in design process and advantages of two-way and reversible electronic belt scale are pointed out.