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Electric power ergograph is a load or device of absorbing power, which mainly is used of measuring power for middling torque.


For this, take seriously nurse management, enhance what asepsis technology operates to nurse accuse to manage character, just be precaution and the key that control alternate infection. Undergraduate course of 1 clinical data from 2006-2007 year examine 13 756 of the patient that change medicine in all exemple, its middling compasses changes person-time of 12 180 of medicine, take out stitches, abscess incision drainage 427 person-time, unplug armour 583 person-time, unplug steel needle 556 person-time.

为此,重视护理管理,增强无菌技术操作的护理质控管理,才是预防和控制交叉感染的关键。1临床资料本科自2006-2007年共接诊换药患者13 756例,其中常规换药、拆线12 180人次,脓肿切开引流427人次,拔甲583人次,拔钢针556人次。

With toxicity evaluation,except 1 mg·kg-1dichlorvos、phorate and chlornyrifos,they produce middling harm to animalcule of farm soil,the rest different kinds and chroma pestcides bring lower or zero harm to soil animalcule.

通过毒性评价,除1 mg·kg-1敌敌畏、甲拌磷和毒死蜱对大田土壤的微生物为中等危害以外,其余的受试农药及浓度对土壤微生物低毒或无实际危害。

Mg2 was prepared by addicting lime milk to middling concentration brine of brine pan.


Hemal calcify is to be in the phenomenon of a kind of pathology that middling of not congruent patient sees function of old people, diabetic, chronic kidney, can increase sex of cardiovascular event risk significantly.


The Cocktail Lounge was almost empty but there was a fair-to-middling number of ''.


The results indicate that cultivated land quality gives priority to middling and high quality grade in Dazu located in hills region and Liangping located in low mountains and hills region, to middling and low quality grade in Pengshui located in low and medium mountains region, and to low and middling quality grade in Wuxi located in medium mountains region, which shows low or high hypsography gives significant effects on total quality of cultivated land in hills and mountains region.


Results: The measurement showed that angles of medial side of the foot vertical are increased with type Ⅰ to type Ⅸ or with regular, light, middling and heavy type in turn, while space between the navicular tubercles decreased. The occurence rate of flatfoot measured using footprint ratio and three definite lines was 42.7% and 43.6% respectively, in which the proportion of light was 43.9% and 50.0%; middling, 31.75% and 42.9%, heavy type, 24.1% and 7.1% respectively.


The viscosity properties of break flour, middling flour, and oat flour (mixture of break flour and middling flour with nature milling ratio) were investigated. The results showed that after high-temperature treatment, the average gelatinization temperature of break flour, middling flour and oat flour decreased significantly, which were lower than that of oat without high-temperature treatment. Their peak viscosity, final viscosity and hold viscosity increased both under air-heating (140℃, 155℃) and far-infrared heating (200℃), compared with non-treated samples. With the temperature of high-temperature effects treatment increasing gradually, their viscosity properties decreased.

结果表明,和对照(50℃热风干燥6 h)相比,经高温处理的燕麦籽粒,其皮粉、心粉和面粉的平均糊化起始温度均明显降低;140、155℃的热风干燥和200℃的远红外烘烤处理,均能提高皮粉、心粉和面粉的峰值黏度、最终黏度、低谷黏度;随着热风干燥或红外烘烤温度的升高,燕麦的皮粉、心粉、面粉的峰值黏度,最终黏度和低谷黏度呈下降趋势。

And the vitro protein digestive ability of each digestive organ is in the sequence of stomach> foregut>pylorus cecum>midgut>hindgut. The mean vitro digestive coefficient of feedstuff dry matter is in the sequence of Peru fish meal>homemade fish meal> shrimp meal>meat meal>feed yeast>soybean meal>earthnut meal>cottonseed meal>wheat bran>middling, and the mean vitro digestive coefficient of feedstuff protein is in the sequence of Peru fish meal>shrimp meal>homemade fish meal>meat meal>feed yeast>soybean meal>earthnut meal>middling>cottonseed meal>wheat bran.


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It could surely be chivvied into producing its thoughts sooner. The scandal has led to broader talk of constitutional reform—a good idea in itself but an election fought around hastily cooked-up ideas in the current climate could be disastrous.


Under the agreement, the revenue authorized by the Getty and photographers share, Yahoo would not get any benefits.


Methods30 healthy students of Shanghai university of TCM accepted two operations of vibration massage apparatus-non-vibration and vibration . The temperature diversity was obseved at different time : before operation , after 3min operation, after evaluating apparatus 1, 2, 3,4,5 min by infrared thermal imaging system .The image was dealt with analysis system and data was statistically anlyzed.

方法上海中医药大学的30名健康大学生先后接受机械振动按摩器的空置和振动两种操作,用红外热像仪分别于操作前0 s、操作3 min后即刻、撤离仪器后1 ,2,3,4 min和5 min观察受试者以心俞为中心的手掌大小区域的温度的动态变化,并用分析软件处理相关温度数值,将结果进行统计学分析。