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与 level off 相关的网络例句 [注:此内容来源于网络,仅供参考]

A Catostylus species jellyfish seems frozen in place in this split-level view off the coast of South Africa.


A Catostylus species jellyfish seems frozen in place in this split-level view off the coast of South Africa.


Your dogs obedience level that is necessary to attain before considering off leash activity is one of a very high standard, as the safety of the dog, other dogs/people, and even yourself can be jeopardized by irresponsible activity.

您dog s服从水平,要实现,然后才考虑过皮带的活动是其中一个非常高的标准,作为安全的狗,其他狗/人,甚至自己可以受到不负责任的行为。

Well here it is first u have to roll at a moderate speed than you take the back foot off your board and just like the boneless u have to start lifting your board up and when you reach about your knee level u have to put your left ora right hand you start power lifting your body up to the air and before u do that u have to lift up your needs to your chest and then from there you have to push your legs out and stay there as much and you can and try to put as much pressure on your arms as you can and extend your body before you come down and if u have to bail then this is the right time and make sure when you bail that you roll.


But on a local, enterprise level, we are not far off.


In front of the new situation and task, universities missing to follow the period, can not raise an administrative level and focal goal of ideological and political education definitely. The ideological and political work in universities fails to shake-off the fetters of raising achieve Procrustean uniformity in the long run.


The control system can turn on/off the laser rangefinder, extract the water-level data, process data and store data in SDRAM and Flash Memory.


Indeed, sitting amid the crisp white of Meier's New York apartment, where neat stacks of art and design books form columns aligned with coffee tables and bookcases, the sculptures introduce a wild energy: heathens dancing in the temple Meier states that he struggles to achieve "some sense of order" in the sculptures (he is the butt of iokes at the foundry for his meticulous habit of squaring off horizontals and verticals with a carpenter's level), but it is the disorder of the pieces that first strikes those familiar with Meier's highly controlled architecture.


To build a large vocabulary lipreading system based on single visual channel,an unitary U-LDCT-KL two-level feature extraction method is presented in this paper.It is based on lip region partition DCT coefficients to be gotten rid off the overlap of those local coefficients by KL.

在建立视觉单通道的大词汇量唇读系统中,提出了归一化的U-LDCT-KL两级唇读特征提取方法,即针对唇区分块的DCT系数进行二级KL(Karhunen-Loeve Transform)去局域参数的交叠。

Take off Want:The creation mechanism of deceitful accountancy's information includes the internality moves because of with exterior environment two aspects:Accountancy the information produces attend meeting to account the certain benefits in an esse in information relate to, ising an internality to produce deceitful accountancy's information to move because of;Certain period law environment, political environment, culture environment with accountant business, morals level etc. factor, constituted the deceitful accountancy the exterior term of the information creation.

摘 要:虚假会计信息的产生机理包括内在动因和外部环境两个方面:会计信息生产者与会计信息之间存在一定的利益关系,是产生虚假会计信息的内在动因;一定时期的法律环境、政治环境、文化环境和会计人员业务、道德水平等因素,构成了虚假会计信息产生的外部条件。

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The requirement of as much indiscriminateness as possible in selecting subjects for practice periods should be quite familiar to you by now, and will no longer be repeated each day, although it will occasionally be included as a reminder.


Make sure to remember to reboot after this change if Windows urge you to do so.


Objective The surgical anatomy and preservation of the accessory nerve in radical functional neck dissection were studied.

目的 探讨功能性根治性颈淋巴结清扫术中的副神经解剖及保留方法。